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How to Change Two Wheeler Insurance Policy in India?

Changing a two wheeler insurance policy in India is not a very difficult task to do. In fact, it is highly recommended for you to compare the insurance plans at the time of renewal and change your insurance provider if you find a better option. You are in no way obligated to continue with the same insurer for years. Take a look at this article to know the two wheeler insurance policy change process in India and its benefits.

How to Change Two Wheeler Insurance Policy

You can change your two wheeler insurance policy at the time of renewal. Usually, the bike plans are valid for one year. So at the end of the year, you need to renew the cover. At this time, you can change your insurance provider and get a better plan at a better rate. Here is the process:

Enter Details About Your Policy

Visit a reliable insurance aggregator’s website. Enter some basic details about yourself as well as your existing two wheeler insurance plan.


After you enter the details, you will be shown a list of all the available bike insurance plans. Compare the options by looking at the prices and features of each policy.

Locate a good cover

After comparing, locate your ideal cover and initiate the application process.

Make a Payment

You can make the payment online in a quick and easy manner and your bike insurance plan will be changed to a new insurer.

If you are happy with your existing cover, you can very well continue with it. But if there is a better alternative, it is highly recommended for you to make a switch.

Benefits of Bike Insurance Policy Change

So what are the benefits of a bike insurance policy change?  Let us find out:

Better Cover

The features of the different bike insurance plans from different insurance providers are varied. As a result, you may find that a particular bike plan offers better coverage than your existing cover. When you go in for a two wheeler change, you get a better set of covers.

A Better Price

A major reason for a bike insurance policy change is the price. At times, you will find that a different plan with similar features is available at a lower cost. If you do find this, you must make a change right away.

Better Service

Some insurance companies do not offer the best after-sales service. Their cashless facilities and network garage systems don’t function too well either. This causes many problems for the policyholders and they consider a two wheeler policy change. If you have been unhappy with your existing insurer, look to get another cover from a reliable and popular two wheeler insurance provider who is known for its excellent service. 


Keeping all the points mentioned above in mind, it can safely be said that a two wheeler insurance policy change is a good thing to do. Since it is quite an easy process to complete, do it without any hesitation and enjoy a better and more effective bike insurance coverage.

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