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SBI Car Insurance Policy

Car insurance is a mandatory document for all car owners whether private or commercial. RTO and the Ministry of Road Transport have made car insurance mandatory as it secures the car owner from any damages. As we avail life insurance to secure any expenses related to our life like medical emergency, childbirth, etc. similarly the car insurance policy is availed to secure from any damages caused to the vehicle.

In India, there are various general insurance providers offering a vast range of car insurance products. State Bank of India is one of the premier general insurance company and the SBI car insurance policy is amongst one of the best general insurance policies. The SBI’s Car insurance policy is designed not only to offer protection against damages, natural calamities, theft, etc. but also cover for third party damages or losses and even take care of the legal expenses, if any. SBI’s car insurance policy is a customized car insurance plan that fulfils all the insurance needs and provides protection to the vehicle.

SBI Car Insurance Policy Key Features and Benefits

The SBI’s Car Insurance Policy offers the following key features and benefits

  1. One of the biggest benefits of availing the SBI car insurance policy is – it offers compulsory 3rd party liability cover which includes covering any damages like death or physical damage to person or property.
  2. The plan also offers personal accident cover of Rs 15 Lakhs, Vehicle occupants can also be covered.
  3. Car owner can avail multiple add-on covers by paying additional premium.
    • NCB, Key Replacement
    • Bi-Fuel Kit
    • Loss of Belongings
  4. The SBI car insurance policy covers the legal liability for – paid-drivers and employees
  5. A cover offers full claim and complete depreciation reimbursement on the value of parts replaced.
  6. Under the policy following coverage is offered to the vehicle owner:
    • Loss or damage to the vehicle or its accessories caused due to Fire, explosion, lightning, earthquake, flood, burglary, theft, etc.
    • Road Side Assistance in a specific scenario. Towing assistance is offered in case of mechanical or electrical breakdown of the vehicle.

Major Exclusions of SBI Car Insurance Policy

The SBI car insurance policy does not cover for the loss or damage in the certain specific scenario as under:

  1. Any damage or loss arising while driving a car without a license or valid license
  2. Any damages or loss caused while driving a car under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  3. No coverage is offered for any damage, theft or loss if the vehicle owner is involved in the act of in event of war, theft, riot, terrorist activity, etc.

Reasons to Buy SBI Car Insurance Policy

SBI is one of the most well-known brands in every sector – banking, insurance, general insurance, etc. SBI General Insurance company is formed by a joint venture between State Bank of India and Insurance Australia Group. The company caters to various insurance needs of its customers by offering best-in-the-class products and that too at affordable prices. The following are the main reasons to buy Car Insurance from SBI.

Transparent Service: All the services offered by SBI general insurance are transparent. The company does not charge its customers any hidden costs or charges.

Huge Network of Garages: SBI provides its customer access to thousands of garages across the country. Customers can also avail of the cashless facility at the network garages.

Claim Settlement Ratio: SBI has an outstanding track record of offering hassle-free claim settlement.

Customer service: The company has a wide network of branches across India and is dedicated to offering the best in class customer services through its huge channel of branches.

Final Words

Car Insurance Policy from SBI is the best car insurance plan to cover against any losses or damages caused to your car or to third party vehicle

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