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Tata AIG Travel Insurance

Whenever you travel, be it for work or studies, you should have travel insurance to protect your finances from unforeseen medical and non-medical emergencies. Tata AIG Travel Insurance is one of the preferred insurers among customers traveling abroad. Comprehensive travel insurance from Tata AIG covers several things including the COVID-19 treatment expenses when you are outside India. Before going any further, let’s check out the advantages of Tata AIG Travel Insurance mentioned below.

  1. Global presence in more than 190 countries
  2. 24×7 support during any emergency on your trip
  3. Flexible sum insured options up to 5,00,000 USD
  4. Local Assistance in a foreign land
  5. The hassle-free claim settlement process

Read this page to know everything about the different Tata AIG Travel Insurance plans, what is covered in them and their exclusions. Let’s start without any further delay!

Types of Tata AIG Travel Insurance

With Tata AIG Travel Insurance, you can enjoy the flexibility of choosing from different plans according to your convenience and needs. These plans are International, Domestic, Student and Senior Citizen Travel Insurance. We will be discussing each of them below. Please check!

International Travel Insurance

If you are going to travel to a foreign location, Tata AIG International Travel Insurance could be your perfect companion. International travelers can get coverage against baggage or passport loss, flight cancellations or delay, loss of payment cards, medical expenditures including the cost of transporting insured persons back to India. Any individual with age six and above can opt for this travel insurance plan. Tata AIG also provides a multi-trip policy of one year for travelers who frequently travel overseas.

Domestic Travel Insurance

Individuals who travel within India can choose Tata AIG Domestic Travel Insurance to provide coverage against travel reimbursements against various medical and non-medical emergencies. Travellers can also choose a multi-year trip policy that can provide coverage for an entire year of travel.

Student Travel Insurance

As clear from the name, this policy is for students wanting to pursue higher education outside India. Such students should be between 16 and 35 years to opt for this Tata AIG Student Travel Insurance. With this plan, students can get several benefits apart from the standard overseas travel insurance plan. One such benefit is that insured persons can enjoy reimbursement for a two-way compassionate visit, which allows parents or family members to visit the insured person if they are ill or injured.

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

Exclusive for persons aged 70 years or above, this plan provides coverage against medical emergencies such as dental treatment, emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of mortal remains.

What is Covered in Tata AIG Travel Insurance?

Now that you have information about the different plans of Tata AIG Travel Insurance, you should also know about its coverage. We are discussing them below.

  1. Coverage for expenses incurred by the insured person for COVID-19 treatment during the trip
  2. Accident and sickness medical treatment expenses
  3. Compensation benefit under Trip cancellation due to COVID-19 diagnosis
  4. Trip cancellation or curtailment benefits
  5. Automatic extension of 7 days if a lockdown is imposed in the destination country
  6. Loss or delay of your checked-in baggage (Available for International Travel Insurance and Student Travel Insurance)
  7. Trip delay benefit in case the flight is delayed for more than 12 hours
  8. Bounced flight and hotel booking cover
  9. Reimbursement of the cost incurred to obtain a duplicate or a new passport
  10. Distress allowance if the insured person’s common carrier has been hijacked
  11. Home burglary coverage
  12. Personal liability cover
  13. Compassionate visit for a two-way ticket to a member of your family
  14. Interruption of study cover (under the Student Guard plan)
  15. Medical evacuation
  16. Accidental Death benefit up to 100% of the principal sum (if the death happens during the trip)

What is Not Covered Under Tata AIG Travel Insurance?

In the following situations, you will not get coverage under the Tata AIG Travel Insurance.

  1. On not following doctor’s orders
  2. Pre-existing health conditions
  3. Pregnancy-related conditions including birth control or surgical procedure
  4. Involvement in illegal activities such as felony, violence, deceit, etc.
  5. Undertaking manual work
  6. Loss of baggage is not covered if the items were shipped separately or before your trip
  7. Outside the travel coverage area
  8. Self-inflicted injuries or attempted suicide
  9. Unreported theft of personal belongings (passport, baggage, travel documents, etc.)
  10. Sexually transmitted diseases, mental disorders or injuries under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  11. Participation in adventure sports
  12. Undertaking manual work

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