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Are You Moving to Some Other Place? Free Tips on How to Move Your Two Wheeler Insurance Too

There is nothing new about relocation. In fact, it is common for people to relocate from one place to the other to avail better work opportunities in addition to their personal concerns. Shifting to a different place implies conforming to completely different work culture, living styles and moreover benefitting form a new social circle. However, there are other matters including the two Wheeler bike insurance bought to cover your vehicle, that also needs your attention. This is especially important if you are planning to take your two-wheeler vehicle with you.

Free Tips to Move Your Two Wheeler Insurance Policy In India

These may include:-

Applying for a New Registration Number

Remember that you do not need to get the registration number of your two-wheeler vehicle if you are shifting to a new place only for a few days or months. However, if you are planning to move on to a different state permanently or stay there for nearly a year, then it is important to get your vehicle registered again through the Regional Transport Office (RTO). However, before applying for the re-registration of your vehicle, you must get a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your the RTO with whom your vehicle is currently registered. You might also be required to pay specific charges during the re-registration process including road tax, octroi charges, etc.

Informing the Concerning Insurance Company

It is important to intimate your current insurance company while getting the registration details of your two-wheeler vehicle changed. This is because your current insurance provider needs the registration number of your 2 wheeler vehicle to be included in your policy document.

  1. To ensure hassle-free receipt of the claim amount, it is important that you keep your insurer informed about necessary details. Timely and smooth claim settlement is possible only if the registration number of your 2 wheeler vehicle matches with what is published in the policy document.
  2. Also, the insurer keeps sending to your address updates of the insurance policy you have bought from them. For this, it is advisable to update your contact (new address) details so that any communication made by the insurance company may reach you on time. So, remember to inform your insurer about the change in registration number and your new communication address.

Reviewing your Coverage Needs

Relocation to another place may imply increase or decrease in coverage needs, which means that the kind and extent of your coverage needs may change when you move to another place from where the insurance was originally bought. The place you are shifting to may be affected by drastic climatic conditions for a part of the year, which implies greater coverage to secure your two-wheeler vehicle.

Getting Acquainted with the Insurer’s Garage Network

In the event of sudden damage necessitating repair and maintenance, it is proper to take your two-wheeler vehicle to a garage included in the network list of garages mentioned by the insurer to avail cashless claim settlement. The same applies when you shift to a new place. Ask the insurer to give you the list of network garages in the city and familiarise yourself with them as claim settlement is possible only if you get your two-wheeler vehicle repaired at a preferred garage. Know the location of the preferred garages in the new city so that you may take your vehicle in case of damage and avail the benefits of cashless repairs.

Approach a Different Insurer

If you believe that your current insurance company is unable to match your requirements, it would be advisable to switch to a different insurer. Based on whether you are living in a metropolitan city or residing in a non-metropolitan area, the premium rates of your insurance policies vary. Find out the list of insurance companies that are ready to cover your vehicle in lieu of moderate premiums. Also, it is possible that you may have to pay a lower premium rate based on the policies of the companies operating there coupled with better coverage. Also, not all insurance companies enjoy the same kind of reputation or provide similar quality of services in every region. Hence, it is advisable to approach the insurer that renowned for providing extended coverage at nominal premium rates.

Relocating to a new place involves enjoying new surprises that life can offer. However, when it comes to insurance, it is important to expect the unexpected too. This is because most insurance companies have their own version of insurance products depending on factors specific to the place they operate in and other unforeseen conditions.

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