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ABSLI DigiShield Insurance Plan

There are many good online term insurance plans available in India nowadays. While most are good, some are excellent and prove to be of great value to the policyholder. Among them, is the Aditya Birla Life Digishield Insurance Plan. This is a pure term insurance plan that is loaded with beneficial features. Additionally, the Aditya Birla Life Insurance Company is also one of the best life insurance companies in India. So when you buy your term cover from them, you get an excellent plan from a reliable and very trusted insurer. This gives you a two-fold advantage when you go for the Aditya Birla Life Digishield Insurance Plan.

Term Insurance

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Features of the Aditya Birla Life Digishield Insurance Plan

Here are some of the best features of this term life insurance plan that make it so popular among a vast number of Indians:

  1. Two types of covers – You get two types of plan options to choose from. One is a level term insurance plan where the life cover remains constant throughout the policy period. The other is increasing term coverage, where the cover keeps increasing as the policy progresses. Go over the policy wordings to determine which cover is better suited for you.
  2. Option to increase cover – The Aditya Birla Life Digishield Insurance Plan allows the policyholder to increase the life cover at important milestones of his life. For instance, the policyholder bought a term life insurance cover of Rs 1 crore when he was young and single. When he got married five years later, he increased the coverage amount by Rs 25 lacs. After a year, when his child was born, he added another 50 lacs to the life fund. So his term life insurance value is now Rs 1.75 crores and very sufficient for his wife and child to survive if anything happens to him.
  3. Extensive coverage – The Aditya Birla Life Digishield Insurance Plan an extensive life cover. The minimum sum assured is Rs 30 lacs while there is no upper limit. People aged between 18 and 65 years can get enrolled in this plan. The minimum policy duration is 5 years while the maximum duration is 40 years. You can get a very wholesome cover when you buy this excellent term insurance plan from Aditya Birla Life.
  4. Economically priced – The policy is very economically priced, keeping in line with term insurance in India. The company maintains the industry standards and offers the Aditya Birla Life Digishield Insurance Plan at very affordable rates. When you compare insurance quotes online, you will notice the Aditya Birla Life Digishield Insurance Plan among the top-most results, suggesting its cheap quotes.
  5. Optional coverage for a partner – The policyholder can choose to get his or her spouse enrolled in the policy. The life cover will be issued in both their names and this will provide added security to the family as a whole. This is a very beneficial feature as no one knows what dangers lie ahead in life and what vulnerable situation a person may land in.
  6. Terminal illness benefit – If the policyholder is diagnosed with a terminal illness and his life expectancy is reduced to six months or lower, a part of the death benefit will be paid out to the nominees.
  7. Choice of riders – The policyholder can add many handy riders such as the critical illness rider, the accidental death benefit rider, and the hospital care rider to the primary term insurance plan. These riders allow you to make the plan more flexible and better suited to your needs.
  8. Flexible premium options – The insurance premium for the Aditya Birla Life Digishield Insurance Plan can be paid for the entire duration of the term life insurance policy or till the policyholder is 60 years of age. The premium can be paid yearly, bi-yearly, quarterly or monthly.

It is quite clear that these features make the Aditya Birla Life Digishield Insurance Plan one of the very best term life insurance policies in India.

Why Aditya Birla Life is so highly rated

Now let us discuss the benefits you get when you choose the term insurance plan from Aditya Birla Life Insurance. The experts always advise the policy seekers to get a life insurance cover from a reliable life insurance company. This is important because unless the insurer is bankable, there is no guarantee your nominees will get the life insurance claim after your demise. And since this is the largest and perhaps the only reason why you buy term insurance, you need to be very careful when choosing the correct insurance provider. Here are some reasons that make Aditya Birla Life a safe bet:

  1. High claim record – The company has a claim settlement ratio of 94.69%. This is a very high and positive pointer towards the efficiency of the company in relation to the life insurance claim payouts.
  2. Very professional – The company is very ethical and professional in its business. From offering its assistance at all times through a dedicated customer support team to offering all the modern facilities digitally, the insurer goes out of its way to make the life insurance journey smooth for its customers.
  3. Awarded regularly by the industry – The Aditya Birla Life Insurance Company has received many awards and recognitions by the life insurance industry in India. This further establishes its reputation as a good and trusted provider of life insurance in the country.

With so many reasons working in their favour, it can easily be said that the Aditya Birla Life Insurance Company is one of the best places to get your term life insurance coverage from.


Choose your term insurance plan with care. Do not be in a hurry when you go looking for this cover, as the future well-being of your loved ones can depend on the life insurance policy you buy now. Choose a good term life cover like the Aditya Birla Life Digishield Insurance Plan and keep your dear ones safe and secure at all times.

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