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HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Insurance

HDFC ERGO is considered to be the top-rated and among the most popular general insurance companies in India. The company offers many excellent policies including the much sought-after two-wheeler insurance plans. The HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Insurance plan is a handy motor insurance policy that offers a wholesome cover at a low cost. Take a look at this article to know more about the HDFC ERGO Bike Insurance.

Types of HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Insurance plans

Two-wheeler insurance from HDFC ERGO is available in two forms. They are:

Third party liability

The third party liability cover is a compulsory type of bike insurance that everyone needs. If you have a two-wheeler, whether a bike or a scooter, you need this cover. The law mandates it. The HDFC ERGO third party liability two wheeler insurance plan offers coverage for all third party liability damages. It does not offer a self or self-vehicle damage cover. It is a very cheap form of motor insurance that anyone can afford.


A comprehensive plan, as the name suggests, offers a more comprehensive cover. You get all the third party liability benefits, but also get a cover for your own vehicle. This kind of motor insurance is useful for those who have new and expensive bikes. HDFC ERGO offers an excellent comprehensive bike insurance plan that you can benefit from.

Features of HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Insurance

Now let us look at the features of the HDFC ERGO Bike Insurance plans:

Easy to buy

The plans can be bought online in just a few minutes. HDFC ERGO has a very good website and mobile app through which you can buy the cover in just a few minutes. You can also use handy online tools such as the premium calculator to have a great experience.

Very affordable

One of the main reasons for the popularity of the HDFC ERGO Bike Insurance plans is the price factor. HDFC ERGO offers bike insurance at some of the lowest possible rates. You thus end up with an excellent motor insurance cover at a low rate.

The option of riders

The company provides the benefits of add-on covers. You can add several motor insurance riders when you buy a comprehensive HDFC ERGO Bike Insurance plan.

Excellent insurer

And finally, when you buy this plan, you get the assurance of getting associated with a top-class insurance company. HDFC ERGO has won many awards and accolades. It has a high claim record as well. The customer support team is very good too so you get the assistance you need at all times.

To sum it up, there are indeed many benefits you get when you opt for an HDFC ERGO Bike insurance plan.

The Final Word

These are the features that make the HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Insurance plans some of the best in the country. If you have recently bought a bike or scooter, don’t forget to insure the vehicle. Choose a good plan from a good insurance provider. Consider getting the HDFC ERGO Bike Insurance cover and stay adequately covered.

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