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Hero bikes have been customers’ first choice for years, and even you may have this popular bike brand at your home! In case you have, is the bike insured against possible untoward incidents? If not, purchase a Hero Bike Insurance Policy that can safeguard yourself from financial liabilities incurred to or by your two-wheeler due to an accident. For more details on Hero Insurance risk coverage, terms & conditions, read the post further.

Types of Hero Insurance

Insurance companies provide two types of Hero Insurance –

Own Damage Insurance

Own damage two-wheeler insurance will cover damages that occur to your Hero bike in case of an accident. This type of Hero Insurance will cover you against any damage caused to the insured bike due to the following –

  1. Natural or man-made calamities
  2. Fire
  3. Explosion
  4. Self-ignition
  5. Lightning
  6. Burglary, housebreaking or theft
  7. Riot and Strike
  8. In case of an accident caused by an external means
  9. Malicious acts
  10. Terrorist activity
  11. Whilst in transit by road, rail, inland waterway, lift elevator or air
  12. Landslide/Rockslide

What does the Own Damage Hero Insurance Policy not cover?

You will not get financial coverage for your Hero bike in case the damage or loss occurred due to the following reasons –

  1. Damage to the third-party vehicle
  2. Damage to the third-party property
  3. Injuries to the third party in case of an accident involving your two-wheeler
  4. Normal wear and tear
  5. Mechanical or electrical breakdown
  6. Damage occurred in case you use your Hero bike commercially
  7. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  8. Driving without a valid license
  9. Consequential loss

Third-Party Liability Insurance

As per the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, all vehicles that run on Indian public roads must be insured against third-party liability insurance. Under this Hero Insurance, you’ll get coverage for the damages caused by your bike to third-party individuals or property. The insurer will compensate the amount declared by the court for the third party loss or damage, in case your two-wheeler causes death, property damage or vehicle damage to the third party.

What are the Exclusions from Hero Third-Party Liability Insurance?

You will not get coverage for your Hero bike damage or loss under this type of hero insurance, and the third-party claim shall also be rejected if the claim arises due to the following reasons –

  1. If you use your Hero bike commercially
  2. If you are driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  3. If you are driving without your license

Top Insurers Providing Hero Insurance in India

You can purchase Hero Insurance for your bike from any of the following insurers whose offer attracts you the most –

Hero Insurance CompanyBenefitsHero Bike Models CoveredAdd-OnsNetwork Garages
Go Digit General Insurance

