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Niva Bupa is a known insurance company that usually deals with health insurance plans. It also has a tie-up with various hospitals where you can get a cashless reimbursement of the health risks. But is it really difficult for an individual to identify the hospital whether it has a tie-up with Niva Bupa or not? So, here you can see the Niva Bupa Network Hospitals all over India in major cities. But we will discuss the top hospitals in each city because there is a long list of network hospitals. You can explore all the network hospitals in each city and their contact details and carry on with your treatment.

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Network Hospitals of Niva Bupa in India

  1. Niva Bupa Network Hospitals in Delhi 
  2. Niva Bupa Network Hospitals in Mumbai 
  3. Niva Bupa Network Hospitals in Gurugram
  4. Niva Bupa Network Hospitals in Pune
  5. Niva Bupa Network Hospitals in Bangaluru
  6. Niva Bupa Network Hospitals in Hyderabad
  7. Niva Bupa Network Hospitals in Chennai 
  8. Niva Bupa Network Hospitals in Kolkata 

Hospitals in Delhi partnered with Niva Bupa

Hospital NameCityPhone No.
Aakash HospitalDelhi51830822
Aashlok Nursing Home Pvt.LtdDelhi26165901
Aastha HospitalDelhi25995363
Action Cancer HospitalDelhi49222200
Amar Leela Hospital (P) LtdDelhi25527965
Ansari HospitalDelhi42494660
Apex Citi HospitalDelhi22472111
Apollo Cradle - Maternity Hospital in New DelhiDelhi44244424
Apollo Spectra Hospitals - Kailash Colony, NCR RegionDelhi18605002244
Apollo Spectra Hospitals - Karol Bagh, New DelhiDelhi18605002244
Artemis Hospital-DwarkaDelhi71111000
Arya HospitalDelhi1141574809
Ashok Nursing HomeDelhi22002555
Ashray Medical CentreDelhi9990479317
Asian Yamuna Vihar Multi-Specialty HospitalDelhi43070170
Ayushman HospitalDelhi42811114
B M Gupta Nursing Home Pvt. Ltd.Delhi47157777
Bansal HospitalDelhi46583333
Barkat Ram Memorial HospitalDelhi32645443
Batra Hospital And Medical Research Centre,Delhi29956509
Bhagat Chandra HospitalDelhi45254525
Bhagat HospitalDelhi28525502
Bhagwan Mahavir HospitalDelhi27550441
Bhagwati HospitalBhagwati HospitalDelhi27554179
Centre For SightDelhi43097934
Centre for SightDelhi43728774
Centre For Sight - DwarkaDelhi41524500
Centre For Sight - VikaspuriDelhi25612976
Centre For Sight Eye HospitalDelhi47401363
Centre For Sight,
Chaudhary Eye Centre & Laser VisionDelhi23243717
Chinmaya Vision The Eye HospitalDelhi25282864
Chopra Nursing HomeDelhi27043500
Deepak Memorial Hospital And Medical Research CentreDelhi22373380
Delhi Heart And Lung InstituteDelhi42999999
Delhi Heart HospitalDelhi22157272
Dharamshila Cancer Hospital & R CntDelhi22617771
Divya Prastha HospitalDelhi25365960
Dr. Gupta Nursing HomeDelhi22322218
Dr. Sunder Lal Memorial HospitalDelhi32937810
Dr.B.L.Kapur Memorial HospitalDelhi30403040
Dr.Kapur'S The Healing Touch Eye CentreDelhi28535083
Dr.Shroff'S Charity Eye HospitalDelhi43528888
Dr.Sushma Jindal HospitalDelhi22311010
East Delhi Medical CenterDelhi22583204
Eden HospitalDelhi46155555
Escorts Heart Institute & Research CentreDelhi26825000
Eye Q Super Specialty Eye Hospital - Shalimar Bagh, DelhiDelhi47292900
Family HospitalDelhi28331885
Foresight Eye ClinicDelhi26018111
Fortis C-Doc Health Care LtdDelhi49101222
Fortis Flt. Lt. Rajan Dhall HospitalDelhi42776222
Fortis Hospitals LimitedDelhi40579400
Fortis Jessa Ram HospitalDelhi45013291

