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How to Renew Two Wheeler Insurance in India

Renew Two Wheeler Insurance Policy

The process to renew your two wheeler insurance policy is rather simple. It is filled with many benefits as well. To begin with, you get to enjoy continuous, uninterrupted motor insurance coverage at all times. Then, you also get to save a lot of your precious time, effort and money. With so many advantages on offer, you really do not have any reason to not get the motor insurance renewal done on time. Read on to know more.

Importance of Auto Insurance Renewal

So why exactly should you renew your two-wheeler insurance on time? let us now take a look at the important benefits you get when you do this:-

Uninterrupted Coverage

As we all know, it is absolutely crucial for you to have a valid Bike Two Wheeler Insurance Policy with you when you ride your bike on the streets of India. So you cannot afford to let the policy lapse, as then you will not have the continuous coverage that you require. You can get into a lot of legal and financial trouble if you are found to be riding your two-wheelers without insurance coverage that has been renewed on time.

No Extra Fees

You can get the motor insurance renewal done at a very nominal rate. when you need to renew a vehicle insurance plan that has lapsed, you may have to pay a late fee or any such extra charge. Prevent that from happening by simply renewing the bike insurance cover on time.

No Inspection

Another important benefit of getting the motor insurance renewal done on time is that you are spared an inspection. The renewal can be done online instantly and so the insurance provider does not bother sending an inspector over to inspect your vehicle. in such a scenario, you get to save money and also get spared from many other hassles that an inspection brings forth.

Carrying Forward of NCB

You get to carry the accumulated no claim bonus forward when you renew your vehicle insurance plan on time. If you let your policy stay in a lapsed state for a long time, the NCB gets negated and you lose the reward that you earned by riding carefully and not making insurance claims.

  1. No paperwork needed – And finally, you do not have to worry about your

Points to Remember When Renewing Two Wheeler Insurance

Here are some important pointers for you to keep in mind:-

Check the IDV

Before you renew motor insurance online, make sure you check the IDV of the vehicle. The IDV, or the insured declared value, highly impact the insurance premium of the current year’s bike coverage. So make sure this calculation is done in an error-free manner.

Assess the Riders

It is crucial for you to assess the riders when you renew your scooter or motorcycle insurance policy. Check the riders you have. Do you still need all of them? Do need some additional ones? Do this assessment very carefully and then add or remove the riders accordingly.

Edit Information

If there has been any change in your personal details like your address or your name, make sure you edit the information duly on the form. Your new policy cover must have the correct data.


Last but not least, do not forget to compare insurance quotes when you renew bike insurance online. This is a crucial thing to do. You do not need to carry on with your existing plan and insurer. If you are unhappy with either, you can compare and change the plan and insurance company without any difficulties whatsoever. So do compare and find the best possible motor insurance policy for your two-wheelers.

It hardly takes a few minutes for you to renew motor insurance online. But you should never be in a hurry when doing this. keep the points mentioned above in mind and choose the correct cover very carefully.

Bike Insurance Renewal – Step-by-Step Process

  1. Go online
  2. Enter your existing policy details
  3. Enter details about yourself and your vehicle
  4. View your options and compare them
  5. Select the plan you like the most
  6. Make the payment online and your motorcycle insurance policy is renewed instantly.

Renewal After Bike Insurance Policy Lapse

If you have allowed your motor vehicle insurance policy to lapse, either due to forgetfulness or any other reason, don’t worry too much. You can still get it renewed. You can go online and explore your options. You may be required to pay a slightly higher insurance premium, and in some cases, your insurance provider may even ask you to get an inspection done. Agree to the terms because you need to have a function two wheeler insurance policy at all times.

Final Word

As you can clearly see from the points mentioned above, you can easily renew motor insurance online. The process is super simple and very beneficial as well. So if you have a scooter or bike insurance policy that is nearing its expiration date, renew the coverage without any further delay.

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