Bike Insurance 1333 views October 18, 2018

It is common to miss premiums of your 2 wheeler insurance policy or get it renewed while there is still time left. The best way is to opt for a long-term 2 wheeler insurance policy that provides coverage for at least up to three years. Plans promising two wheeler insurance for long term promise the following benefits:-

  • Relieves you from the hassle of remembering due dates of policy renewals. Keeping track of the policy due dates is cumbersome, especially, for those who hold multiple policies;
  • Rids you of the risk of paying for own and third-party damages if the policy has lapsed. In addition, policy renewal after the lapse period begets higher premium payment, which can be avoided;
  • Opting for a long-term 2 wheeler insurance policy means that premium rate remains the same throughout the policy period.

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