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Care Health Insurance Network Hospital List

When you buy a health insurance plan, one of the very first things that you notice is the list of network hospitals. Any good insurance company has a comprehensive list of network hospitals where you can seek cashless treatment. The Care Health Insurance hospital list is also very good. Being one of the biggest and most popular home loan insurance providers of India, the company has tie-ups with most of the leading hospitals and nursing homes in the major towns and cities of India.

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Benefits of Having an Extensive List of Hospitals

When you have an extensive list of hospitals, you get the following advantages:

  1. Cashless Treatment – The biggest benefit of the Care Health Insurance hospital list is that you can choose any hospital from the list and use the cashless treatment facility. You can get treated and not worry about paying the bills. Care Health Insurance directly settles the bill with the hospital on your behalf.
  2. Easy to Get treated at the Favourite Hospital – Everyone has a favourite doctor who visits a particular hospital that they are comfortable with. It is important to get treated at a place that brings mental peace. With the large Care Health Insurance hospital list, the policyholders are quite assured of finding their favourite hospitals as most of the top health care centres are covered in it.
  3. Economical – Getting treated at a good hospital makes a lot of difference. It also proves to be economical as the treatment is precise and effective. Care has tie-ups with all the leading hospitals and you get to get treated in a safe and financially sound manner.

Keeping the above-mentioned benefits in mind, it can safely be said that the extensive Care Health Insurance Hospital list is of great help.

Step by Step Procedure to Get Cashless Treatment at Network Hospitals

We saw the benefits of having a large Care Health Insurance hospital list. Now let us learn how to make a cashless claim at any one of these hospitals:

  1. Inform the Insurer – Begin by informing the insurance provider of your plans to get hospitalised. You must inform Care of your impending hospital stay at least 48 hours before you get admitted. If the admission happens in an emergency, do not forget to inform the insurer within 24 hours of getting admitted in a hospital that is on the Care Health Insurance hospital list.
  2. Pre-authorisation Form – Get the pre-authorisation form Care Health Insurance’s website or from the hospital. The form needs to be checked by the hospital’s insurance desk and sent over to the insurer at the earliest.
  3. Review and Clearance – The insurer will review the application and pay the claim amount to the hospital, provided all the premium payments are up-to-date and the claim is made within the covers of the policy.

Procedure to Get a Claim When Treated at a Non-Network Hospital

If for some reason you choose to go to a hospital that is not on the Care Health Insurance hospital list, you will have to get the claim amount reimbursed from the insurer. Here is the process of doing it correctly:

  1. Inform the Insurer – Just like in the case of a cashless claim, for a reimbursement claim too, the policyholder needs to inform Care Health in advance about a planned hospital stay. The insurer must be informed at least 48 hours before the policyholder is admitted in the hospital. When an emergency, the insurer must be informed in less than 24 hours.
  2. Claim Submission – Download the claim form available on the official website of Care Health Insurance. Fill it duly and submit the necessary documents along with it. These include all the medical certificates, hospital bills, doctors’ prescriptions, etc. The documents are extremely important so make sure you have everything in place before you make the health insurance claim application.
  3. Getting the Claim – The insurer will review the application and if found suitable, the claim amount will be transferred to you.

These are the simple steps to remember and get your health insurance claim processed whenever there is a requirement.

Points to Remember About the Care Health Insurance Hospital List

Before you make a successful claim, there are few points for you to remember. They are:

  1. Exclusions – The claim cannot be successful if you are getting treated for any health condition listed as an exclusion in the plan.
  2. Premium payments – To ensure the health insurance claim is successful. The premium payments must and completed on time and the policy must remain active.
  3. Documents – The documentation work must be error-free. If there is a mistake in the documentation, the Care Health Insurance claim may not be processed properly.

Adhere to these rules and you will get your health insurance claim settled smoothly. You can get the cashless claim at any of the hospitals listed in the Care Health Insurance Hospital list.

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