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Oriental Travel Insurance

Oriental Insurance Company offers you a wide range of travel insurance plans to cover you and your family while travelling. Under Oriental Travel Insurance, you’ll get cover against medical and other financial emergencies incurred during your travel. The insurer provides a wide range of policies taking care of your needs, such as Business and Holiday Travel for individuals, Employment and Study Policy for students undertaking studies abroad or individuals seeking abroad employment, Corporate Frequent Policy for corporates sending their executives abroad. Read this page further and know more about Oriental Travel Insurance coverage.

Oriental Overseas Mediclaim Policy – Business And Holiday Policy

This policy can be issued on an individual or family floater basis. You don’t need to go through any medical checkup if your age is below 60 years. Up to 7 persons can be covered under this policy. You can cover your spouse, dependent children and dependent parents under this policy. The sum insured is applied separately to every insured member. You’ll get coverage against the following under this travel insurance:

  1. Medical expenses
  2. Hospital daily allowance
  3. Dental emergencies
  4. Medical assistance
  5. Emergency medical evacuation
  6. Repatriation of mortal remains
  7. Legal assistance
  8. Loss of passport
  9. General assistance
  10. Pre-departure services
  11. Emergency travel agency
  12. Emergency cash transfers and advances
  13. Personal accident
  14. Loss of Checked-in Baggage
  15. Delay of Checked-in Baggage
  16. Hijack distress allowance
  17. Personal liability
  18. Flight delay
  19. Automatic extension of the period of insurance
  20. Trip curtailment
  21. Trip cancellation
  22. Missed connections or missed departure
  23. Bounced bookings of hotel and airlines
  24. Financial emergency assistance
  25. Burglary
  26. Accidental death and disablement
  27. The difference in airfare due to delay in flight/early return
  28. Compassionate visit/medical reunion
  29. Loss of international driving license
  30. Loss of laptop/tablet
  31. Coverage against adventure sports

This policy comes in two variants:

Plan A – Worldwide CoverExcluding USA/Canada

Plan B – Worldwide Cover Including USA/Canada

You can cover several trips under this policy such as:

  1. Single Trip – The policy cover will last till the last day for which the premium has been paid, return to India, 180 days from the date of commencement of the journey, whichever is earlier.
  2. Multi-Trip – Coverage for multiple trips in a year. The maximum number of days of coverage for each trip can last is either 30 or 45 days.

Sum Insured Options

Two sum insured options is available to you under this plan:

  1. Silver Plan – Base Sum Insured limit of $25,000 with an option to increase by $ 5,000, up to $ 1,00,000 (Not including $1,00,000)
  2. Gold Plan – Base Sum Insured limit of $1,00,000 with an option to increase by $50,000, up to $10,00,000 (Including $10,00,000)

Oriental Overseas Mediclaim Policy – Employment And Study

For students or employees studying/working abroad, Oriental Insurance company provides this travel insurance to protect them from unfortunate events. The policy coverage includes:

  1. Medical expenses up to the limit as specified in the policy schedule
  2. Medical accident and sickness expenses
  3. Coverage for mental, nervous and emotional disorders up to 30 days
  4. Medical Evacuation Expenses covered up to 1,50,000 USD
  5. Compassionate visit cover up to 10,000 USD for anyone family member
  6. Repatriation and Alternative Expenses in case of the death of the insured covered up to 10,000 USD
  7. Medical Emergency Reunion Expenses covered up to 5,000 USD
  8. Contingency insurance for sponsored students in case the insured is unable to continue to complete his/her course of studies due to an injury/illness. The insurer will pay 750 USD  per month during the period of insurance as stated in the policy schedule.

Oriental Corporate Frequent Policy

Under this policy, the insured will get coverage for a total number of days of 180 days, subject to one trip not exceeding 60 days. In case the travel exceeds 180 days before the expiry of the policy, coverage will reduce by 5% per day for each day beyond 180 days, subject to 10,000 USD for Plan E-1 and 50,000 USD for Plan E-2.

You are eligible for Corporate Frequent Traveller Policy if your age is up to 60 years. However, a person over 60 years of age but within 70 years needs to undergo a full medical checkup including Blood/Urine Strip Test and ECG and Stress Test at the inception of the policy.

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