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Importance of Roadside Assistance Rider in Two-Wheeler Insurance

Two wheeler insurance is an insurance policy which is mandatorily required to be taken to cover your bike or scooter against any damages that you cause to the third party. There are two types of mandatory two-wheeler Insurance cover which should be taken before driving. They are discussed below.

Third Party Liability

Third-Party Liability Insurance is mandatory in India. It covers only the loss or the damages suffered to the third-party individual or property due to an accident from your vehicle. In order to drive your vehicle you are mandatorily required to take third liability insurance policy. It facilitates unlimited Liability coverage in case of the death or any bodily injury caused to a third party.

Personal Accident Cover for Rider or Owner of the Bike

This insurance cover covers accidental death of the rider/biker or total permanent disability caused to the rider or owner of the two-wheeler due to an accident. The damages or the loss will be paid by the insurance company under this insurance.

There is another type of policy, called comprehensive insurance policy, which provides coverage for both third party liability and any damages caused to your vehicle. The policy, therefore, offers a complete scope of coverage to your two-wheeler. It provides a financial security and protection for third party liability, personal accident cover of two-wheeler driver/rider as well as damages caused to your vehicle due to an accident. It also provides you compensation in case of theft of your vehicle. Comprehensive Insurance Policy also provides the benefit of various add-ons or riders which can be brought according to your requirement and need. One such rider is Roadside Assistance Rider.

Roadside Assistance Rider in Two-Wheeler Insurance

Roadside Assistance Rider is an add-on rider which provides support in case of a mechanical breakdown or failure of your bike or scooter in the middle of the road/highway. By purchasing a roadside assistance rider with your bike insurance policy you can avail facilities like delivery of fuel, free towing, immediate minor repairs, etc. The rider can be purchased on your comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plan by paying an additional premium. The rider is a great advantage for those who generally travel long remote locations to ensure precautions and proper assistance.

The Benefits of Roadside Assistance Rider in Two-Wheeler Insurance

Minor on-site Repairs

Roadside Assistance rider provides you with immediate assistance in case your two-wheeler breaks down on the way and does not start. You can call your two-wheeler insurer and they will send a mechanic to do the minor onsite repair on your bike or scooter.

Drainage of Battery

Sometimes your two-wheeler’s battery may die which may cause troubles. With this add-on cover, you can call your insurance company to provide you assistance by sending help to jumpstart your vehicle’s battery.

Delivery of Fuel

You might not always keep your fuel tank full all times. You may skip or forget to refill it properly and run out of fuel after a while of driving. If you cannot find a fuel station in the nearest area then the roadside assistance cover provides you with the benefit to call your two-wheeler insurance company and ask them to deliver you some amount of fuel in the particular area to help you to reach the nearest fuel station.

Flat Tyre

You may not always carry a spare tyre while riding a scooter or a bike unlike in a car. If the tire of your bike or scooter punctures on the way then you will be required to drag your scooter/ bike to the garage which may be far from the location where the tire has punctured. If you already have a Roadside Assistance rider cover then you can simply call your two-wheeler insurer and ask them to send a person along with the required tools for sealing the puncture of the vehicle and help you to ride your bike or scooter without the requirement of taking it to the garage.

Arrangement of Taxi Service

If your bike or scooter is damaged on the road for any reason and not in the state to be driven then you can ask your insurance company to arrange for a cab to help you to reach your home or any other destination.

Towing to a Workshop Upon Accident

If you get involved in an accident and your scooter or bike is damaged which is beyond immediate repair then under roadside assistance add on cover you can easily call your two wheeler insurance company to get your bike/scooter towed to a network garage. You are not required to arrange for a towing van.

Apart from the aforesaid benefits and instances a two-wheeler insurance policy with roadside assistance rider also provides you coverage for medical help, hotel accommodation, key related issues, etc.


A roadside assistance rider cover can be purchased only with a Comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy. In case you want to go for a bike trip or travel to a remote location on your scooter or bike then roadside insurance rider is a must to protect yourself from any future contingencies.

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