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Max Life Premium Return Protection Plan

Who doesn’t want to have a happy and secure future? Our families tend to play a major role in that dream; their security, well-being and future also become a part of that bigger picture. Though we try to plan out our future course of actions to the best of our abilities, life still surprises us with its twists and turns. Therefore, accounting these uncertainties and setting up precautionary measures for personal and familial benefits is a good way to go about it. For instance, a great measure would be to avail of a term insurance plan to ensure security in case of any circumstance.

Term Insurance

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One of the foremost term insurance plans is offered by Max Life Insurance Company Limited. Max Life Insurance Company ranks on the top and is highly preferred because of its excellent customer-oriented services. The policy offered is called the Max Life Premium Return Protection Plan. It is popular because it offers not just protective coverage, but also provides the benefit of the return of premium payment if the insurer outlives the specified time period.

Let us assess the various key features, benefits, eligibility, exclusion and documents required for Max Life Premium Return Protection Policy.

Key Features of Max Life Premium Return Protection Policy

  1. The premium payable for a policy term also known as PPT (Premium Payment Term) is of 11 years.
  2. You can choose from the flexible policy term among 20years, 25 years, or 30 years as per your requirement.
  3. Max Life Insurance Company offers various premium payment modes. One can pay Annually, Semi-annually, Quarterly or Monthly.
  4. For Non-Annual Modes, certain modal factors would be applicable:0.52 for semi-annual payment, 0.265 for quarterly payment and  0.09 for the monthly payment
  5. But this alteration in the mode of payment would be effective only the next policy anniversary.
  6. The maximum premium one can pay is based on the Maximum Sum Assured of INR 1 crore. The maximum sum assured can be gradually attained by an increase in multiples of INR 50,000.
  7. For minimum premium, a payment of INR 8,500 p.a. would applicable, but only for Annual Mode policies, whereas for Non-Annual Modes, above-mentioned Modal Factors will be applicable.
  8. There are certain discounts offered for choosing high sum assured.
  9. If the insurer outlives the matured policy plan, the total premium paid will be entirely returned back, except for the taxes or extra premiums.

Special mentions:

  1. If you weren’t already aware, investing in such insurance policies helps save on taxes! However, these benefits are provincial to the tax laws during the premium payment. Basically, paid premiums, death and maturity benefits are exempted under laws of  the Income Tax Act.
  2. Women applicants have a special advantage as they have lesser rates of the premium than that of their male counterparts.
  3. You can apply for this policy online if visiting the nearest branch isn’t viable for you.
  4. Flexibility with the Payment of Premium is too hard to ignore.

Benefits of Max Life Premium Return Protection Policy in India

Death Benefits

In case of the unfortunate death of the insurer, his/her nominees or dependents would be provided with the death benefit. This benefit would be an amount equal to the Death Sum Assured, which is the highest of:

  1. 10 times the annualized premium.
  2. 105% of the total premiums paid to date.
  3. Guaranteed Maturity Sum Assured.
  4. Guaranteed Death Sum Assured.

Maturity Benefits

The second benefit offered is if the policyholder surpasses the maturity date of the plan. It would be equal to Guaranteed Maturity Sum Assured.

Accident Death Benefits

If the cause of death cause is unnatural, most accidents, there is an add-on 50% that is paid to the nominee along with the assured sum.

Limited Premium Payment Term

As discussed before, the PPT (Premium Payment Term) is only 11 years, but the policy benefits last up to 30 years, depending on the policy the person chooses.

Exclusions to the Policy

Exclusions here means the reasons for abortion of the policy due to certain circumstances.

  1. If the individual availing the insurance irrespective of being sane or insane has committed suicide in the year of commencement of this policy or its revival, it would be aborted.

Eligibility criteria for Max Life Premium Return Protection Policy

The minimum entry age allowed is 21 years for all policy terms whereas the maximum entry age differs based on different policy terms. The maximum maturity age is 75 years. Down below is a list to follow.

