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What is the Requirements of AddOns Covers in Two Wheeler Bike Insurance Policy

Add-on covers, also known as riders, are a very handy tool in two wheeler insurance. They are additional covers that you get over and above your basic bike insurance cover. You need to pay an extra insurance premium for the riders. In this article, we speak about the importance of bike insurance add-on covers, how to choose them and also tell you more about each. Take a look to discover more.

What are Add-on Covers in Two-wheeler insurance

Add-on riders are an added protection that you get at an added price. You can purchase a vehicle insurance rider for your bike or scooter only when you buy a comprehensive insurance cover. Add-on covers are not available with the basic third party liability plans. You can buy the riders when you are purchasing a brand new motor insurance policy or you can also buy them at the time of Two Wheeler Bike Insurance renewal. You can buy these riders online, directly through your bike insurance provider.

Different Types of Add-on Covers in Two Wheeler Insurance

Listed below are some of the most common bike insurance riders available in the country today. Glance over them to know more:-

Personal Accident Cover

If you get involved in a bike accident and get temporarily or permanently disable, you get compensation from the insurance provider, under the clauses of this rider. If you happen to die in the road accident, your nominees get a pre-fixed amount of money as the death benefit. This is a very handy rider that every bike owner must buy along with their comprehensive motor insurance policy.

Zero Depreciation Cover

With time, the vehicle suffers wear and tear. As a result, it depreciates in value. When you make a motorbike insurance claim, the claim is settled after taking the depreciated value of the vehicle into consideration. This leads to you receiving a lower than satisfactory insurance claim amount. Buy a zero depreciation cover and keep the bike’s value fixed and always get the full claim amount.

Consumables Cover

Certain parts of the bike or scooter are categorized as ‘consumables’. These include the engine oil, the nuts, and bolts, the sealant, etc. You cannot make a claim for damage or theft to any of the consumable parts. With the consumables cover riders, you can make the insurance claim and make a financially smart move.

Pillion Cover

Motorcycles and scooters often have a pillion passenger sitting behind the rider. With the help of the pillion cover motor insurance rider, the pillion also gets a personal accident cover and receives the required compensation after a road accident.

Medical Cover

You get a health insurance coverage with this rider. You can use this cover to get treated in the best of hospitals after you suffer injuries in a road accident. This is a very helpful rider as it helps you to deal with the hugely expensive medical costs.

Cashless Hospital Cover

This is related to the health insurance cover rider, but it makes your overall insurance cover even more flexible. you get to enjoy the cashless hospitalization feature of a regular health insurance plan, in a motor insurance cover!

Roadside Assistance Cover

And finally, we have the roadside assistance rider. This is among the most common and widely used vehicle insurance riders in India. You get to call your insurance provider who instantly sends roadside assistance to you, in case your bike breaks down. The vehicle is towed to a nearby network garage and you are spared a lot of trouble.

These are some of the most beneficial motor insurance add-ons covers available to you. which ones do you need? Make your choice and make your insurance policy work in your favor.

Choosing the Correct Type

It is very important for you to have at least a few of the available motor vehicle insurance add-and covers for your two-wheelers. You may not need all of the riders, but some would help you to make the overall motorcycle insurance cover more flexible. you should be very careful when choosing the rider as too many may prove to be redundant and too few may prove to be of little use. Do your research and understand the scope of each add-on cover. You will then be able to get the best insurance coverage in a wholesome yet economical manner.


A two-wheeler bike insurance policy add-on cover pushes up the overall costs of your insurance policy. However, in the long run, it proves to be very beneficial. So remember to do your research, plan out your budget and see which are the ones you absolutely need and which are the ones you can leave out. Once you get the correct mix, you will most definitely have the ideal motor vehicle insurance cover for your two-wheeler.

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