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Points to Remember While Buying Second-Hand Two 2 Wheeler Bike Insurance Policy & Plan

Major Points to be Remember While Buying Second-hand Two Wheeler- Insurance Policy in India

Owning a two-wheeler is a matter of great pride. Whether you are a young college-goer riding a gearless scooter or an experienced motorcycle rider, you will know the joy that your vehicle brings to you. If you love two-wheelers and want to buy one of your own, you could consider starting off with a second-hand model. There are many advantages you get when you buy a pre-used bike or scooter. From getting the vehicle at an affordable price to allowing your hands to get set, you can consider buying a used bike first and then upgrading to a brand new one later on. If you buy a pre-used bike, you need to get a motor insurance policy for it. Take a look at this article to know more about insurance coverage of used two-wheelers.

Important checklist for getting a used bike insurance plan

It is illegal for you to ride your bike or scooter in India without getting a motor vehicle insurance for it. You have to be very careful and choose the insurance coverage keeping the condition of the bike in mind. If the bike is old and you feel it would require regular repairs, opt for a comprehensive motorbike insurance policy. If you are buying a used two-wheeler just to get used to the riding conditions and plan to sell it off soon, a basic third party insurance cover may do you well. Here are some important points to remember:-

Assess the condition of the vehicle

Begin with assessing the condition of the two-wheelers that you have recently bought. If the bike is in a fragile condition, get appropriate insurance coverage. It would be a very good idea for you to opt for a comprehensive plan rather than a third party plan. The insurance premium may be slightly higher, but you will end up making a profitable choice in the long run. If you have a newer bike that runs smoothly, a third party cover may be enough for you. the condition of the vehicle, therefore, plays an important role in determining the type of motor insurance needed. 

Check for the existing plan

The person who is selling the bike to you may still be having an existing motor insurance policy. Check the vehicle insurance validity and if you see the policy is good and working, you may very well continue with it. complete the formalities and most important change the name on the policy documents. As the new owner of the vehicle, the insurance plan must bear your name on it. 

Look online

If however, you feel the existing bike insurance policy is too expensive or doesn’t quite cater to your needs, you can always change it. Look online for some great deals. Motor insurance online is very easily available. Additionally, the plans are priced more economically than their offline counterparts. So if you really want to discover some great bike insurance quotes, do explore the online route. 

Get riders

The key to getting the best motor insurance coverage for your pre-used two-wheeler is to add a few riders to your vehicle insurance plan. Riders are add on covers that you can purchase at an added cost. So look to buy the riders that you feel would serve you well. But it is important here to remember that not every rider proves to be helpful to everyone. You need to analyze the riders and locate the ones that are of most use to you. add them to your base plan and increase the flexibility of your motor insurance policy. Do note that riders are only available with the comprehensive plans. 


Before you buy an auto insurance policy, you must run an online comparison. It is crucial for you to do so as only when you compare do you find the best bike insurance policy at the best rate. the different auto insurance quotes can easily be found by comparing in a few seconds. The tool is free of charge and so you should never forget to compare before you buy insurance

Renew on time

Last but not least, you should renew your bike insurance plan on time. never let the plan lapse as that can lead to many unnecessary complications. 

These are the most important things for you to keep in mind when you buy motor insurance for your newly purchased second-hand bike or scooter.

In a nutshell, About Buying Second-Hand Two Wheeler Insurance

To put it in a nutshell, you need a very good insurance policy for your two-wheelers. Keep all the points mentioned above in mind and you will surely find a scooter or motorbike insurance policy that suits your needs. Choose the correct type of plan, pay the premium on time and stay covered in a practical and thorough manner.

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