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How to Buy Two Wheeler Bike Insurance Policy in India?

Buying a two wheeler insurance policy is mandatory for all bike owners in India. you, therefore, need a motor vehicle insurance plan if you have a two-wheeler. It is very easy to buy the insurance cover in India and you get many options too. However, you need to be careful and choose the correct cover as well as the correct channel of purchase to ensure you have the most appropriate insurance coverage. Read on to know more.

Buying 2 Wheeler Insurance Offline

You have the option of buying a motor insurance policy offline, through the traditional mode of buying it through an insurance agent. All the general insurance companies offer traditional, offline bike insurance plans. You can speak to an agent of your choice and see what your options are. Once you find the best plan, you need to handover the premium check to the agent and your policy will be put in force.

Buying Two Wheeler Insurance Online – the Advantages

A very common and convenient way to buy two wheeler insurance in India currently is the online route. You can find some excellent motor insurance online plans. There are many advantages you get when you make the purchase online. They are:-

Quick and Easy

You can buy your vehicle insurance cover online in an instant. The process is very quick and simple. You can go online, browse over the plans, make your payment and get the cover instantly. You are not asked to submit any complicated list of documents. You are also not made to wait, as the bike insurance policy is transferred to your name then and there. 

Plenty of Options

You get not one, but multiple options to choose from when you buy motor vehicle insurance online. You get to see all the plans from all the insurance providers in one place.

Can Compare

One of the biggest benefits of buying a two-wheeler insurance coverage online is that you get to compare insurance quotes. Comparing is highly beneficial as you get to find the best plan at the lowest rate. You can also see the premium you need to pay before you buy the plan. Make use of this technological advancement and buy your ideal bike insurance cover online.

Unbiased Choice

Another huge advantage of buying a motor insurance plan online is the unbiased choice you get to make. You are free to choose any plan that you like from any insurance provider. You also get to individually go over the features of the different plans and then make a decision. When you buy insurance from an agent, often the agent may push a particular plan of a particular insurance company, for his own benefit. This can harm you adversely.

Easy to Service

You can access your bike insurance plan from a mobile app at any time and from anywhere. This is another useful advantage of getting the online vehicle insurance cover. You don’t have to go to your insurance provider’s office, as everything is done digitally and remotely.

Points to be Remember Before Buying two wheeler insurance in India- 2021

Whether you buy your two-wheeler insurance plan in India online or offline, keep the following crucial points in mind before making a purchase:-

Select the Correct Type of Cover

You have to choose the right type of vehicle insurance cover, keeping your requirements in mind. You can choose between a basic third party liability vehicle insurance plan and a comprehensive plan.

Select the Term of the Policy

You can get a bike insurance plan for one year, two years or three years. Go over the features and benefits of the single term and long term covers and then decide which one you want.

Calculate the NCB

You need to calculate the NCB very carefully before you pay your bike insurance premium. If you have some NCB accumulated, you can get a useful discount on the premium. Make sure your insurance provider calculates the NCB accurately before you finalize the deal.

Buy Riders Along with the Plan

You may find a great two wheeler insurance cover, but you still must consider getting some add-on covers with the basic plan. The riders will help you to customize the plan and make it more flexible.

Choose Your Insurer Carefully

And last but not least, you should choose the general insurance company from whom you buy the plan, with utmost care. Unless you get a good insurance provider, you won’t get a good and useful two wheeler insurance coverage.


As you can clearly see from the points mentioned above, it is very easy to buy a good two wheeler insurance plan in India. Choose the route that suits you. do your research and find a good vehicle insurance plan from the best possible motor insurance provider. You can then enjoy a wholesome cover in an affordable manner.

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