  1. Smartphone-enabled self inspection for your Hero bike

  2. Quick and Paperless claim process

  3. Cashless Repairs at Network Garages

  4. Super-fast claim settlement with an average turnaround time of 11days

  5. 24x7 customer support even in National Holidays

  6. Customize your IDV as per your choice

  7. Coverage against - Accidents, Theft, Fire, Natural Disaster, Personal Accident, Third-Party Losses

  1. Hero Splendor

  2. Hero Passion Pro

  3. Hero Pleasure

  4. Hero Maestro

  5. Hero Duet

  6. Hero HF Deluxe

  7. Hero Xtreme

  8. Hero XPulse

  9. Hero Destini

  10. Hero Karizma

  11. Hero HF Dawn

  12. Hero Achiever

  13. Hero Glamour

  14. Hero CD Deluxe

  15. Hero Hunk

  16. Hero CD 100

  17. Hero Ignitor

  18. Hero CD Dawn

  19. Hero Ambition

  1. Engine and gear protection cover

  2. Zero depreciation cover

  3. Breakdown assistance

  4. Return to invoice cover

  5. Consumable cover

ACKO General Insurance

  1. Personal accident cover for owner/driver

  2. Accident-related damages cover

  3. Damages due to natural calamity

  4. Loss due to fire, explosions

  5. Compensation if the bike gets stolen or lost

  6. No claim bonus up to 50%

  1. Hero Karizma ZMR

  2. Hero Karizma

  3. Hero Xtreme Sports

  4. Hero Xtreme

  5. Hero Hunk

  6. Hero Achiever

  7. Hero Ignitor

  8. Hero Glamour Programmed FI

  9. Hero Glamour

  10. Hero Super Splendor

  11. Hero Passion XPRO

  12. Hero Passion PRO I3S

  13. Hero Splendor ISmart

  14. Hero Passion PRO TR

  15. Hero Splendor ISmart 110

  16. Hero Splendor PRO Classic

  17. Hero Splendor Pro

  18. Hero Splendor+

  19. Hero HF Deluxe ECO

  20. Hero HF Deluxe

  21. Hero HF Dawn

  22. Hero HF Deluxe I3S

  23. Hero DUET

  24. Hero HF MaestroEdge

  25. Hero Pleasure

  1. Zero Depreciation Cover

  2. Return to Invoice Cover

HDFC ERGO General Insurance

  1. up to 70% off on premium payment

  2. Unlimited claims

  3. Coverage against - Accidents, Fire & Explosion, Theft, Calamities, Third Party Liability

  1. Hero Karizma ZMR

  2. Hero Achiever 150

  3. Hero Passion Pro

  4. Hero Hero Duet

  5. Hero Maestro Edge

  1. Zero Depreciation Cover

  2. Emergency Assistance Cover

Bharti AXA General Insurancecoverage against -
third party liability, theft, loss and damage due to natural and man-made disaster

  1. Hero Achiever 150

  2. Hero Ambition

  3. Hero CBZ

  4. Hero CD Dawn

  5. Hero CD Deluxe

  6. Hero Duet

  7. Hero Glamour

  8. Hero Glamour FI

  9. Hero Glamour SV

  10. Hero HF Dawn

  11. Hero HF Deluxe

  12. Hero HF Deluxe Eco

  13. Hero HF Deluxe i3s

  14. Hero Hunk

  15. Hero Ignitor

  16. Hero Impulse

  17. Hero Karizma 2014

  18. Hero Karizma

  19. Hero Karizma ZMR 2014

  20. Hero Karizma ZMR

  21. Hero Maestro

  22. Hero Maestro Edge

  23. Hero Passion PRO i3s

  24. Hero Passion PRO TR

  25. Hero Passion X Pro

  26. Hero Pleasure 2014

  27. Hero Pleasure

  28. Hero Splendor iSmart

  29. Hero Splendor iSmart 110

  30. Hero Splendor NXG

  31. Hero Splendor Plus

  32. Hero Splendor Plus i3s

  33. Hero Splendor PRO

  34. Hero Splendor Pro Classic

  35. Hero Super Splendor

  36. Hero Xtreme 2014

  37. Hero Xtreme

  38. Hero Xtreme Sports

  1. Depreciation Cover

  2. Roadside Assistance

  3. Engine & GearBox Protection Cover

  4. Invoice Price Cover

Liberty General Insurance

  1. Hassle-free inspection

  2. 91% claim settlement ratio (FY 2018-19)

  3. Cashless Garages for easy repairs

  4. Coverage include - natural or man-made causes such as fire, earthquakes, theft, or third-party liability

  1. Hero Xpulse 200

  2. Hero Xtreme 200S

  3. Hero Maestro Edge

  1. Roadside assistance cover

  2. Engine safe cover

  3. Depreciation cover

Reliance General Insurance

  1. No paperwork

  2. Cashless repairs across 750+network garages

  3. Quick and hassle-free settlement

  4. Premium starting at INR 3 per day

  5. Easy renewal without any inspection or paperwork

  1. Hero Splendor

  2. Hero Passion

  3. Hero Karizma

  4. Hero Pleasure

  1. Nil Depreciation

  2. Daily Allowance Benefit​​​​​

  3. EMI Protection

  4. Helmet Cover


What is Hero Insurance Cashless Claim Procedure?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to get cashless repairs at network garages –

Step 1 – Purchase Hero Insurance that provides own damage cover

Step 2 – Inform the insurer in case of an accident.

Step 3 –  Later, the insurer will inspect your Hero bike at the network garage and approve the claim accordingly

Step 4 –  Your bike will be repaired within 2-3 days, until then, the insurer will pay you a daily allowance for conveyance

Step 5 –  The daily allowance will stop when your bike is repaired and delivered to you

Note – If your insurer doesn’t provide the daily allowance benefit under basic hero insurance, you can add a rider cover to your policy to get the same.

Things to Keep in Mind While Filing a Claim

While filing a cashless claim, keep in mind the following –

  1. Ensure that your policy is active during the time of an accident
  2. Inform the insurance company about the accident immediately
  3. Be honest and transparent while sharing the details of the accident, because if the insurer finds any statement wrong, the claim will be rejected
  4. Share necessary documents to the insurer, such as – First Information Report (FIR), policy document, etc.
  5. Check if your reason is valid to raise a claim under the policy
  6. Do not raise a claim if it is not necessary or the damage is too small

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