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Max Life Term Insurance

Max Life Insurance Company has been operating in India for roughly 15 years. During this period, Max Life Insurance Company with the aid of its stakeholders and agents has managed to introduce several plans in the market keeping in mind the varying needs of customers. Some of the plans include:-

Term Insurance

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Eligibility Criteria for Various Max Life Term Insurance Plans

While Max Life Insurance Company sells numerous plans, it screens your candidature based on certain points. For your convenience, we have listed out the eligibility criteria for some of its plans in the following table.

Max Life Insurance Plans
Nature of InsuranceMin Entry Age
(in yrs)
Max Entry Age
(in yrs)
Maturity Age
(in yrs)
Minimum Sum Assured
(in Rs.)
Min Policy TermMax Policy Term
Max Life Online Term Plan Basic Cover Term Insurance18 yrs60 yrs85 yrs25,00,00010 yrs50 yrs
Max Life Online Term Plan Life Cover + Monthly IncomeTerm Insurance18 yrs60 yrs85 yrs25,00,00010 yrs50 yrs
Max Life Online Term Plan Life Cover + Increasing Monthly IncomeTerm Insurance18 yrs60 yrs85 yrs25,00,00010 yrs50 yrs
Max Life Super Term PlanTerm Insurance18 yrs 65 yrs75 yrs25,00,00010 yrs35 yrs
Max Life Platinum Protect IITerm Insurance18 yrs 60 yrs75 yrs 25,00,00010 yrs30 yrs
Max Life Premium Return Protection Plan Term Insurance21 yrs55 yrs75 yrs5,00,00020 yrs30 yrs
Max Life Forever Young Pension PlanPension Plans 30 yrs65 yrs75 yrs25,00,00050 yrs75 yrs
Max Life Perfect Partner Super PlanPension Plans91 yrs55 yrs-50,00010 yrs20 yrs
Max Life Future Genius Education PlanChild Plans 21 yrs45 yrs66 yrs3,27,000
18 yrs-
Max Life Shiksha Plus Super PlanChild Plans21 yrs50 yrs65 yrs10* Annual Premium10 yrs20 yrs
Max Life Whole Life Super PlanSavings and Income Plan18 yrs50 yrs-50,000-100 yrs
Max Life Guaranteed Income PlanSavings and Income Plan25 yrs60 yrs67 yrs4,51,2266 yrs12 yrs
Max Life Gain PremierSavings and Income Plan18 yrs55 yrs70-75 yrs50,00015 yrs20 yrs
Max Life Monthly Income Advantage PlanSavings and Income Plan18 yrs55 yrs75-77 yrs3,24,00022 yrs25 yrs
Max Life Assured Wealth PlanSavings and Income Plan8 yrs55 yrs 65 yrs1,97,460-10 yrs

List of Max Life Term Insurance Plans

Max Life Term Insurance Plans are quite popular among its customers. The  reasons are extended coverage and customized premiums according to the chosen plan. Let’s go through such plans in detail.

Max Life Online Term Plan Basic Cover

This insurance plan ensures life insurance for those looking for a basic cover sans any frills or added benefits. Deemed as a basic term insurance cover, customers buy this plan to ensure financial security for their loved ones at low costs. Buying this life insurance policy ensures that the nominee(s) of the policyholders are assured a predetermined amount i.e. sum assured in the event of the sudden death of the policyholder. The sum assured is determined while buying the policy. However, some customers prefer to ensure an added level of security, thus, explaining their decision to pay for add-on covers too. Policyholders opting for a larger Sum Assured amount can get the benefit of low premiums. Non-smokers and female policyholders are given discounts on the premium charged for this plan.

Max Life Online Term Plan Life Cover + Monthly Income

Some customers may feel apprehensive about the adequacy of the life insurance cover they have chosen to secure the future of their dependents on nominees. Moreover, financial illiteracy of the nominee(s) may prompt certain customers to look for alternative payout options that would not only assure their loved ones a fixed amount in the event of their deaths but also give them the monthly income benefit so that they are not deprived of their lifestyle habits and essential expenses. The idea behind this plan is that while the lump sum amount can be used to pay off expenses like loans and liabilities, the monthly income can be used to pay for the family’s monthly expenses including children’s fees, daily groceries, etc.

Features of this plan include:-

  1. Online availability
  2. A free-look period of 30 days
  3. Lower premiums for higher sum assured
  4. Premium discounts for non-smoking customers
  5. Tax benefits on premiums and sum assured

Max Life Online Term Plan Life Cover + Increasing Monthly Income

This life insurance plan is unlike any other plan. This life insurance plan ensures that the amount received by the nominee(s) beats the inflation rate, thus allowing them to meet the expenses in future. Available for customers aged 18-60 years, the minimum sum assured that one could get is INR 25 lakhs while the maximum can go up to any limit.

Policyholders opting for this plan can have the following benefits –

  1. The nominee is ensured of the Sum Assured in addition to a monthly income that increases at 10 percent each year for the next 10 years. The monthly income received in the first year will be 0.4 percent of the Sum Assured. This means that the total effective death benefit payout amount including the monthly income in the hands of the nominee will be 169.6 percent of the predetermined Sum Assured amount.
  2. However, customers looking for added protection over and above the aforementioned life insurance plan can choose to pay for add-on riders too. For example, customers who wish that their nominees receive an additional cover amount due to death by accident can choose to buy the Max Life Comprehensive Accident Benefit Rider.

Max Life Super Term Plan

As the name suggests, this term insurance plan is indeed superior to many other life insurance plans in many ways. Just like most other term insurance policies, this plan also promises a definite sum assured amount in the event of the policyholder’s death. However, the benefits of this plan are far beyond what other term insurance policies extend. A major benefit of paying for this plan is that the life cover promised increases by 5 percent each year till the end of the policy period sans any increase in premium rates, thus outweighing the effect of inflation.