Mumbai Hospitals tie-up with Niva Bupa

Hospital NameCityPhone No.
Aastha Health CareMumbai25628262
Aditi Hospital & PolyclinicMumbai28541882
Apex HospitalMumbai42457000
APEX Hospitals MulundMumbai41624000
Apollo Spectra HospitalsMumbai43344600
Apollo Spectra Hospitals - Tardeo, MumbaiMumbai18605002244
Arihant Heart And Surgical HospitalMumbai28927730
Arpan General HospitalMumbai26509852
Asha HospitalMumbai28867242
Asian Eye Institute & Laser CentreMumbai28920810
Asian Institute of Oncology Pvt LtdMumbai24066800
Aviva HospitalMumbai02261167474
Balaji HospitalMumbai23740000
Bellevue Multispeciality HospitalMumbai66868600
Bhargava Nursing HomeMumbai26493762
Bhatia HospitalMumbai66660552
Bombay Hospital & Medical Research CentreMumbai22088323
Breach Candy Hospital TrustMumbai23667355
Bases MG HospitalMumbai66487500
Criticare Multispecialty Hospital And Research CenterMumbai26286644
Crystal Hospitals LimitedMumbai28482595
Cumballa Hill HospitalMumbai23803336
Dattatreya Nursing HomeMumbai66979963
Dhanwantary Hospital & IccuMumbai25616070
DNA Multispecialty HospitalMumbai29653388

Network Hospitals in Gurgaon from Niva Bupa

Hospital NameCityPhone No.
Aarvy HospitalGurgaon4222270
Alchemist HospitalGurgaon4511111
Artemis Medicare ServicesGurgaon6767999
Aryan Hospital Pvt LtdGurgaon4372111
Centre For Sight - Gurgaon-1Gurgaon4210317
Chirag HospitalGurgaon2469130
Columbia Asia HospitalGurgaon39898969
Eye Q Super Speciality Eye HospitalGurgaon4272225
Eye Q Super Specialty Eye Hospital - New Railway RoadGurgaon4272225
Fortis Memorial Research InstituteGurgaon4386666
GNH Hospital - best multispecialty hospital in GurgaonGurgaon09958222443
KK Health Care CenterGurgaon2250260
Kalyani Hospital Pvt. Ltd,Gurgaon2303101
Kathuria HospitalGurgaon4119993
Kriti HospitalGurgaon2820127
Lall Eye Care CentreGurgaon2322410
Lall Nursing & Maternity HomeGurgaon4065410
Lifeaid Medical CentreGurgaon4212342
M.S. HospitalGurgaon2331158
Mamta HospitalGurgaon2220811
Max HospitalGurgaon6623000
Mayom HospitalGurgaon4111880
Medicity HospitalGurgaon4141414
Metro Hospital & Heart Institute (Umkal Healthcare)Gurgaon09911721111
Orbit HospitalGurgaon4732200
Paras Healthcare Pvt LtdGurgaon4585512
Park HospitalGurgaon4900000
Privat HospitalGurgaon4324300
Rockland HospitalGurgaon755500
Sai HospitalGurgaon
Saraswati HospitalGurgaon2326191
Satyam HospitalGurgaon4266463
Sheetla Hospital And Eye InsttGurgaon4555888
Sunrise Hospital ( Khandsa Road ),Gurgaon6410841
Swastik Maternity & Medical Centre.,Gurgaon2301551

Pune Network Hospitals List Tie-up with Niva Bupa

Hospital NamesCityPhone No.
Ace HospitalPune25434072
Aditya Birla Memorial HospitalPune307171103071761230717977
Agarwal Maternity & General HospitalPune65312206
Aims Hospital & Research CentrePune25893348
Apollo Spectra Hospitals - Saras Baug, PunePune02067206500
Apple HospitalPune67281583
Ashwini Hospital Endoscopy CentrePune27660310
Ayush Multi-Specialty HospitalPune38224365
Bade Accident And Multispeciality HospitalPune221051
Balaji HospitalPune27011844
Balaji HospitalPune
Bhakti HospitalPune253006
Bhandare HospitalPune224888
Bhide HospitalPune24531446
Bora HospitalPune26383310
Brute HospitalPune27122232
Chaitanya HospitalPune27350333
Chaitanya Superspeciality HospitalPune02065000022
Chavan HospitalPune66301236
Chintamani HospitalPune24212112
Columbia Asia Hospital - Kharadi, PunePune71290222
Crescent India Medical Education Trust'S Inamdar HospitalPune30502222

Niva Bupa Network Hospitals in Bengaluru

Hospital NamesCityPhone No.
Aayugs Health CareBangalore65989427
Abhay HospitalBangalore08023241868
Abhaya HospitalBangalore26563865
Adarsh Multi Speciality HospitalBangalore28485101
Agadi HospitalBangalore22222925
Ananya Hospital Pvt LtdBangalore23527411
Annayya Healthcare Pvt LtdBangalore40928686
Apollo HospitalBangalore26304050
Apollo HospitalBangalore08046688888
Apollo Speciality HospitalBangalore30804444
Apollo Spectra HospitalsBangalore08043485546
Apple HospitalBangalore40915314
Ashwini HospitalBangalore28563877
Ashwini Nursing HomeBangalore41671356
Aster CMI HospitalBangalore08043420100
Athreya HospitalBangaloreBangalore
Aveksha HospitalBangalore067590000
Axon Speciality HospitalBangalore43346333
Bangalore Baptist HospitalBangalore22024700
Beams Hospitals Pvt LtdBangalore39417700
Belle Vue'S Cambridge HospitalBangalore40061111
BGS Global Hospital BangaloreBangalore26255555
Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain HospitalBangalore40875555
Brinda HospitalBangalore2456321
Brookefield HospitalBangalore42445555

