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Insurance is a way of handling risks and it is undoubtedly the utmost need for everyone, be it life insurance or health insurance. With the rising cost of medical expenses and increasing inflation, the need for insurance cannot be ignored. Today, almost all service providers are offering insurance to mitigate these kinds of risks. Ola and Uber, as we know, are the two most prominent transport providers in India right now. With their extended operations, ease of use through an app, effortlessness to pay, etc. these two service providers have become the most popular mode of transport which are available to all in almost all the parts in India. Ola and Uber understand the need of having insurance coverage and therefore provides its riders secured travel always. Let us see the important points that you need to know about the insurance coverage provided by Ola and Uber in detail.

Uber Insurance Coverage

All rides that you take through an Uber is now safe and secure with no added cost irrespective of the fact whether you are travelling in a four-wheeler or a two-wheeler. The insurance coverage by Uber gives you full coverage in case you meet with an accident and helps to protect you and your dear and near ones from incurring a high medical cost.

Description of the Insurance Coverage

The cover is for the physical injury of the riders caused due to an accident in all modes of Uber transports in India. The insurance coverage starts from the moment the rider after booking through the Uber app steps into the vehicle and remains there till he or she leaves the said vehicle.

Types of Benefits under Uber Insurance Coverage

Uber insurance covers three types of benefits which are mentioned in the below table:

Death BenefitPermanent or Total Disability Benefit (Amount in INR)Hospitalization due to an Accident (Amount in INR)
INR 500000INR 500000INR 200000

Uber is the main policyholder of certain group insurance plans which covers UberX trips and these policies are being issued by Bharti Axa General Insurance Company Limited. Also, uber is the key policyholder of another group insurance plan which covers all the UberMOTO and UberAUTO trips and these policies are issued by Tata-AIG General Insurance Company Limited.

Claims Under Uber Insurance Coverage

You as an uber rider can go to the option Past Trips and can provide your comment about your ride. When you go to the main menu and select “help”, you will get to see the option “Trip and Fate Review”. From here, you will then need to select “I was involved in an accident” option. Uber team will get in touch with you and their insurance partner as mentioned above, for you to go ahead with the process of claim. Uber team is available 24*7 to provide continuous support to all its riders for a hassle-free claim.

OLA Insurance Coverage

Ola provides Customer Tour Insurance coverage at a minimal premium of Re. 1 for the daily rides, INR 10 for the availing facility under Ola Rentals and INR 15 for getting the advantages under Ola outstation.

Types Of Benefits Under Ola Insurance Coverage

Ola insurance covers three types of benefits which are mentioned in the below table:

Benefits TypeWithin the City
(Amount in INR)
On Rent (Amount in INR)Outside the City (Amount in INR)
Accidental Death Benefit/500000750000750000
Permanent Total Disability
Permanent Partial Disability500000750000750000
Transportation of Mortal remains100001000010000
Domestic Flight Miss5000NA7500
Loss of luggage NANA7500
Medical Expenditures due to accident1000002000000200000
Daily Hospital Reimbursement with a maximum of 7 days500 per day750 per day1000 per day
Treatment in Outdoor300030005000
Ambulance and emergency medical coverage100001000010000
Insurance cover for home and other related risksNANA100000

The insurance coverage provided by Ola also is offered by Acko Insurance and covers availed under this plan can be taken by all the registered customers on their respective Ola application in their cell or other online network, which are owned by Ola which includes the One Travel Desk and commonly known as “Ola App” by choosing ride insurance option.

Claims Under Ola Insurance Coverage

Ola’s process of claim is very simple and easy. You as an Ola rider can lodge a claim on Ola application in their registered cell number or Acko Mobile Application or at the official Acko website or can also call at Acko helpline number 18602662257) and register the claim.

You would be required to below documents while claiming:

  1. Bills from the hospital and the summary of discharge for all medical treatment cases.
  2. Essential certificates confirming the rider’s death or his or her disability.
  3. FIR for loss of luggage
  4. Confirmation about the flight miss from the respective airline.
  5. Bills from hotels for any emergency halt.

The below steps will be required to be followed by you to claim:

  1. Select the ride from ‘Your Rides’ option to claim.
  2. Click ‘Support’ from the lowest bar.
  3. Click on the ‘Claim Insurance for this ride’ option from the listed issues.
  4. Select and click on ‘Claim Insurance’ key and claim.

A slight familiarity can make an immense change when it’s a matter of buying the insurance plans to protect yourself and your family from the unforeseen financial loss and unwanted risks. Hence, if you know what you are entitled to get can save you from incurring a lot of medical expenses and can reduce your tension and can get the necessary insurance coverage. So, read well and be aware.

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