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Top 5 Two Wheeler Insurance Companies in India

When you buy a motor insurance plan online for your two-wheelers, you get many options to choose from. This is because there are some excellent bike insurance plans available from some of the best motor insurance companies in India. In this article, we list the top motor insurance provider of India and how they stand out among the rest. Take a look and decide whether or not you want any one of them to be your insurer of choice.

HDFC Ergo General Insurance Company

HDFC Ergo is one of the largest general insurance companies in India. You get not one, but many advantages when you buy your two-wheeler insurance plan from this particular insurance provider. The company has won awards and has been popular among its customers too.

Awards are accolades of HDFC Ergo General Insurance Company

  1. Best Customer Experience Award of the Year
  2. CMS Outstanding Affiliate World-Class Service Award
  3. Conferred an iAAA rating

Benefits Offered by HDFC Ergo General Insurance Company

  1. Great service – You get some excellent service when you choose to make HDFC Ergo your motor insurance provider.
  2. Flexible plans – The vehicle insurance plans from HDFC Ergo are flexible and very user-friendly. You can also attach some add on covers to make the policy even more flexible for yourself.
  3. Value for money – The bike insurance plans are very economically priced. This makes it easy for you to get a good cover from one of the best motor insurance companies in India.

ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company

Next, on the list, we have ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company. This is another excellent provider of two-wheeler insurance. When you buy your bike insurance cover from ICICI Lombard, you are assured of getting many benefits. Let’s take a look at a few.

Awards & Accolades of ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company

  1. Best Motor Insurance Provider of the Year
  2. Golden Peacock National Training Award
  3. Best Corporate Social Responsibility Practices

Benefits Offered by ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company

  1. Wide range of covers – You get covered with a wide number of features when you buy your motor vehicle insurance plan from ICICI Lombard. There are many protective and economical covers available in the comprehensive bike insurance cover offered by this insurance provider.
  2. Excellent riders – You get the option to select as many riders as you wish when you buy your vehicle insurance coverage from ICICI Lombard. You get many riders such as the personal accident cover, the roadside assistance cover, the pillion protection rider, the combustibles protection rider, the zero depreciation rider, etc. Choose your riders carefully and you will have excellent insurance coverage for your two-wheelers.
  3. Good customer support – ICICI Lombard has a very good customer support team. You can reach out to them if you have any queries related to your bike insurance plan, at any time during the policy period. they also help you with your claims, insurance premium payments and any other issues that may face.

Bharti Axa General Insurance Company

It is not surprising to see Bharti Axa General Insurance on this list. The company has excellent bike insurance cover on offer. You can either buy their basic third party cover or opt for the more well-rounded comprehensive bike insurance plan. You will get numerous benefits when you do so. Let us discover more about this insurer.

Award and Accolades of Bharti Axa General Insurance Company

  1. General Insurance Company of The Year – Large (Private Sector)
  2. Micro Insurance Leader – General Insurance
  3. Non-Life Insurer of the Year

Benefits Offered by Bharti Axa General Insurance Company

  1. Modern and reliable – It is quite expected of an insurer like Bharti Axa to be extremely modern with its products. The bike insurance plans are wholesome with adequate and appropriate features to cover all your requirements. The company is also very reliable and offers transparency in the transactions. You are therefore assured of getting into a good partnership if you decide to choose this general insurance company as your two-wheeler insurance provider.
  2. Customizable cover – The company always keeps the needs of its customers in mind. Having said this, the bike insurance cover from Bharti Axa is very customizable. You can add riders and make the plan flexible and custom made for yourself.
  3. High claim record – If you honestly fill out the motor insurance application form, pay the premium on time and stay within the list of inclusions, Bharti Axa won’t refuse your claim request. The company is known to maintain a high record of settling the motor insurance claims it receives. This is a huge advantage of buying your motorcycle insurance plan from this insurer.

Reliance General Insurance Company

At number four, we have Reliance General Insurance. Reliance has become a name that’s synonymous with reliability in India. It is therefore of little surprise to see this insurer on our list of the top motor insurance companies in India.

Awards and Accolades of Reliance General Insurance Company

  1. Best BFSI Company​
  2. Customer Experience Awards for Best Contact Centre​​​​​​​
  3. General Insurance Company of the year​

Benefits Offered by Bharti Axa General Insurance Company

  1. Great support staff – As you can see above, the insurance company even received an award for its good customer service. you need a good insurer who supports and helps you always. This is made possible here due to Reliance General Insurance’s award-winning customer support team.
  2. Good claim history – This is an attribute that is desirable of all good motor insurance providers, and Reliance General does not disappoint. The company is known to settle a majority of the claims and this is a handy benefit you get when you buy your bike insurance plan from this insurer.
  3. Easy process – Reliance General has a good mobile app through which you can very simple buy and renew your motor vehicle insurance policy.

Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company

And to round off this list, we have Bajaj Allianz General Insurance. This general insurance company has steadily and satisfactorily delivered over the years. Let us learn more from the points mentioned below.

Awards and Accolades of Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company

  1. Asia Insurance Technology Award 2019 for Operational Excellence
  2. Celent Model Insurer Award
  3. Best Motor Insurance Provider of the Year

Benefits Offered by Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company

  1. Lots of attractive features – When you buy a Bajaj Allianz bike insurance plan, you get many unique features with the insurance policy. This helps you to the most effective insurance coverage for your vehicle.
  2. Excellent digital presence – The company has a very advanced and easy to use the mobile app as well as an excellent website. You can use these platforms to make purchases of the vehicle insurance plans, pay insurance premiums, initiate claims, etc. You can also use handy tools such as the motor insurance calculator to get added benefits.
  3. Helpful and approachable – The motor insurance company has a very helpful and approachable customer support team that helps its policyholders whenever there is a need. You can call in with your queries. The customer support executives will patiently and politely solve your doubts and you can proceed with the good coverage that you get from Bajaj Allianz.


Indeed, there are some excellent motor insurance companies in India and all of them offer two-wheeler insurance plans. Choose your insurance provider as well as the bike insurance plan with care. Run a comparison between the vehicle insurance policies and find the best plan at the best possible rate. You can then find great insurance coverage for your two-wheelers and keep it protected at all times.

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