List of Hospitals in Hyderabad partnered with Niva Bupa

Hospital NamesCityPhone No.
Aashriha Multi-Super Speciality HospitalHyderabad27153515
Aditya HospitalHyderabad24752988
Aditya HospitalsHyderabad27214444
American Oncology Institute (A Unit Of Cancer Treatment Services Hyderabad Pvt. Ltd.)Hyderabad67199999
Apollo Cradle - Maternity Hospital in Jubilee Hills, HyderabadHyderabad04044244424
Apollo Drdo HospitalHyderabad24342222
Apollo Emergency ClinicHyderabad23590677
Apollo HospitalHyderabad23607777
Apple HospitalsHyderabad04060500008
Asian Institute Of GastroenterologyHyderabad23378888
Asian Institute Of Nephrology & UrologyHyderabad67313131
AVIS Hospitals India LimitedHyderabad39417700
Aware Global HospitalHyderabad24030444
Basavatarakam Indo American Cancer Hospital & Research InstituteHyderabad23551235
Bhagwan Devi HospitalHyderabad24522160
Bristlecone Hospitals (Ashok Kumar Clinic)Hyderabad45999999
Care HospitalHyderabad30114500
Care HospitalHyderabad30418786
Care HospitalsHyderabad30417777
Centre For SightHyderabad40045500

List of Niva Bupa Hospitals in Chennai

Hospital NamesCityPhone No.
A V HospitalChennai25986291
Abhijay HospitalChennai66077232
Agada HospitalChennai04428152604
Ammayi Eye Care CentreChennai24896175
Annamalai HospitalChennai23711061
Apollo Children'S HospitalChennai28296285
Apollo City CenterChennai25296080
Apollo Day SurgeryChennai24672200
Apollo First Med HospitalsChennai28211111
Apollo HospitalsChennai25913333
Apollo HospitalsChennai28290200
Apollo HospitalsChennai26537777
Apollo Medical CentreChennai
Apollo Specialty HospitalsChennai24336119
Apollo Spectra HospitalChennai18605002244
Apollo Womans Hospital CradleChennai
Appasamy Medicare Centre (P) LtdChennai30595956
Aswene Soundra HospitalChennai24990525
Athipathi Hospital & Research CentreChennai22432464
Aysha Hospitals Pvt LtdChennai26426930

Niva Bupa Network Hospitals in Kolkata

Hospital NamesCityPhone No.
All Asia Medical InstituteKolkata40012200
Alpha Medical Service Pvt LtdKolkata09830682160
Amri HospitalsKolkata23358595
Amri HospitalsKolkata24400455
Amri Hospitals Ltd - Mukundapur (In Collaboration With Vision Care Hospital),Kolkata
Amri Medical CenterKolkata24654594
Anandalok HospitalKolkata23592933
Apex Inst. Of Medical SciencesKolkata24164555
Apollo Gleneagles HospitalKolkata23203040
Arogya Maternity Nursing HomeKolkata24000681
B.M. Birla Heart Research CentreKolkata24567890
B.P. Poddar Hospital & Medical Research LtdKolkata24458901
Barrackpore Medicare And Research CentreKolkata25014027
Belle Vue ClinicKolkata22872321
Bhagirathi Neotia Women And Child CareKolkata40405000
Binayak Multispeciality HospitalKolkata25329950
Capitol Nursing HomeKolkata23507272
Central Nursing HomeKolkata9434824782
Charring Cross Nursing Home Pvt. LtdKolkata23598353
Columbia Asia HospitalKolkata39898969
Cure Center Nursing HomeKolkata24725962
Desun HospitalKolkata71222000
Disha Eye HospitalKolkata64606560
Divine Nursing HomeKolkata23702761
Dr. Nihar Munsi Eye FoundationKolkata24619844


At the above Niva Bupa Network Hospitals in India, you can take the cashless treatment if you have a policy from Niva Bupa. You can see the major cities where these hospitals are partnered with Niva Bupa. If you are having any query then you can make a call on the contact numbers mentioned in front of each hospital. There are many other hospitals as well in different cities that have a tie-up with Niva Bupa.

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