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Life is always unpredictable and impulsive. You don’t know what’s going to happen the next day. So, its always better to do wise planning and protect yourself and your family from all the uncertainties of life. Likewise, you would want to protect the most valuable assets also which are present in your life like a car, house or a two-wheeler. You don’t know what you will encounter on roads and the risks associated with driving. Hence, it is of utmost importance to cover your car or a two-wheeler against all the odds. Keeping these points in mind, SBI has designed an insurance product specifically to give protection to your two-wheeler and here we will take you through the details of the SBI Two-Wheeler Insurance plan.
SBI Two-Wheeler Insurance is provided by SBI General Insurance, which is a joint association between State Bank of India and Insurance Australia Group, the two pioneers in the insurance business.

Main Features of SBI Two-Wheeler Insurance

The SBI Two-Wheeler Insurance is made to give coverage to the Third-Party Liability which is mandatory as per The Motor Vehicles Act with loss or even damage to your vehicle as well. Let us see the main features of the plan below.

Full Coverage for Third Party Liability

SBI Two-Wheeler Insurance guard against any legal liability which arises due to use of the vehicle and there is any physical injury or death of any individual and also any loss or damage done to the property which belongs to the third party

Coverage for Loss or Damage to Own Vehicle

The plan covers the loss or damage done to the vehicle or its fittings and fixtures under the following circumstances:

  1. Natural calamities like flood, earthquake, lightning, tempest, cyclone, hailstorm, frost, landslide, storm, hurricane, typhoon.
  2. Self-ignition fire, explosion, accidental damage by any external means
  3. Any kind of damage done due while transportation via rail, road, lift, air or water
  4. Malicious acts, theft, burglary, strike, riots, etc.

Personal Accident Plan

SBI Two-Wheeler Insurance Plan provides a mandatory personal accident coverage of INR 15 lakhs for self-owned vehicles. Company-owned vehicles do not fall under this category. The plan also offers the coverage for the Pillion rider for INR 1 Lakh

No Claim Bonus or NCB

In case there is no claim made by you, the plan will add a No Claim Bonus or NCB to your kitty upon renewal of the policy which can be even at 50%

Availability of Add-on coverage

SBI Two-Wheeler Insurance provides the below-mentioned add on covers to give comprehensive coverage to your two-wheeler.

  1. Return to Account or Invoice – The plan will make payment of the deficit between the amount which is insured and the cost price of your vehicle as per the sales bill together with the first-time registration charges, where there is a theft or over-all loss of the two-wheeler
  2. No Claim Bonus or NCB – This plan allows you to retain the existing NCB of the expired policy during renewal.

Exclusions under SBI Two-Wheeler Insurance Plan

SBI General is a company which is very transparent to its policyholders and accordingly, there are certain exclusions under the plan mentioned as below which the company wants their policyholders to know:

The company will not cover the loss or damage which arises out of the following:

  1. Depreciation or any significant damage
  2. Standard wear and tear and overall ageing of the two-wheeler
  3. Loss or damage to or by an individual driving without a valid driving license
  4. Loss or damage to or by an individual driving when he or she is intoxicated or under the effect of drugs
  5. Breakdown mechanically or electrically
  6. Loss or damage due to man-made acts like a war, revolt or nuclear danger
  7. Two-wheeler is being utilized otherwise and not as per the normal sage

Claims under SBI Two-Wheeler Insurance Plan

The company provides a hassle-free claim which is easy and clear. The company with its skilled employees provides top class service for all Two-wheeler claims and make easy to the policyholders for a faster claim. The company usually takes 30 days to settle a claim from the time of receiving the final report and essential documents.

Claim Settlement Process

  1. After you intimate about the claim in a below-mentioned way, the customer support officer will contact you
  2. The Claim Manager will also get in touch with you within 24 hours’ time after you register your claim to help you with the process of claim
  3. You would need to submit all the necessary documents to the Claim Manager
  4. The Company will settle the claim as appropriate after necessary authentication and verification

You can visit the official site and intimate the claim online. Alternatively, you can get in touch with the toll-free number 180022111 or can even drop an SMS “CLAIM” to 561612. You also have an option of writing to for any assistance or query.

So. Now you can be absolutely tension-free and drive your two-wheeler with ease. Follow all the traffic rules and guidelines and drive safely.

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