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Mistakes to Avoid While Filing Third Party Bike Insurance Claim

Are you in the process of filing a third party two wheeler insurance claim? Are you aware of the correct procedure to follow? Sadly, a lot of people don’t know about the common mistakes involved in filing a bike insurance claim and end up committing those very errors. In this article, we list the common problems and tell you how to stay away from them. Take a look.

Major Mistakes to Avoid When Filing Third Party Bike Insurance Claim in 2021

When filing a third-party claim on your motor vehicle insurance plan, you need to stay away from the errors mentioned below:-

No Transfer of Plan

Before getting on to the insurance claim mistakes, let us cover a very basic mistake about the plan as a whole. Many people buy used motorcycles. When a bike is being sold, it still may have an existing and valid motor insurance policy covering it. As the new owner of the pre-used bike, you may very well continue with the insurance coverage. So rather than ignoring the plan and unnecessarily getting a new one, look to transfer the vehicle insurance policy in your name. It is a very simple process that hardly takes any time and effort. You can then have a valid third party cover and even make valid claims under it.

Fleeing the Spot

You will face many problems when getting your third-party Bike Two Wheeler Insurance claim settled if you flee the accident spot after a mishap. Whether the fault was yours or another person’s, never leave the spot without carrying out a few formalities first.

Not Informing the Insurer

You should never make the mistake of waiting to inform the insurance provider about the accident. You should ideally make a call to the insurance company’s customer support cell as soon as the accident takes place. Verbal communication is also enough. If you wait for more than 24 hours to report the accident to the motor insurance provider, you will end up getting the claim rejected.

Not Collecting Evidence

A third party bike insurance claim settlement relies heavily on the evidence you can produce. So you must and very cautious and collect as much evidence as possible from the accident spot. Take pictures, note down the registration numbers of vehicles, collect the phone numbers of eyewitnesses, etc. Unless you can support your claim request with proper evidence, your insurance claim may not be honored.

Being Dishonest

Being dishonest and insurance are two things that are sworn, enemies! You can never be dishonest when buying any form of insurance, let alone a third party bike insurance cover. Do not buy vehicle insurance coverage just because the law asks you to do so. Buy it because it may bail you out when there’s a critical situation. Keeping this in mind, you should be completely honest in your two-wheeler insurance application form. Be honest about your age, your vehicle, the fuel type, etc. Any dishonesty at this step can hugely deter your chances of getting the claim settled smoothly.

Not Following the Rules

There are certain rules associated with a motor insurance policy. For instance, a policyholder needs to be above the age of 18 to own a bike and a policy for it. Then, you need to ride only when you are in a healthy state, mentally and physically. If an accident happens because you were riding while under the influence of a drug, you won’t get your third party insurance claim processed. Also, follow the rules regarding wearing the correct riding gear like proper shoes and a helmet. If you don’t adhere to the laws, you will find it very difficult to make a successful third party bike insurance claim.

Not Filing a Case with the Tribunal

Are you aware of the fact that a third party motor insurance claim needs to be filed with the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal court and not with your general insurance company? Yes, that is indeed correct! You need to locate the nearest tor Accident Claims Tribunal court and submit your claim there. You need to only inform your insurance provider about the accident, but not file the claim with them. This is an important point to remember and follow when you file a third party bike insurance claim.


If you pay your insurance premium on time and honestly maintain your third-party bike plan, you can successfully get the insurance claim settled after an accident. Stay away from the common errors mentioned above. If you follow the correct channels and submit your documents properly, in all likelihood, your third-party bike insurance claim will be settled with ease and that too in a quick span of time.

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