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Two Wheeler Bike Insurance Renewal Benefits

Buying a good scooter or bike insurance policy is not enough. You need to be disciplined with your insurance policy too. You need to pay the premium on time and most importantly, you need to renew your motor insurance policy on time. There are many benefits you get when you keep your motorbike insurance plan up-to-date. Take a look at this article to know how advantageous this is and what the problems of insurance lapsed policy is?

Key Benefits of Two Wheeler Bike Insurance Policy Renewal in India

Here are some benefits you get when you renew your motor vehicle insurance plan on time:-

Uninterrupted Cover

The greatest advantage of renewing your Two Wheeler bike insurance policy on time is that you get to enjoy an uninterrupted cover. You can simply continue with the insurance coverage and not have to worry about anything else if you get the motorcycle insurance renewal done on time.

Always in a Position to Claim

You can make an insurance claim on the bike plan only if it is valid. You cannot make a claim when the vehicle insurance policy lies in a lapsed state. Even if you keep the policy lapsed for a single day, you can get into trouble. For all you know, an accident can take place on that very day. To prevent being in any such unpleasant scenario and renew your motor insurance policy on time.

Less Expensive

When you renew your bike insurance policy before it expires, you find some inexpensive motor insurance quotes. This makes the renewal process very affordable and convenient for you.

No Inspection

You can renew your existing motor insurance online. The whole process is done automatically without any human interference. As a result, there is no physical inspection of the vehicle done. This proves to be highly beneficial for you as an inspector may spot defects in your two-wheelers and hike the insurance premium rates.

Legally Correct

Renewing your motorcycle insurance policy on time is legally required. So when you do so, you stay on the right side of the law and keep yourself safe. If you are caught by the traffic police and you show them your valid vehicle insurance papers, you will not get into too much legal trouble.

Very Simple Process

The final, yet very beneficial advantage of getting the motor insurance renewal done on time is that you get to complete the process in a very simple manner. You can go online, compare insurance quotes, find your ideal cover and renew it instantly. This is a very simple job to do that hardly consumes a few minutes of your time.

With so many advantages on offer, why would you not renew your motorcycle insurance on time? You probably don’t have an answer to that, so get going!

Dangers of Not Renewing Bike Insurance On Time


As stated above, not renewing your plan on time can land you in serious legal trouble. If you are found riding your two-wheeler with a lapsed vehicle insurance plan, you will be heavily fined. Also, if unfortunately you get involved in an accident that causes harm to others and you are found without a motor insurance policy, you may be sent to prison.

Can Drain Your Savings

When a third party liability is to be settled, you need your insurance provider’s assistance. But the insurer won’t help you if you don’t renew your cover on time. you will have to bear the costs yourself and that can very well drain your savings instantly.

Might be Difficult to Find a Cover

An old bike may not be very easy to ensure if the existing policy has lapsed. To prevent this from happening, simply renew your motorbike insurance policy on time and continue with the cover in a hassle-free manner.


In all probability, your insurance company will send an inspector to physically examine your bike before reviving the lapsed insurance policy. you can rest assured that your insurance premium will go up after that and the process will unnecessarily cost you more money.

Loss of NCB

If you let your bike insurance policy lapse, you will lose all of your accumulated no claim bonus. The no-claim bonus is a reward and a discount that helps you to save a considerable amount of money on your overall motor insurance costs. So you should never lose your NCB, no matter what. Renew the bike insurance cover on time and safely perverse your well-deserved NCB.


It is quite evident that renewing your two-wheeler auto insurance policy on time brings forth many benefits indeed. And since the process is so easy and affordable to complete, you really should not delay in getting it done. Keep a firm eye on the bike insurance expiration date and get the renewal done on time.

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