Policy TermMinimum Entry Age Maximum Entry Age
20 years21 years55 years
25 years21 years50 years
30 years21 years45 years
Maximum Maturity Years75 Years

Documents Required for Max Life Premium Return Protection Policy in India

The list of required Documents

  1. Completely filled application form along with signature
  2. All necessary details about the policyholder/insured
  3. Identity proof: A copy of the Voter’s Identity card, Aadhaar Card, PAN card and the Driving License
  4. Address proof: any utility bill of the last 3 months’ or the bank statement of the policyholder
  5. Last 3 years’ Income Tax Return statement along with bank statement for salary details

Frequently Asked Questions About Max Life Premium Return Protection Plan

If you are still doubtful about a policy term, here are a few frequently asked questions that could help you.

How is investing in Max Life Return Protection Term Plan beneficial?

This policy offered by Max Life Insurance Company is beneficial because it provides remarkable coverage and guaranteed return in exchange of the payment of the premium if the insured outlives the policy term. Max Life Insurance Company offers many benefits with this plan such as convenient payment modes to choose from. It saves on taxes by investing in such a plan!

This is a win-win situation really, wherein a sense of security is ever-present as well as a positioned safety net.

What is the ideal time the Company takes to settle a life insurance claim through this policy?

Max Life Health Insurance Company usually takes about thirty days to settle an authentic and valid claim under the Max Life Premium Return Protection Plan. But it could also go up to 180 days as there are requirements that have to be fulfilled, like all required documents have to be submitted, additional verifications for the same, etc.

Are there any consequences for irregular payment of installments on premiums?

Unfortunately, yes! Let us keep in mind that our premiums provide the company its end of the bargain and the benefits we get from them, in turn, provides us with ours. Hence, buying an insurance policy (Max Life Premium Return Protection Plan in this case) requires regular investments. These investments are nothing but the premiums we pay. If this necessity is not met with religiously, the Surrender Value acquired will automatically become Reduced Paid-up Policy. (Surrender Value accumulates only after the first three years of duly payments of premiums.)

What is a Reduced Paid-up Policy?

It is a result of irregular premium payment occurrences. Through this, a calculation is done that depreciates the Surrender Value accordingly, based on which the amount paid either during Death Benefit or Maturity Benefit reduces. The calculations are as follows:-

Reduced Paid-up Policy for Death Benefit

The RPU Death Benefit will be calculated using this formula:-

RPU Death Benefit = (Total Premiums Paid – any Extra Premium paid – any Rider Premium paid  / Total Premiums that is still Payable – any Extra Premium payable – any Rider Premium payable) X the Death Benefit

Reduced Paid-up Benefit Policy for Maturity Benefit:

A total of the premiums that have been paid during the tenure of the Max Life Premium Return Protection Plan is payable at the time of maturity. If the payment is stopped before surrender value is acquired, nothing will be payable to the insured at the time of policy maturity, or to the nominee at the time of death of the insured individual.

Does this policy offer any riders with it? 

Thankfully, yes! The Max Life Waiver of Premium Rider is on offer along with the policy. The Max Life Waiver of Premium Rider waives off all future due payments in the cases of dismemberment, death, or disease.

Is there a tax payment to be done once the Max Life Premium Protection Plan matures? 

No, you don’t have to! The Maturity Benefit that you receive is tax-free under Section 10 (10 D) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

What do terms like Policy Lapse and Grace Period mean? 

Policy Lapse occurs when the due premium is not paid even after the grace period. This leads to the policy’s lapse, hence called the Policy Lapse.

Grace Period is a time period provided by the company when you miss out on paying your due premium. Different Modes of payment have different Grace periods. The monthly mode of paying has a grace period of 15 days. In the case of Quarterly, Semi-Annually, and annually the grace period offered by the Company is of 30 days.

Based on the policy term chosen will the premium paying term change too?

No, the Premium Paying Term does not change. PPT remains at 11 years despite any policy term chosen by the insurer.

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