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How Can I Claim Third Party Two Wheeler Bike Insurance in India?

Getting a third party motor insurance cover is legally compulsory in India. you can’t possibly take your two-wheelers out for a ride unless you have secured it with a comprehensive or a third party motor vehicle insurance policy. If you have an insurance plan in place and encounter an accident, you need to make a claim. But how do you do this and what is the claim process? Let us find out more about this in the points mentioned below.

Understanding Third-party motor Insurance

A third party two wheeler insurance plan offers compensation for all the third party liabilities. If you happen to get involved in a road accident and another vehicle or person gets injured due to your fault, you will be held responsible. You will also be asked to financially compensate the third party for all bodily and materialistic damages. This is why you need a third party cover without fail. In the absence of this insurance policy, you will have to pay the bills from your own pocket and that can turn out to be a huge financial liability. Also, if you are caught by the traffic cops to be riding without motorbike insurance, you can be fined or even sent to jail! Buy a good third party motorbike insurance policy from a good general insurance provider and ride your bike with a lot of mental peace.

Claim Process in a Third Party Motor Insurance

If you are the victim in an accident, you can very well make a claim. You will then get compensation for the damages from the insurance provider. However, to have the insurance claim settled properly, you need to file the claim through the proper channel. Here are the steps for you to follow:-


Never make the mistake of riding away from an accident spot. Whether you were at fault or the other person was, pull over and get off your vehicle. If you ride away, you will deprive yourself as well as the other party of the insurance rights. Also, you may end up in a lot of legal trouble because of this.

Run an Inspection

After you stop and get off your bike, look to see how bad the situation is. If you have been hit from behind or front, your bike will suffer damages. You may even suffer bodily injuries. The other vehicle’s passengers may be hurt too. Evaluate the situation very carefully. You will need these details when you make the claim on your motor insurance policy later on.

Call for Help

If you or anyone else is gravely injured in the accident, call for help immediately. Call an ambulance and also call a family member or close friend to come and help you at the accident spot.

Call Your Insurer

If you are fine and able to function, call the two wheeler insurance company right away. You need to report the accident at the very earliest. Many insurance companies do not honor the claim if you delay more than a few hours to report the incident. So just call on the helpline and inform them about the mishap.

Collect Evidence

You need to collect as much evidence as possible. You need to click photos of the damaged vehicles, of the injured people, of the accident spot, etc. You also have to take phone numbers of eyewitnesses. All the evidence you collect at the accident spot can help you in a smooth insurance claim processing.

File an FIR

Next, go to the nearest police station and file an FIR. An FIR is a mandatory document needed to get your third party vehicle insurance claim honoured.

File a Case at the Tribunal

Very importantly, file a case with the nearest Motor Accident Claims Tribunal court. Your third party claim will be honoured by the tribunal only, so this step is the most vital step to remember.

Submit the Required Documents and Evidence

Finally, submit the required list of documents and also the evidence you have in hand. If everything is in place, you will get the claim amount in your hand at the earliest. A list of the documents required will be available on your motor insurance provider’s website. Take a look and stay prepared when you submit the claim application form.

These are the steps to follow if you need to make a third party insurance claim on your motor insurance plan.


As you can clearly see from the points mentioned above, making an insurance claim on a third party motor insurance policy is not difficult at all. You just need to be methodical and quick in your actions. Once you do that, you can easily get your insurance claim amount and use it to repair your vehicle.

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