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SBI Travel Insurance

SBI General Insurance secures your journey by providing you a travel insurance policy (Business & Holiday). This is a comprehensive cover by which you can get financial protection against medical and other emergencies during your trip abroad. This policy is available to Indian residents undertaking bonafide trips abroad for business or holidays. The age limit for SBI Travel Insurance is 6 months – 70 years. Let’s check out this post below and know more about SBI Travel Insurance Plan.

SBI Travel Insurance Coverage

Under this policy, the insurer shall provide coverage against the following-

  1. Medical Expenses, Evacuation & Repatriation Expenses
  2. Personal Accident
  3. Travel Support
  4. Loss of Passport
  5. Golfer’s Hole-In-One
  6. Delay/Loss of Checked-in Baggage
  7. Trip Cancellation, Delay or Curtailment
  8. Missed Connection
  9. Hijack Cover of 200 USD per 24 hours
  10. Hospitalization Daily Allowance of 50 USD per day
  11. Bail Bond
  12. Emergency Cash Advance
  13. Home Burglary Insurance
  14. Personal Liability

SBI Travel Insurance Coverage Duration

You can purchase this policy as

  1. Single Trip Insurance: Coverage for one trip for a maximum of 180 days
  2. Multi-Trip Insurance: Coverage for multiple trips with no limitation of the policy period

You can extend the policy period for single trip insurance up to 270 days. The extension will be provided after getting approval from the insurer. For an extension in the policy period, you need to pay an extra premium.

Automatic extension of 7 days and is provided to you in case of delay of public transport services. The insurer will provide automatic extension free of charge and is over and above any extension.

SBI Travel Insurance Cancellation & Refund

You can cancel your policy before the expiry of the policy period. Check how to do it.

Single Trip: If you haven’t undertaken a journey from the day of insurance, you can request for cancellation at least 14 days from the date of policy commencement. No refund of premium or part will be allowed if you have undertaken a journey.

Multi-Trip: The policy can be canceled any time, provided no claim has been made under this policy. Your refund amount will be pro-rata based on the time left for policy lapse.

Note: The insurer may cancel this policy at anytime by giving a 15-day notice period. On such cancellation, a pro-rata refund is issued to the insured. Cancellation can be done on the grounds of misrepresentation, fraud, non-disclosure of material facts, or non-cooperation of the insured person.

SBI Travel Insurance Renewal Condition

  1. Single Trip Insurance is non-renewable.
  2. Multi-Trip Insurance can be renewed every year.

Exclusions from SBI Travel Insurance

The insurer isn’t liable to pay for this insurance in case a claim arises out of the following:

  1. Travel against the advice of a medical practitioner
  2. Travel to receive specific medical treatment
  3. Traveling with a terminal prognosis for a medical condition
  4. Suicide, attempted suicide or self-inflicted injury
  5. Mental disorder, anxiety, stress, or depression
  6. Venereal disease
  7. Use/abuse of intoxicating drugs/alcohol
  8. Expenses related to AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases
  9. Participation in Naval, Military, or Air Force operations
  10. Acts of war, invasion, enemy hostilities, civil war, rebellion, revolution, etc
  11. Contamination by radioactivity from nuclear waste, etc
  12. Air travel other than as a passenger
  13. Participation in adventure or professional sports

SBI Travel Insurance Claim Process

You can file a claim under this policy by following the steps shown below:

  1. Notify the insurer immediately by phone or email
  2. Submit the policy document along with invoices, travel documents and any other relevant details to the insurer stating the reason for the claim.

Reimbursement: If the medical treatment is already received, submit the medical certificate, hospital bills and receipts to the insurer and seek reimbursement for the incurred medical expenses.

Note: Submit the claim form and all the required documents within 31 days of completing the trip.

How to Intimate the Insurer About the Claim?

You can notify the insurer about the claim using the following:

  1. Call the international toll free numbers: US: 844-691-8884, Canada: 844-691-8882, rest of the world: +91 11 42221411 (Call Back Facility)
  2. FAX at +91 11 45070617
  3. Send an email to

Free Look Period

Under this travel insurance, you will get a free look period of 15 days from the date of receipt of the policy to review the terms and conditions. During this free look period, you can return the policy if you disagree with any of the terms and conditions. If you haven’t made any claim during the free look period, you will get a full refund.

Note: The free look period is not applicable in the case of Single Trip Insurance.

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