Max Life Premium Return Protection Plan

People buy term insurance plans to secure their loved ones. However, this is subject to the condition that premiums are paid regularly throughout the entire policy period. Since most people may find it difficult to pay the premiums after they retire from their active service, this plan comes to the rescue as policyholders buying these plans are required to pay premiums only for 11 years. This means that limited premium payments do not come in the way of unlimited benefits as envisaged and promised by this term insurance plan.

In addition, policyholders get back the total premiums they would have paid in case they outlive the policy period. This benefit helps those customers who are apprehensive to invest in term insurance plans due to lack of or no survival benefits at all.

Max Life Cancer Insurance Plan

Cancer is becoming increasingly pervasive these days. This explains why many people are looking for life insurance plans that give added benefits to the detection and treatment of this disease. This term insurance plan, unlike other life insurance policies, ensures a maximum cover amount of INR 50 lakhs, which is more than what’s offered by most other cancer insurance plans available in the market. Moreover, if cancer is detected early, the insurance company hands over 20 percent of the sum assured immediately while waiving the remaining premium charges.

Also, irrespective of whether the policy term has ended or the policyholder has died, the insurance company hands over the entire amount of sum assured along with an added 10 percent income over the next five years. The increase in cover amount is, however, limited to 150 percent of the original sum assured.

Rider Options

You can add riders to your Max Life Term Insurance Plans to enhance your coverage. There will be a different rider sum assured for which you need to pay extra premium. Here’s a list of rider options available under Max Term Insurance Plans –

Max Life Comprehensive Accident Benefit Rider

Choosing this rider will safeguard your family’s future in case of your death due to an accident. You can buy this rider while purchasing a base plan or after the same provided there are specified number of years remaining in the policy term. In case such an incident takes place, your family will get the agreed sum assured, courtesy this rider.

Max Life Waiver of Premium Plus Rider

All future premiums will get waived owing to dismemberment, critical illness or death based on the following criteria, while the family members will continue to receive benefits of the policy.

When the Policyholder and Insured Remain the Same – Here, the future premiums will get waived upon dismemberment or diagnosis of specified critical illnesses.

When the Policyholder and Insured are Different – The future premiums will get waived upon dismemberment, diagnosis of specified critical illnesses or death of the policyholder.

Why Should You Buy Max Term Insurance?

Buying Max Term Insurance makes sense as it secures the future of your loved ones in the best way. Now that ‘Best’ is indicated by its following offerings – 

Payout in the Form of Monthly Income

Being flexible is the core of Max Term Insurance plans. So, in case the policyholder dies, Max Life could disburse the payment to the nominee in the form of monthly income too if the former requests the same while accepting the policy. The disbursal in the form of monthly income could help nominees meet their day-to-day expenses. 

Waiver of Premium in Case of Accident Disability

In case you get disabled due to an accident, the future premiums will get waived while the policy benefits will continue to exist. 

Cover for Critical Illnesses Including Cancer

Treatment of critical illnesses can make a deep hole in your pocket if not insured for the same. Thankfully, Max Term Insurance covers critical illnesses including Cancer and prevent yourself from spending towards the same. 

Limited Pay Till Retirement 

Getting covered for a longer time than the premium payment duration remains an exciting feature of Max Term Insurance Plans. So, in case the policy term remains 20 years, the premium payment term could be 12 years. But you will get covered till 20 years. The policy term could extend to your retirement too. Such a flexibility makes Max Term Insurance stand in the intensely competitive life insurance segment of India.

Note – Cover for critical illnesses and accident disability applies upon the payment of additional premium.

How to Pay Max Term Insurance Premium Online?

The payment of Max Term Insurance premiums on time holds the key to have uninterrupted services. In case you have instances of skipped payments, the insurer could deny you a cover for unfortunate events should they occur. So, stay away from the same by paying the premium online. All it takes is a few steps shown below.

Online Premium Payment

  • Visit the official website of Max Life Insurance
  • Click on ‘Pay Premium Online’ placed under the ‘Customer Service’ tab
  • A new page will appear asking you to enter your mobile number/policy number and date of birth
  • Click on the ‘Submit’ button
  • A list of payment options – Net Banking, Debit/Credit Card, UPI, etc – will appear on your screen
  • Choose the option you want to pay your premium with

You’ll receive an SMS and email intimation confirming the successful payment the moment it gets executed.

NACH/ECS/Direct Debit Mandate Form

Sometimes you may forget to pay the premium on its due date because of your busy schedule. As a result, your policy won’t get renewed, and when you pay the premium later, the late payment charges could also incur. To avoid the same, you can fill the NACH/ECS/Direct Debit Mandate Form and submit it to the branch office of Max Life Insurance. You can download the form online, take its printout, fill in the details and submit. Or you can get the form at the branch and do the formalities there.

Once it gets activated, you’ll receive an SMS and email confirming the same. So on the due date, the premium amount will get debited from your bank account automatically, relieving you from the duty of paying it manually. But do keep sufficient balance in the account to ensure successful payment on the due date.

Payment via Apps

You could also pay the premium via apps having the feature of Unique Payment Interface (UPI).

Payment at Max Life Insurance/Axis Bank Branch

You can pay the premium by issuing cheque or demand draft at the branch of either Max Life Insurance or Axis Bank.

Use the Renewal Cheque Pick-up Facility

You could also use the Renewal Cheque Pick-up Facility to pay the premium. All you need to do is send your request online by mentioning your policy number and mobile number. An executive will come to your doorstep to collect the premium cheque from you. Once the cheque gets encashed, you will know about the same too via SMS and email.

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