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Two Wheeler Insurance with Pillion Protection Rider

Two-wheeler insurance refers to an insurance policy which is taken to cover your scooter or bike against any damages caused due to some unforeseen event such as road accidents or theft/loss of the motor vehicle. It also provides protection against any third-party liabilities arising from injuries to other individuals due to the accident. Two-wheeler insurance is mandatory in India. Hence, in order to drive your car, you are mandatorily required to take third- party insurance as well as personal accident insurance for owner or rider of the two-wheeler. The two mandatory covers are discussed below.

  1. Third-Party Liability- Third-party liability is mandatory in India as per the law. This insurance policy covers only the damages or losses of the third party or property by the insured’s two-wheeler. Any loss caused to the third party will be paid by the insurance company.
  2. Personal Accident Cover for Owner or Rider of the Bike-  It covers accidental death or any permanent disability caused to the rider or owner of the two-wheeler, subject to a maximum limit of INR 12 lakh.  However, there is no cover provided for pillion rider under this insurance.

Therefore, if you want to increase the scope of your coverage to cover damages and also personal accident cover for co-passenger of the two-wheeler, you can opt for Comprehensive Insurance policy.

Comprehensive Insurance Policy– In order to protect your two wheeler completely, you can opt for a comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy. Comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy provides complete financial security and protection against third party liability, personal accident cover for owner or driver of the two wheeler as well as damages caused to your two-wheeler due to an accident. You also don’t have to worry if your two-wheeler gets stolen, as a comprehensive insurance policy also covers theft of two-wheeler and provides benefit for any of above incidents. There are also various add-ons or riders or extra coverage options available on comprehensive insurance coverage which can be availed by you according to your needs. One such rider is Pillion Protection Rider.

Personal Accident Cover for Pillion Riders

Pillion is the person who sits behind you in a two-wheeler/ bike. Pillion rider is not automatically covered in the mandatory third party or personal accident insurance. There is no cover for pillion rider in third-party insurance or comprehensive policy. Hence, to avail the coverage of pillion rider as well, you can buy this add-on rider with your comprehensive insurance policy by paying an additional premium towards your insurance policy.

Features of Pillion Protection Riders

  1. Personal Accident Cover for Pillions Riders will lower your financial liability in case of any accidental harm to the pillion rider.
  2. Pillion Protection add-on rider provides coverage for the accidental death and permanent disability or partial disability of the pillion rider. Under this cover, the insurance company will pay the amount for the pillion rider on your behalf.
  3. It can be brought with an additional payment of premium and covers all the damages caused to a pillion rider
  4. Two wheeler insurance with pillion protection rider covers accidental death of the pillion rider and permanent or partial disability caused to the pillion rider due to an accident while riding on your insured vehicle.
  5. This rider frees you from the burden of compensating the pillion rider and provides the assured amount on your behalf.


Pillion riders are always at a greater risk than the driver in a two-wheeler. This is because they do not wear protective gear while riding and were not even covered under motor insurance. Two-Wheeler Insurance with Pillion Protection Rider is optional. If you generally have a pillion rider with you when you drive your two-wheeler, you should opt for two-wheeler insurance cover and buy an add-on pillion rider cover to provide coverage for the pillion rider as well. In case of any incident, the damages will be paid by the two wheeler insurance company. Hence, if a pillion rider faces accidental contingencies, the rider will help compensate for the financial loss.

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