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Main Points to be Remember Before Buying a Used Two Wheeler Insurance

It is a very common practice to purchase a used two-wheeler. Many people buy used two-wheelers due to various reasons. Whether you are on a limited budget or you want to perfect your riding skills, getting a used bike is a great idea. When you buy a pre-used motorcycle, there are a few important things you need to keep in mind. Take a look at this article to know more.

Important Points to Keep in Mind Before You Buy a Used Two-Wheeler in India

Here is a list of the three most crucial points to remember before you buy a second-hand bike or scooter for your personal use:-

Condition of the Bike

Be very careful when assessing the condition of the bike you are about to purchase. Check to see for the major damages or bumps on the body of the vehicle, in the engine, etc. If there were too many insurance claims made, it would mean the vehicle is not in the best condition. You should ideally get a bike that is in a working condition. In other words, you should get proper value for the money you pay.

Legal Clearance

This is an extremely vital check to run. Make sure the bike you are about to buy was not involved in any legal tussle. If the previous owner got involved in an accident and fled from the spot, someone may have noted down the bike’s registration number. you can get into trouble because of this. similarly, if a third party insurance compensation is pending, the liability should not transfer to you after you buy the bike. And last but not least, be very sure to verify whether or not the bike was stolen. It should have all the papers and you should be able to be legally safe after buying the pre-sued bike.

Existing Insurance Cover

You can get the existing motor vehicle insurance cover of the bike transferred to your name. If the bike insurance plan is good and economical, you can easily keep using it. this will prevent you from taking the trouble of buying a brand new motor insurance policy for your bike.

Points One Should Remember Before Transferring an Existing Bike Insurance Plan

As mentioned above, you can very well get an existing vehicle insurance cover transferred to your name. However, before you do so, keep this extremely crucial checklist in mind:-


You have to take a look at the cost of the motor insurance policy that exists. If you feel the insurance coverage is too high and there are more economical options available to you, you can go ahead and cancel this plan and get a new one. However, if you find the vehicle insurance cover is affordable, do continue with it at all cost.


Next, and most importantly, look for the features of the existing bike insurance plan. You must get the exact covers you need. If you feel the coverage is insufficient, or conversely it is too large, you can change your plan and go for a vehicle insurance cover that caters to your exact requirements.


Riders are add-on covers that supply a lot of value to your bike insurance plan. However, you must have the correct set of riders attached to the motor vehicle insurance cover. If you feel the existing vehicle insurance plan has too many or too few riders, assess it and see whether or not you would like to continue with it.

Insurance provider

You have to get your two-wheeler insurance policy from a good insurance provider. There simply is no substitute for it. If you notice the existing plan is from an insurer who has a bad reputation or who honors too few claims, change the insurance coverage right away. It is always better to be safe than sorry!

Policy Term

You get motor insurance plans for a year and also for two or three years. If you are being handed over a long term plan, weigh the pros and cons. If you feel the long term coverage is suitable, continue with the bike insurance cover. If you feel it is redundant, cancel the plan, compare and then buy a new two-wheeler insurance plan to cover your requirements.


You have to exercise overall caution when you look to buy a used two-wheeler. From verifying the authenticity of the vehicle to getting the legal clearance done to find the perfect vehicle insurance cover, you have to do the needful. Do not be in a hurry to buy the bike, as you may end up making crucial mistakes that will cost you dearly, later on. Take your time, identify the correct vehicle and then make your purchase. Once that is done, get a good motor insurance policy and keep it protected at all times.

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