Bike Insurance 961 views October 13, 2018

While buying any two wheeler insurance policy, it is important to consider important inclusions and exclusions to avoid any scope of miscommunication and consequent rejection of the claim in the future. The general exclusions pursuant to any and every 2 wheeler insurance policy include:-

  • General aging, wear & tear, mechanical or electrical breakdown, failure, depreciation, any consequential loss;
  • Damage by a person driving without a valid license;
  • Damage resulting from drunk driving or under the influence of drugs;
  • Loss resulting due to war, riots or nuclear damage;
  • Damaged tires and tubes unless resulting from an accident;
  • Hired for use in car racing events (applicable to all classes barring public commercial vehicles);
  • Damage to the two-wheeler vehicle’s mudguard, bumpers, lamps, tyres, tubes, headlights, paintwork;

Damage to the vehicle’s accessories due to burglary or housebreaking or theft unless the 2 wheeler vehicle gets stolen at the same time.

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