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Zero Depreciation Cover For Bike Insurance

Buying two-wheeler insurance may seem like a very straightforward job to do, but in reality, it is a bit more complex. It is complex because you need to find not just the most suitable bike insurance plan, you also need to customize it to make it suit your requirements perfectly. A very easy way to achieve this is by adding a few riders to the basic motor vehicle insurance plan that you buy for your two-wheelers. One of the best and most beneficial riders is the zero depreciation bike insurance rider.

What is a zero Depreciation Rider?

All vehicles, including bikes and scooters, depreciate in value over time. A bike that is brand new is obviously more valuable than a bike that is five years old. This is because the body and the different parts of the bike suffer from age-related wear and tear and fall in value. Motor insurance takes strong cognizance of this fact. As a result, the insurance claims are paid out only after the vehicle’s depreciation is calculated. You, therefore, end up getting a much smaller insurance claim amount when your bike of a few years suffers damage.

What is the solution to this problem? Well, it actually is very simple – all you have to do is get a zero depreciation bike insurance rider with your comprehensive motor insurance plan. Once you buy this handy rider, the depreciation factor will not be considered and you can expect to get a full claim amount from your insurance provider.

The zero depreciation rider is an add-on vehicle insurance cover. You must, therefore, remember that the insurance premium of the bike insurance plan will go up when you opt for this rider. Keep your financial capacities in mind before you buy any form of motor insurance add-on cover.

Benefits of Getting the zero Depreciation Two Wheeler Insurance Rider

Listed below are some of the advantageous reasons why you need a zero depreciation bike insurance rider:-

Helpful for a New Vehicle

If you have a bike that is less than two years old, get a zero depreciation bike insurance rider without fail. A new bike is expensive and you cannot afford to lose money due to the depreciation clause in the vehicle insurance coverage. Get the rider and stay secured in a wholesome manner.

Helpful for an Expensive Bike

If you have an expensive sports bike or an imported vehicle, you most definitely need the zero depreciation motor vehicle insurance rider. Depreciation will cost you very dearly when you need to make a claim on the bike insurance plan. Protect yourself and your finances and get this rider at the earliest.

Helpful When Accident-Prone

Whether you live in a place that gets flooded frequently or you are a new rider who gets into accidents often, you need the zero depreciation vehicle insurance rider if you are more prone to accidents. You will need to make insurance claims more commonly and if the depreciation factor is deducted each time, you will end up losing a lot of money from your own pockets in the long run.

Helps to Save Money During a Claim

Last but not the least, you get to save your hard-earned money when you have a good bike insurance rider such as the zero depreciation rider. You may be paying a higher insurance premium upfront, but in the long run, you will surely make a profit.

If any of the above-mentioned points pertain to you, you will surely benefit a lot by buying a zero depreciation two-wheeler insurance rider.

How to buy a zero Depreciation Rider?

It is very easy to buy this bike insurance rider. You can buy it online or offline when you buy the base vehicle insurance policy itself:-

Buying Online

You can simply attach the rider to your policy when you buy motor insurance online. Visit your insurance provider’s mobile app or official website and get the job done in barely a few minutes.

Buying Offline

You can also make the purchase when you buy your plan offline with the help of an insurance agent. Inform your agent about your desire to add this rider to your motor insurance policy and get the coverage in a hassle-free manner.

The rider can also be bought through the above channels when you go in for a motor insurance renewal.


As mentioned above, any bike insurance rider will push up the price of the vehicle insurance premium rate. So choose wisely. If you have a new or an expensive bike, it will make a lot of sense for you to get the very helpful zero depreciation bike insurance rider along with a good comprehensive motor insurance policy.

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