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Two Wheeler Insurance Premium Calculation

Have you ever wondered why your two-wheeler insurance premium is different from that of your spouse’s? well, the vehicle insurance calculations are done keeping some fixed parameters in mind. In this article, we discuss all the major factors that define your motor bike insurance premium calculations. We also give you some tips on how you can get the figures lowered. Take a look.

Major Factors That Affect Two Wheeler Insurance Premium Calculation in India 2021

Here’s a list of all the major factors that impact your bike insurancepremium:-

Age, Make and Model of the Bike

The age, make and model of the bike play deciding roles in determining the vehicle’s insurance premium. If you have a brand new bike, the premium will be much higher as compared to a bike that’s a few years old. Then, a fancy sports bike will cost more to insure than a gearless scooter. So the age, make and model of the two-wheelers are major factors affecting the premium of the two-wheeler insurance plans.

Rider’s Age and Experience

The age and experience of the policyholder also make a significant difference. A young and inexperienced rider will be seen as riskier by the general insurance company who will ask him to pay a higher premium and vice-versa.

City of Registration

The city or town where the vehicle is registered also impacts the bike insurance premium. You have to pay a higher insurance premium if you live to ride the bike in a tier 1 city and a lower premium if you stay in tier 2 or 3 cities.

Modifications Made to the Bike

Any modifications made to the bike will lead to a hike in the vehicle insurance premium. This is because a bike that is modified is more lucrative to thieves and is also more expensive to repair. Keeping these factors in mind, the insurer attaches a higher premium to the insurance coverfor a modified two-wheeler.

Type of Insurance Cover

Most importantly, the type of cover you choose will surely impact the price tag. A basic third party liability cover is much less expensive as compared to a comprehensive cover. So go over your bike insurance requirements, choose the right type of cover and pay accordingly.

These are some of the most important factors that affect your bike insurance plan’s premium. Keep them in mind when you look for a good motor insurance online policy.

How to Lower Down the Two Wheeler Insurance Premium and Save Money Online

If you use an online motor insurance calculator and find the premium amount to be too high, don’t worry. You can still get the same cover that you want but at a lower price. Here are some tips on how that can be made possible:-

Adjust Your Riders

If you have too many riders, you may be paying a higher premium. Riders are add-on covers available at an added price. The more the riders, the higher the cost of your two wheeler insurance plan. Look out for the riders you actually need and drop the rest. This will make your insurance premium more economical.

Install a Safety Gadget

Vehicles that have safety devices installed in them are less expensive to insure. So get hold of one or more safety gadgets and insure your bike at a lower price.

Join an Automobile Club

Did you know that membership in a registered automobile association can lower your vehicle insurance costs? Yes, that is correct! So join such an association if you haven’t and enjoy this excellent benefit.

Increase the Deductible

You can increase the value of the voluntary deductible and get your bike insurance premium lowered. The deductible is a part that you promise to pay, so don’t compromise too much. However, a slight adjustment can indeed make your two-wheeler insurance plan more affordable for you.


And Last but not least, do not forget the auto insurance quotes comparison process. When you compare, you get to see the different premium of all the available motor insurance plans. This helps you to get the most economical plan with the best features. So rather than buying the very first plan you come across, compare and choose the best option.

This is truly effective ways in which you can get a handy discount on the premium of your motor vehicle insurance plan. Give them a try and see the amazing results in front of you!


You must use a motor insurance calculator to see what the premium for your bike insurance policy will be. Also never forget to compare insurance quotes as you will get to find the lowest quotes only when you compare. Pay the premium and get a good motor insurance cover for your two-wheeler insurance and then ride it with ease and peace.

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