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Why Is It Important to Get a Two-Wheeler Insurance Quote Online?

First things first, a two-wheeler insurance policy is essentially a contract between the insuring company and the policyholder to cover for all damages incurred by the vehicle during accidents, thefts and natural disaster as specified. The premium payable to avail the policy and it’s cover also referred to as quote and mainly depends on the vehicle and policy chosen.

Nowadays, one can easily get a two-wheeler insurance quote online rather than visiting the insurance company to get them. Moreover, purchasing the desired policy too can be done online making the entire process quick and hassle-free. However, there are still many who prefer physically visiting insurance companies to get quotes and purchase the policy mainly due to a lack of awareness regarding the safety, accuracy and security of online quotes and transactions. Therefore, to clear all misconceptions and better understand the importance of two-wheeler insurance quote online all necessary information has been discussed below.

Features of Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy

Here are some of the salient features of bike insurance policies to establish its necessity.

  1. Bike insurance or Two-wheeler insurance are categorised as Motor Insurance Policies, a part of General Insurance products. They are compulsory addition to owning vehicles.
  2. As mentioned, this type of plan provides financial coverage and security against damages incurred by the insured bike/two-wheeler.
  3. In the absence of two-wheeler insurance or its expiry, all costs incurred due to damage to self and vehicle or third-party also are to be borne by you.
  4. In addition to damages, natural calamities mentioned in the policy and theft is also covered in most policies.
  5. There are two types of bike insurance policies, namely: Third-party policy and Comprehensive policy. While third-party covers only third-party liability costs, comprehensive also provides personal liability costs.
  6. No Claim bonuses are also provided at the discretion of the insurance company.

How Can You Get Two-Wheeler Insurance Quote Online?

The answer is by using a Bike Insurance Premium Calculator. Most insurance companies these days through their website not just offer policy names and coverage details but also their own two-wheeler premium calculator. This Premium Calculator makes it very simple to calculate premiums payable. All you need to do is make sure your bike is registered with the Regional Transport Office and that all necessary details are filled in to get a quote generated by the system.

Calculating Two-wheeler Insurance Premiums Step-by-Step

Steps involved in obtaining two-wheeler insurance quote online are as follow:

  1. On the insurance company’s webpage, select the Bike Premium or Two-wheeler Insurance Premium Calculator.
  2. Once open, enter all mandatory details regarding the two-wheeler, its model and variant, registration details such as the RTO Location of the bike’s registration.
  3. Additionally, you should also mention whether you are renewing the two-wheeler insurance policy after expiry or are purchasing it for the first time.
  4. Select the “Get Quotes” option and get the amount payable.

Just like obtaining quotes for fresh policies are easy, getting two-wheeler insurance renewal quotes are relatively easy online. As mentioned, insurance companies across the country have their own official web page. Many insurers these days have tie-ups with mobile payment vendors so as to make purchasing and renewing policies easier. Moreover, technological development have made the procedures online hassle-free and user-friendly. Similar to regular quote, for two-wheeler policy renewal, the quotes can be obtained this way:

  1. To renew a bike insurance policy and get its quote, log into the company’s webpage and follow the instructions provided.
  2. It will be as follow, to enter appropriate information regarding the previous policy and required personal details.
  3. After having filled all the necessary information, get the quote by selecting on the option.
  4. Pay through net banking or credit/debit cards and complete the renewal process.
  5. One final step would be to save the PDF format file with the digital policy file and take a printout for document proof while you ride.


There is a surplus in the number of two-wheeler insurance companies in India, this not only offers a variety of two-wheeler insurance products but also waters down the quality of it; therefore, purchasing the right policy and the services attached should be of utmost importance. Comparing bike insurance plans online relative to coverage and premium payable is more convenient than ever. It is cheaper, more efficient and quicker. All you have to do is enter details regarding the bike such as the make, the year of purchase, model, RTO location etc. The quotes are automatically generated by the system for you to compare and choose. Therefore, it is important to get two-wheeler insurance quotes online.

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