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Honda Activa 3G is a top-selling scooter in India because of its fuel-efficiency and dynamic design. As per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, every Two wheeler should have at least a third party insurance cover. It provides basic coverage against financial liabilities, such as injuries, death or property loss in respect of third-party, due to an accident. And if you drive your Honda Activa 3g scooter without the third-party cover, you could face a penalty of INR 2,000, imprisonment of up to 3 months or both. That tells you the importance of having insurance for your Honda Activa 3g. Read this post further and know the insurance providers for Honda Activa 3g.

Top Honda Activa 3g Insurance Provider

You can buy Two wheeler insurance for your Honda Activa 3g scooter from the following insurers

Bharti AXA Honda Activa 3g Insurance

Bharti AXA Honda Activa 3g Insurance provides you coverage against the following unforeseen events –

  1. Third-Party Liability
  2. Theft
  3. Loss and damage due to natural or man-made disasters
  4. Personal Accident

The insurer also provides you add-on covers for enhanced protection –

  1. Depreciation Cover – This ensures no value will be deducted from the claim due to depreciation
  2. Roadside Assistance – Under this, you’ll get immediate help if you call the customer support
  3. Engine & GearBox Protection Cover – Repair or replace the engine in case it is damaged
  4. Invoice Price Cover – Get the original on-road cost of Honda Activa 3g in case of total damage

Go Digit Honda Activa 3g Insurance

You will get coverage against the following risks for your Honda Activa 3g scooter under this plan –

  1. Accidents
  2. Theft
  3. Fire
  4. Natural Disasters
  5. Personal Accident
  6. Third-Party Losses

Go Digit’s Honda Activa Insurance provides you benefits like –

  1. Smartphone-enabled Self Inspection for quick and paperless claims
  2. Cashless repairs with access to 1,000+ Cashless Garages spread across India
  3. Super-fast claim settlement with an average turn around time of 11 days
  4. 24X7 call facility even on National Holidays
  5. Insured Declared Value (IDV ) for Honda Activa 3g scooter as per your choice
  6. Two types of Honda Activa Insurance – Third Party Insurance & Comprehensive Insurance

Bajaj Allianz Honda Activa 3g insurance

Bajaj Allianz provides you coverage for your honda Activa 3g scooter against the following natural and man-made hazards –

  1. Theft
  2. Burglary
  3. Riot
  4. Strike
  5. Damages arising from any kind of malicious activity

Under this plan, you will also get protection against financial losses resulting from a road accident, including medical treatment and scooter repair costs. However, you will also get coverage for third-party losses. And you can customize your Honda Activa 3g insurance by adding different add-ons like –

  1. Zero Depreciation Cover
  2. Return to Invoice Cover
  3. NCB Protection Cover
  4. Engine Protection Cover
  5. Road Assistance Cover

HDFC ERGO Honda Activa 3g Insurance

HDFC ERGO provides Two wheeler insurance for Honda Activa 3g scooter and its key benefits are –

  1. Up to 70% discount on premiums
  2. Access to 7,400+ Network Garages
  3. Overnight Repair Service
  4. Coverage against – Accidents, Fire & Explosion, Theft, Calamities
  5. Personal Accident up to INR 15 Lakh
  6. Third-Party Liability Cover

ICICI Lombard Honda Activa 3g Insurance

ICICI Lombard provides you Honda Activa 3g insurance, so you can drive securely and confidently. And if your scooter is damaged, get it repaired at ICICI Lombard network garages. ICICI Lombard Honda Activa 3g insurance provides benefits like –

  1. Cashless repairs at 3,500+ network garages
  2. Roadside assistance
  3. Coverage against loss or damage due to natural calamities
  4. Daily allowance until your scooter is repaired
  5. Third-party liability cover
  6. Personal accident cover
  7. Online policy renewal

IFFCO Tokio Honda Activa 3g Insurance

Purchase a Honda Activa 3g insurance from IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Co. Ltd. online, and get benefits like –

  1. Access to 4,300+ network garages
  2. Policy activation within 3 minutes
  3. Digital insurance copy of your policy
  4. Coverage against – Collisions, Theft, Fire, Natural Disaster, Personal Accident, Third-Party Losses
  5. Claim settlement within 4 hours
  6. Free Roadside Assistance
  7. Add-on benefit like – Zero Depreciation, Engine Protection, No Claim Bonus Protection, Return to Invoice Cover

Royal Sundaram Honda Activa 3g Insurance

Royal Sundaram Honda Activa 3g insurance covers you and your scooter against damages and losses that occur to or by your Two wheeler. You’ll get the following benefits under this plan:

  1. Losses or damages occurred to your scooter due to natural or man-made disasters
  2. Unlimited Liability Cover in case of Third-Party death/injury
  3. Cashless claims at 3,300+ network garages
  4. Reload of the Sum Insured
  5. Indemnity cover for third-party property damage up to INR 7.5 lakh
  6. Personal Accident Cover
  7. Claim survey within 4 working hours
  8. 24X7 Customer Support
  9. Free roadside assistance
  10. 100% Invoice Price

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