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Top 10 Best Two Wheeler Bike Insurance Companies in India

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List of Best Top Two Wheeler Bike Insurance Companies in India 2019

Buying a new bike brings forth a lot of excitement. However, it also brings forth its own share of responsibilities. You have to a responsible rider and ensure yours, as well as others’ safety. To keep everyone and everything secured, you, therefore, need an excellent bike insurance cover. Thankfully, there are some excellent motor insurance companies in India that offer very good two-wheeler insurance plans. Choose a good motor insurance plan from among them and keep your two-wheelers secure.

Two Wheeler Insurance Companies in India to Buy Bike Insurance Policy & Plans Online

Listed below are some of the best motor insurance companies in India. take a look and decide which one would become your vehicle insurance provider:-

1. HDFC Ergo Two Wheeler Bike Insurance Company

HDFC Ergo is a very large and trustworthy general insurance company in India. They are known for their professionalism, dedication and excellent insurance products. You get to choose between a third party cover or a comprehensive bike insurance plan. You also get the option of adding a few riders to your base insurance policy. The company has won various awards and accolades over the years and you will make a very wise choice if you make them the two-wheeler insurance provider for yourself.

Online presence

You get all the bike insurance plans online. HDFC Ergo has a very advanced mobile app through which you can buy the insurance policy, renew it, pay premiums, initiate claims, etc. This helps to save a lot of your time and energy.

Excellent customer support

You get to interact with the HDFC Ergo customer support team whenever required. They are helpful and approachable and sort out all your queries with ease.

High claim record

The motor insurance company is known for clearing the majority of the claim requests it receives. This is one of the biggest advantages of buying your motor vehicle insurance plan from HDFC Ergo.

These are some of the main reasons why you must choose a two-wheeler insurance policy from HDFC Ergo General Insurance. Some of their popular products include:-

  1. My Asset Two Wheeler Liability Only Policy
  2. Two Wheeler Insurance
  3. Choose your plan wisely and stay covered in an appropriate manner.

2. ICICI Lombard Two Wheeler Bike Insurance Company

Next, we have ICICI Lombard. ICICI is a name to reckon with in the Indian financial sector. So when you buy a vehicle insurance plan from this insurance provider, you are guaranteed to get excellent insurance coverage. You can also get some very good add-on covers at a little added price. Additionally, the company has a very good customer support team that helps you whenever you have a doubt or a query. You, therefore, end up getting excellent motor insurance coverage from a very good general insurance company. When you get associated with this insurer, you get the following advantages:-


The bike insurance cover from ICICI Lombard is extremely affordable. You, therefore, get a good cover for your vehicle at a very competitive price, without having to compromise on the effectiveness of the cover. This holds true for the third party plan as well as the comprehensive plan.

Very easy to buy

You can simply go online and buy a two-wheeler insurance plan from ICICI Lombard’s website or mobile app. The process to buy as well as get the motor insurance online renewal done is very simple. Gone are the days when you had to wait in line, produce files full of documents and complete numerous formalities to just get a bike insurance plan. Nowadays, modern insurers like ICICI Lombard offer the plans digitally, making the process quick and easy.


This insurer is extremely customer friendly. As a result, you not only get the vehicle insurance coverage of your choice, you also get to make claims and get them processed very smoothly.

The most popular bike insurance plan from this insurer is:-

  1. Two Wheeler & Bike Insurance

If you wish to get a vehicle insurance plan that is well-rounded, affordable and hassle-free to use, you may very well consider the Two Wheeler & Bike Insurance from ICICI Lombard General Insurance.

3. Bharti Axa Two Wheeler Bike Insurance Company

Apart from providing some excellent bike insurance covers, Bharti Axa is also well known for settling a majority of the insurance claim requests they receive. This is a major benefit of buying your bike insurance plan from this insurance company. You also get some very unique and handy covers when you buy your motor insurance plan from Bharti Axa, making them a good option for you. When you get associated with this insurer, you get the following advantages:-


Everyone looks to save money when buying a motorcycle insurance plan. However, while wanting to save money, you surely would never want to compromise on the quality. This is why the motor vehicle insurance policy from Bharti Axa proves to be beneficial. You get a great cover at a great price and you also get some of the best features.

Good claim record

Bharti Axa is another general insurance provider that happily boasts of a very high claim settlement record. If you are honest when buying the plan and pay your premiums on time, you will not be denied the insurance claim when needed.

These are some of the main reasons why you may consider getting a two-wheeler insurance policy from Bharti Axa.

The flagship policy on offer is:

  1. Bharti AXA Two Wheeler Insurance Plan

As you can see, it is always a good idea to make Bharti Axa your insurance provider when you look to buy motor insurance online or offline.

4. Reliance General Two Wheeler Bike Insurance Company

Reliance is a name you can always trust. So when you buy your two-wheeler insurance policy from Reliance General Insurance, you are assured of getting a very good deal. The company offers some excellent features under the bike insurance plan. You get thorough insurance coverage at a very economic price, something that is always desirable. They also have a high claim settlement record. Pay your premium on time and don’t break the laws and you are sure to have your insurance claim honored in no time. 

Types of Reliance Bike Insurance

  1. Third-Party Liability Policy
  2. Comprehensive Policy

5. Tata AIG Two Wheeler Bike Insurance Company

TATA AIG is a joint initiative of the TATA group with an American conglomerate, American International Group (AIG) which commenced business on 22 January 2001. This collaboration has brought about a significant market to its fore with its world-class services and products. Spread across more than 152 branches across India, it offers both online and offline assistance to the customers.

