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Two Wheeler Insurance in Delhi/NCR

Two Wheeler Bike Insurance Policy & Plans in Delhi/NCR

Are you looking to buy a two-wheeler insurance policy for your new bike? Are you situated in Delhi or the national capital region? If yes, then we have a wholesome guide for you right here! Take a look at this article to know more about your options, the way the bike insurance covers are priced and how to get the most appropriate vehicle insurance coverage for your bike.

Options available when buying bike insurance in Delhi/NCR

When you set out to buy a bike insurance policy in this region, you have many different options. They are:-

Type of insurance

You can choose between a third party insurance policy or a comprehensive bike insurance cover. As the name suggests, a third-party plan only offers protection against third-party liabilities. The other type of motor insurance is comprehensive motor insurance. Here, you get all the third party benefits. In addition, you get protection for your own vehicle as well.

Dealer provided insurance

When you buy a new bike from a dealer, the dealer often offers a vehicle insurance plan. You can take the plan, but you need to asses it first to see its suitability. If you feel the plan has few features and is expensive, reject the dealer’s offer and buy your own plan. If you feel the insurance policy is good, go ahead with it.

Online insurance

You can buy a bike insurance plan offline or online. Motor insurance online is very easy to get. You get to compare insurance quotes and then choose a motor vehicle insurance plan that you feel is best suited for you. It is a quick and convenient process and helps you to save money as well. 

Existing insurance of used bike

If you are in the process of buying a used two-wheeler, you may consider using its existing insurance coverage. You can assess the policy and see how well it caters to your requirements. If it is a match, just get the insurance policy changed to your name and enjoy simply the bike insurance cover.

Advantages of Buying Two Wheeler Insurance in Delhi/NCR

So why exactly is it so crucial for you to buy a good motor insurance policy for your bike in this part of the country? Here are some logical reasons:-

Thefts are common

The Delhi/NCR region has a high crime rate. This is why it is common to see bikes being stolen. Sadly, very few of the stolen bikes are retrieved. You, therefore, need a good bike insurance cover to protect your vehicle against such instances.

Calamities occur

Calamities, both natural as well as mad made, occur frequently in this region. The natural calamities include earthquakes, floods, etc. If your bike gets damaged in a natural calamity, you can raise an insurance claim on your motor vehicle insurance policy. The insurance provider will compensate you for the damages and you can get your bike repaired or replaced accordingly. The same holds true to manmade disasters such as riots and explosions. If your vehicle is harmed in any such violent event, you can ask your insurance company to compensate for the losses. In the absence of an insurance policy, you will have to pay the bills yourself and that can severely harm your finances.

Accidents take place

Unfortunately, road accidents are very commonplace. There is a lot of damage to property as well as lives due to such mishaps. You, therefore, need a motor insurance policy to stay protected against such disasters. If you get hurt in a motor accident, your insurance provider will pay a health cover for you to get treated. If your bike is damaged, the insurer will pay for the repairs. If there is a loss of life, the personal accident insurance cover will pay a death benefit to your nominees. There are various benefits you get when you buy a good bike insurance plan.

It is legally required

Last but not least, a vehicle insurance plan is a legal requirement in this country. You cannot take your bike out on the roads of India before you cover it with a good and valid bike insurance policy. If you are caught riding without a plan, you will find yourself in a lot of trouble with the traffic cops. So buy an auto insurance plan and stay away from such problems.

These are the main benefits you get when you buy a two-wheeler insurance cover. Since the vehicle insurance plans are quite affordable, you should definitely get them and enjoy all the benefits mentioned above.

Final Word

Now that you know a lot more about the requirements and possibilities related to two-wheeler insurance in Delhi/NCR, go ahead and choose a good bike insurance plan for yourself. Stay protected and enjoy the benefits that your motor vehicle insurance policy brings forth.

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