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Any problems related to your car or two wheeler during a journey can make it inconvenient for you. Roadside Assistance can be a quick fix for the situation when you are stuck on a road due to such problems. Also known as Breakdown Assistance, Roadside Assistance is one of the popular add-ons that individuals choose with their comprehensive car insurance policy and two wheeler insurance policy to enhance their overall coverage. With roadside assistance, policyholders can get the solution to different problems like a flat tyre, electrical fault, minor mechanical defect, etc.

When you are stuck with your vehicle, you only need to call up the insurer for roadside assistance and you will get on-ground support at the earliest. To get this add-on on your premium amount, you will need to pay an additional premium amount apart from the standard premium of your policy. This premium amount changes from one insurer to another.

Are you looking to purchase a car or two wheeler insurance policy with the roadside assistance add-on and want to know more about it? This page can help you as we will discuss its different aspects. So, let’s start!

Who Should Take Roadside Assistance Add-on?

The following type of individuals should choose roadside assistance with their comprehensive car insurance or two wheeler insurance. Have a look!

  1. Individuals who have a car or a bike with an age of below 5 years should go for this add-on with their car insurance and bike insurance. This add-on will help them maintain the vehicle & its parts and also increase its longevity.
  2. Bike or car riders can face an emergency without any prior warning. This add-on can help them in those needful times.
  3. Roadside assistance can be a blessing for someone not well-versed with the basic repairing of the car or bike.
  4. Individuals who are unaware of the nearby garages in the area

What is Covered Under Roadside Assistance Add-on?

Let’s understand what is covered under roadside assistance so that you can understand all its benefits. Have a look below!

Flat Battery

Minor issues in the battery of your car or bike can bring a halt to your vehicle. In such cases, your roadside assistance add-on could help you. The insurer will pay for all the labor and conveyance costs incurred on your battery.

Spare Keys 

Your vehicle can be an immovable piece of metal without its key. When you lose your keys due to some unfortunate situations, your roadside assistance add-on could help you arrange the pickup and delivery of your spare keys. In case the keys aren’t available, the insurer will provide the required technicians to get you out of this situation.

Flat Tyre

Your roadside assistance could be a perfect solution when you are stranded due to your flat tyre, and there isn’t a repair shop nearby. This add-on will provide the due assistance to replace your flat tyre with a spare tyre.

Towing Facility

Policyholders can also avail of the towing facility in case your vehicle cannot get the due repair work at the spot. In such cases, your car will need to be sent to a nearby garage.

Medical Coordination

Where you meet with an accident and require the necessary medical treatment, your roadside assistance could help you. It will coordinate with the nearest hospital or medical center to provide all the necessary medical help.

Fuel Assistance

Out-of-fuel is one of those problems which every one of us must have faced with our vehicles at some point in our life. In such a situation, your roadside assistance will provide a certain amount of fuel to your location. The quantity of free fuel may vary from one policy to another policy.

Minor Repairs

Roadside assistance with your car or bike insurance can also help you with the problems that need only a few minor repairs as soon as possible.

Note: Insurers put a limit on the number of times an individual can enjoy the benefits of roadside assistance in a policy year. Fuel assistance also has a certain limit during a policy year.

Factors to Consider before Buying Roadside Assistance Add-on

You should consider the following important factors before purchasing a roadside assistance add-on for your vehicle insurance policy. Please check!

Dealer Benefit

Some dealers provide roadside assistance along with the purchase of the car. In such a case, purchase this add-on after the expiry of the dealer benefit.

Usage of your Vehicle

People who often go for long drives outside their cities should go for roadside assistance add-on as they could need it anytime.

Condition of your Vehicle

If your car is prone to problems, you should choose this add-on as you could face the problem of malfunctioning anytime.

Garages Availability

If you often travel to unknown locations where you are unfamiliar with the available garages nearby, you can choose roadside assistance for your car or bike insurance.

What is Not Covered Under Roadside Assistance?

The policyholder will not get any roadside assistance in case the following situation happens.

  1. If an individual is involved in any illegal activities and needs roadside assistance, the claim will not be approved.
  2. If an individual is driving a car or two wheeler under the influence of drugs or alcohol, roadside assistance will not be available.
  3. All rules and regulations of driving should be followed. Also, the driving of the vehicle should be according to its respective manual.

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