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List of Essential Things Which Every Bike Riders Must Keep in Their Riding Kit

Things Which Every Bike Riders Must Keep in Their Riding Kit While Traveling on Indian Roads

Whether you are traveling to work on your two-wheeler or you are going on a biking expedition with a riding club, you need to have a few basic items with you in the two-wheeler at all times. You need to put together a riding kit with some essential items that can come handy during challenging times. This ranges from the bike spare parts to the motor vehicle insurance papers. Take a look at this article to know more.

Essential items to include in your riding kit

As stated, there are some very important items that you must carry with you at all times when riding your bike. The bike insurance papers are among the most important. This apart, you also need to carry your health insurance documents. You need some spare parts and also a first aid kit. In addition, you need to have a proper biking gear on so that if there is an accident, the need to make an insurance claim would be reduced. Let us take a more detailed look at this:-

Bike insurance documents

You need various insurance documents with you when you ride your bike. It is a legal necessity to carry your motor insurance papers in the vehicle whenever you take it out. If you are caught by the traffic police and you cannot produce a valid motorcycle insurance plan, you will land yourself in a lot of legal trouble. So always carry the vehicle insurance papers with you and stay safe. It is always a good idea to include a personal accident insurance cover in the vehicle insurance plan. Carry those papers too. 

Health insurance

If you are going on a long journey on your bike, do remember to carry your health insurance documents as well. You never know how your health will hold up, so to be safe, carry the insurance policy papers with you. maintain a file with all the important documents and keep the medical insurance documents in it.

Tools and spares

You should always carry some spare parts of the vehicle as well as the basic tools. If the tire gets punctured or there is a mechanical problem in the engine, you should be able to fix it without calling your motor insurance company to send roadside assistance.

Medical kit

The chance of getting involved in a road accident when riding a two-wheeler is not negligible. As a result, you must have a small first aid kit in your two-wheelers at all times. Include some antiseptic solution, some bandages, some pain relief sprays, and some painkilling medicines. This is a handy kit to have, but use it only for minor issues. If you are badly injured, don’t hesitate to call for help and head straight to the hospital. Your health insurance cover will help you out at such a time.

Proper riding gear

You need to keep the proper riding gear on at all times when riding a bike. Wearing a helmet is an absolute must. Even if you are riding your bike down the street to get some grocery items, don’t step out without securing the helmet first. Not only is it dangerous to ride without a helmet, but it is also an unwise move. This is because your insurance claim can be rejected after an accident if it is found that you were riding without a helmet. Then, cover your eyes properly. Don’t wear pants that are too loose as they may get entangled in the wheels. Also, wear comfortable and proper shoes that give the correct grip as well as protection to you.

Personal safety items

Keeping yourself hydrated when going on long bike journeys is quite essential. So keep a hydration kit with you. include water as well as packs of electrolytes that can quickly hydrate you when needed. This apart, also keep a good quality sunscreen lotion and apply it from time to time to keep your skin safe too.


This especially holds true when you are biking to the remote areas. Keep some cash with you for emergency requirements. If you are biking up to the mountains, you may not find an ATM for days. Keep the cash handy to buy small provisions like tea and biscuits and also for more serious issues like sudden health problems, etc.

In conclusion About Things Which Every Bike Riders Must Keep in Their Riding Kit

You have to be in charge of your own safety when you ride your two-wheelers. From getting the proper insurance coverage to carrying all the essential items, you should be responsible and mindful of the problems that can crop up at any time. Keep all the points mentioned above in mind and assemble your essential bike riding kit at the earliest, if you have not done so yet.

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