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Best Term Insurance Plans for Diabetics in India

Patients suffering from Diabetes often face many challenges in life. Among them, a big challenge is finding a suitable life insurance cover. Not every life cover, including the term insurance covers, is available to the patients of diabetes. This does not mean a person suffering from this illness cannot buy term insurance. The best term insurance plans for diabetics offers a wholesome life cover at a reasonable rate. Let us find out more.

Term Insurance

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Reasons why a Diabetic Needs Term Insurance

Term insurance is needed by everyone. It offers a life cover and promises to pay a sum assured to the policyholder’s nominees if he dies. Here are some more reasons why a diabetes patient requires a good term insurance cover:

Life cover

When you have an illness, your health is fragile and your life expectancy reduces. However, a disease like diabetes is manageable. As a diabetic, you do have a higher risk of losing your life as compared to a non-diabetic person and so you need a good life insurance cover. Since a term plan offers a pure life cover, it is highly recommended for you to get the plan at the earliest.


The best term insurance plan for diabetics is an affordable source of life insurance. Term insurance is cheaper than the other forms of life insurance such as endowment insurance or a ULIP. so if you need to get covered under a life insurance policy, a term plan is your best bet.

Critical illness Rider Available

Most of the term insurance plans have the option of riders. You can choose the very handy critical illness rider with the best term insurance plans for diabetics. Diabetes can lead to secondary illnesses and having a critical illness rider can do you a lot of good in the long run. Do remember that the riders are available at an added cost, so the addition of the critical illness rider will push up the overall cost of the best term insurance plan for diabetics.

Tax Benefit

Tax benefits are available on all term insurance covers, including the best term insurance plans for diabetics. You can claim an income tax benefit of a maximum of Rs 1.5 lacs in a year under Section 80 C of the Indian Income Tax Act of 1961. This is a good reason to buy life insurance as you get to save your tax money in a legitimate manner even while you keep your life protected.

Tips to remember before you buy the best term insurance plans for diabetics

Here Are Some Tips to Help You Find and Buy the Best Term Insurance Plans For Diabetics:


You must compare term insurance before you make your final purchase. It is very important to explore your options and then see which plan is best suited for your requirements.

Look online

Term insurance is widely sold online nowadays. Do not forget to check online before you buy the term life cover. The online term plans are more economical than the offline options. It is very easy to buy term insurance online as well. You can compare and locate your ideal cover in a matter of a few minutes. The insurer will then contact you, get the preventive screening done and issue you the cover in a short span of time.

Stick to Your Budget

The best term insurance plan for diabetics may be priced a bit steeply because of the health issues involved. You should, therefore, make and stick to a budget and get a plan that you can afford. There are many options and you will surely find a good term life cover in your budget.

Choose a Proper Cover

You need to find the best possible cover. This includes the sum assured as well as the policy duration. Choose the scope of the cover very carefully to ensure you have comprehensive coverage at all times.

If you are mindful of these points when you look to buy the best term insurance plans for diabetics, you will find your ideal cover in no time.

The Final Word

Keep all the factors and tips mentioned in this article in mind before you look to buy the best term insurance plans for diabetics. There are some good options available from the leading life insurance companies in India. Buy a good cover and stay protected in a wholesome and adequate manner. Just remember that a term insurance plans for diabetics will be a bit costlier as the insurer will weigh in your health condition before issuing the policy to you. Be completely honest about your health conditions and undergo the screening tests diligently. If you are honest while buying the plan, your family will get the term insurance claim smoothly if you pass away during the policy period.

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