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Claiming two-wheeler insurance policies bought online can be tricky as the insurance web aggregator is involved in only the purchase and renewal of the policy and has nothing to do with claim settlement. To ensure hassle-free claim in future, if and when required, prefer to opt for a cashless settlement. However, you may ask your insurer to reimburse the amount you had expended on the repair of your vehicle.

Cashless Settlement: As the name suggests, the claim made under this process is completely cashless in nature. Based on a similar concept earlier introduced to entice more people to buy health insurance policies, the cashless claim facility in two-wheeler insurance comes with a host of advantages that the insured can benefit from. As per this facility, the insurer will have tie-ups with authorized garages, also called the network garages. The policyholder can take the two-wheeler vehicle to one of these garages for repairs post-accident. The biggest benefit is that the policyholder will not be required to pay charges for the repair work done as the insurer would be paying charges on behalf of the policyholder.

Claim Through Reimbursement: However, your vehicle may be in urgent need of repairs. In such an event, you may consider getting your vehicle repaired and inform the insurer accordingly. It is important to keep the following points in mind.

  • Call and inform your registration agent as early claim registration ensures hassle-free claim process. You may either opt to register your claim over the phone or email your insurance company about the same;
  • In case your vehicle has met with an accident or gets stolen or vandalized by miscreants, ensure that you lodge an FIR for the same;
  • Get the damage checked by some authorized representative of your insurer;
  • Opt for easy claim settlement instead of trying to get every damage covered.

However, while claiming the cover amount, you will be required to submit some necessary documents including:-

  • The original claims forms duly signed;
  • A valid copy of the Registration Certificate of the vehicle;
  • A valid copy of your Driving License;
  • Xerox copy of the first two pages of your policy document;
  • Copy of the FIR or the police report filed;
  • Original documents of the repair bill, cash receipt and proof of release.

Whether bought online or offline, the claim process is more or less similar. If you are finding it difficult to connect with the company to register your claim, you may also call the helpline number of the insurance web aggregator from whom you had bought the policy. Every web aggregator, these days, has a dedicated department to handle claims, to assist in its role of claim assistance.

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