TATA AIG Bike Insurance offers complete protection to the policyholder covering all kinds of third party liability including death or permanent disability in addition to personal accident cover and cashless garage services. Other expenses covered under the policy include losses caused by fire, explosion, theft, natural disasters, and transit damages. The add-on package facilities of depreciation reimbursement lost key replacement, zero claim bonus and return invoice are some of its key features that give maximum benefits to the insured party.

Another distinctive feature of the TATA AIG Bike Insurance policy is the coverage provided for personal belongings lost or damaged in an accident of the insured vehicle.
The company offers to settle claims within 7 working days providing for a hassle-free and quick recovery of losses to the insured.

Types of TATA AIG Bike Insurance

  1. Third-Party Liability Policy
  2. Package Policy
  3. Long Term Two Wheeler Insurance

6. Bajaj Allianz Two Wheeler Bike Insurance Company

Bajaj Allianz has won multiple awards and appreciations, over the years. This makes the insurance provider stand out among the rest. They offer some very good motor vehicle insurance covers, including the two-wheeler insurance plans. If you are looking for a solid bike insurance cover from a trustworthy vehicle insurance provider, this may just be one of the best options for you. The insurer is also very approachable. The customer support executives are friendly and polite and solve your queries with ease. When you get associated with this insurer, you get the following benefits:-

Excellent features

The bike covers have some of the most flexible and unique characteristics. From a wide scope of cover to a very large pool of available riders, you can indeed get many excellent features with this vehicle insurance policy.

Easy to renew

Bajaj Allianz has a good mobile app through with you can effortlessly and instantly renew the two-wheeler insurance plan when needed. This is useful as you get to save a lot of your precious time, money and effort.


The customer support cell is always very helpful. So whether you have any doubts regarding the insurance premium or the claim process, you can just give them a call and get all your doubts cleared.

Wouldn’t you agree that these are some of the most beneficial reasons to choose your bike insurance plan from this insurer?

The plan that the company offers is:-

  1. Bajaj Allianz Two Wheeler Insurance

Many people get their auto insurance plans from Bajaj Allianz. Many dealers also offer the cover from this insurer simply because they are a much reputed and trusted name in the Indian insurance industry.

7. SBI General Two Wheeler Bike Insurance Company

SBI General Insurance is one of the largest insurance providers in India. they offer all kinds of general insurance coverages, including some brilliant bike insurance covers. You can get a third party liability cover or a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy from SBI General. The company has a good mobile app through which you can digitally and remotely monitor and access your policy. this makes it convenient and easy for you to maintain your bike insurance cover.

8. National Insurance Company in India to Buy Bike Insurance Policy

The National Insurance Company has been around for decades. It has been offering excellent two-wheeler insurance plans for many years and people swear by their service and covers. Though an old and established motor insurance provider, National Insurance has not been left behind in the digital advancements. The company has a very strong online presence and you can buy and service your plans online with ease. Here are some of the benefits you get:-

Very bankable

The name, National Insurance, carries a lot of weight and reputation. As a result, when you buy your bike insurance plan from this insurer, you are assured of getting a product that lives up to its name.

Economically priced

Being a nationalized company that caters to even the most rural parts of India, the company has some very economically priced insurance products. The two-wheeler insurance cover is no different. So you end up with a plan that is comprehensive yet very economically priced.

Good digital presence

You should not think that being a nationalized company, the insurer is far behind in the digital advancement. In fact, the website and app of National Insurance are among the very best and you can get all your work done through these platforms.

The most popular two-wheeler vehicle insurance cover is:-

  1. National Insurance Two Wheeler Policy

9. IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Company

And to round off the list, we have the IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Company. One of the newer players in the Indian auto insurance industry, IFFCO Tokio has managed to establish itself as a reputed and bankable vehicle insurance provider. You get some very good bike insurance covers from this motor insurance company. The plans are priced competitively, making it easy for you to buy and maintain them. Do check out the features of the two-wheeler insurance coverage from this insurance provider to discover a great option for yourself.

10. New India Assurance Bike Insurance Company

The New India Assurance Bike Insurance is a Government of India undertaking which functions across 27 countries worldwide. The company has emerged as a name to reckon with as it has been accredited with an ‘A’ rating by a USA based rating agency in addition to many other certifications and acknowledgments from various institutions.

New India Assurance Bike Insurance offers two types of policies where consumers can choose from the liability only policy and the comprehensive package policy. Policyholders can claim compensations in cases of legal liability caused due to third party accidental death, any disability or property damage. Accident cover in cases of accidental death or disability of the rider or the owner and insurance against damage, theft, natural calamities or riots are also duly covered by the policy. The New India Assurance Bike Insurance is known for its fast and easy claim processing which has created trust and popularity for the policy among the people.

Types of New India Assurance Bike Insurance

  1. Third-Party Liability Cover
  2. Package Policy

Final Conclusion

About Best Two 2 Wheeler Bike Insurance Companies in India

These are, without any doubt, some of the best motor insurance companies in India. All of them offer excellent bike insurance covers. You can go online, use a motor insurance calculator and compare the quotes. Once that is done, you can locate and buy the ideal motor insurance policy for your two-wheelers.

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