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Best Two Wheeler/Bike Insurance Companies in India

When looking to buy bike insurance or some other two wheeler insurance products, you often get confused between the many options available to you. This happens due to numerous insurance providers offering numerous bike insurance plans at the same go! However, you can easily work your way around this. All you have to do is compare your bike insurance quotes and see the best plan for you. But before you do that, you should know the top 10 two wheeler insurance companies in India that offer these plans. Take a look at this article to know more about these insurers.

List of Top 10 Two Wheeler Insurance Companies in India 2021

Here’s a Comprehensive List of the Best Two wheeler Insurance Companies in India

HDFC Ergo Two Wheeler Insurance

When buying a bike insurance plan from HDFC Ergo General Insurance company, you are assured of getting the following benefits –

Many Features – The two-wheeler vehicle insurance plan from HDFC Ergo has many commendable features. From offering some of the most comprehensive covers to giving you the choice of adding riders, the two-wheeler insurance plan is very useful indeed.

Affordable – HDFC Ergo is a very large private insurance company and offers its policies at very low prices. The motor insurance quotes offered by HDFC Ergo are among the lowest in the country, making it very economical for you to own this bike insurance cover.

National Insurance Two Wheeler Insurance

As one of the oldest and most popular two wheeler insurance providers of the country, National Insurance stands out in the crowd. It is known for its good service and ethical working principles. Here are some reasons why you could consider National Insurance as your motor insurance provider:-

Old and ReputedNational Insurance Company has been one of the oldest and most reputed general insurance companies in India. The two wheeler insurance policy on offer has some very good features. If you buy this cover, you are assured of finding an ideal bike insurance plan at a very good price.

High Claim Record – The insurance company has a high claim settlement ratio. This is always an advantage to have as then, you will also know that your insurance claim will be settled when you have a requirement.

ICICI Lombard Two Wheeler Insurance

Next, on the list, we have ICICI Lombard. The two wheeler insurance plan from ICICI Lombard has many helpful features. The company is also modern and efficient. Here are some of the benefits they have for you:-

Digitally Advanced – As stated, ICICI is a very modern insurer. This is precisely why the mobile app of ICICI Lombard is very efficient and digitally advanced. From buying your two-wheeler vehicle insurance plan to paying the insurance premium to renew the insurance coverage to raise a claim, you can do it all on the app with no issues whatsoever.

Excellent Customer Support – Keeping with its reputation of being modern and professional, ICICI Lombard has an excellent customer support system in place. You can call in any time and get your doubts cleared instantly.

Bharti AXA Two Wheeler Insurance

Motor insurance companies come up with new features regularly. One such wonderful feature launched by Bharti AXA is the availability of two-wheeler insurance over WhatsApp.

Wide Range of Covers – Very few plans match up to the coverage offered by Bharti AXA. You get some very wide and far-reaching covers with this particular bike insurance policy.  The plan is very affordable too, so you end up making an all-round profit when you buy bike insurance from Bharti AXA.

Available over WhatsApp – The biggest advantage you get when you buy a Bharti AXA two-wheeler insurance plan is the option of buying it over WhatsApp. You can use WishPolicy and get your bike insurance plan instantly over WhatsApp. The service is exclusively available on buying a Bharti AXA two-wheeler vehicle insurance plan via Wishpolicy.

Tata AIG Two Wheeler Insurance

Tata AIG is a well-known general insurance company in India. It has a good two-wheeler insurance plan on offer. Some of the advantages offered by this motor vehicle insurance provider include:-

Very Ethical – Ethics is something that we automatically associate with the name, Tata. It is therefore very good to know that when you buy your motor insurance policy for your two-wheeler from Tata AIG, you get some very ethical services from the insurer. From being helpful to quickly processing the motor insurance claims, the insurer does it all for you.

Easily Approachable – You can call in at any time on the customer support number and have your doubts cleared. The motor insurance provider is very approachable and always ready to help you out.

Oriental Insurance Two Wheeler Insurance

Oriental Insurance is a public sector insurance provider that has been in operation for many decades. They have experience on their side and this makes them one of the very best companies to buy your two-wheeler insurance coverage from. They also have these features:-

High Claim Settlement Ratio – The Oriental Insurance Company is many decades old. They are a very trusted name as well. This is mainly because they clear a large number of the claim applications they receive. You will seldom face any problems with your motor insurance claims when you buy your bike insurance plan from Oriental.

Widely Available – The plans are easily and widely available. You can get a third party liability cover as well as a comprehensive motorcycle insurance plan from The Oriental Insurance Company.

Bajaj Allianz Two Wheeler Insurance

At number seven, we have Bajaj Allianz. The company has a number of unique features on its exclusive bike insurance plan. Let us learn more:-

Unique FeaturesBajaj Allianz has a very good bike insurance plan on offer. You get not one but multiple benefits when you buy this insurance coverage for your vehicle. You get hold of many unique and useful features, a comprehensive cover and also the assistance of a very competitive insurance provider.

Affordable Rates – The rates offered by Bajaj Allianz are always economical. This makes it easy for you to buy and maintain this particular two-wheeler insurance policy from this insurer.

IFFCO Tokio Two Wheeler Insurance

IFFCO Tokio is a name that everyone is familiar with. The company has all kinds of general insurance policies on offer, including the very popular bike insurance plans. Here are some benefits that you get:-

Very Advanced App – Iffco Tokio is another advanced and modern insurance provider who is digitally very strong. You get to use the insurer’s app or website for all your policy-related work. You can buy the vehicle insurance plan, renew a cover, initiate an insurance claim, etc all through a very efficient and fast mobile app or website.

Easy to Reach – the company has a very good support team. You can call in or you can even have a chat with their executives. Ask them about the queries you have and your doubts will be cleared in the most efficient and polite manner possible.

SBI General Two Wheeler Insurance

Very few names in India ring a bell of assurance as does SBI. It is therefore quite expected to know that SBI General insurance is considered to be one of the best and highest rated two-wheeler insurance providers in the country. When you get an SBI General bike insurance plan you get these benefits:-

Professional Service – SBI General offers a very professional and efficient service to its clients. You get excellent service when you buy the bike insurance cover, when you ask for renewal or when you request for an insurance claim to be paid out to you.

Easy Processes – SBI General has kept the steps related to buying and maintaining the bike insurance cover very simple. Whether you need to purchase a brand new motor vehicle insurance plan, you want to add or drop a few riders or you want to renew the insurance coverage, the steps involved are very easy.

Reliance General Two Wheeler Insurance

To complete this list, we have Reliance General Insurance. This is another excellent motor insurance company that has many benefits on offer. Let’s take a better look:-

Comprehensive Coverage – The bike insurance plan from Reliance General has some excellent features that make the coverage comprehensive and well-rounded. You, therefore, get a very good bike insurance plan and get to stay protected in an adequate manner.

Very Economical – The policy is very economically priced. You get some very good covers at some of the lowest prices, making this vehicle insurance plan one of the very best.

From offering unique benefits like two-wheeler insurance over WhatsApp to offering the prices at some of the lowest rates, the Indian motor insurance companies have worked very well to provide their customers with all the facilities they need. This is the reason why you won’t have any problems finding a good two-wheeler vehicle insurance cover for your bike. Explore your options, compare and get your hands on the best possible motor vehicle insurance policy.

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