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A wide network of cashless garages, hassle-free claim experience, 98.6% claim settlement ratio and 24×7 emergency assistance facility are some reasons that make Royal Sundaram Car Insurance popular among customers. You can also customize your policy with multiple Royal Sundaram car insurance add-on covers by paying an additional premium. Some of them are NCB Protector, Windshield Glass Add-on, Engine Protector, Tyre Cover and Key Replacement Cover.

On this page, we will talk about them in detail so that you can understand them better. Let’s start without any further ado.

Different Add-on Covers to Choose with Royal Sundaram Car Insurance

Royal Sundaram offers 13 unique add-on covers from which you can choose according to your needs to enhance your existing coverage. We have talked about them in detail below. Do check to know more.

No Claim Bonus (NCB) Protector

No Claim Bonus (NCB) is a reward on premiums discount that you can get on not claiming in the previous policy year. Depending on your claim history, the NCB discount ranges from 20% to 50%. With the NCB protector, an insured person can take up to two own damage claims in a policy year without any impact on the same slab of NCB at the time of renewal next year.

Note: A policyholder will be eligible for the next slab of NCB if a comprehensive policy runs for at least 12 months without any damage claim under the policy.

Depreciation Waiver Cover

With this add-on cover, you will get the full coverage amount without any deduction for the depreciation on the value of plastic and metal parts being replaced. One of the best things about this add-on is that you will get the full value of the parts without any deduction, so you don’t need to pay anything.

For this add-on, the minimum premium amount stands at INR 100. Also, this add-on is only available for vehicles up to 5 years of age.

Windshield Glass Cover

During the policy year, if the windscreen glass (front or rear) of your vehicle breaks in an accident and needs to be repaired or replaced, Windshield Glass Cover will do the same without affecting your NCB. This claim will be treated as an Own Damage. So, you can protect your NCB with this add-on. The minimum premium for this add-on stands at INR 50.

Note: You will only get the claim when there are no damages to the vehicle.

Voluntary Deductible Cover

With this add-on from Royal Sundaram Car Insurance, you can protect the overall value of your car by paying a low premium. The reason being the insurer will cover only the damage above the voluntary deductible limit (INR 1,500 – 15,000). By choosing this add-on, you can get a discount on the premium ranging from 15- 35% on the own damage premium.

Full Invoice Price Insurance Cover

This add-on helps you get the full reimbursement on the invoice amount of your car in case of theft or total damage. The minimum premium amount for this add-on stands at INR 100.

Note: This add-on is available only for new vehicles or up to 3 years old.

Loss of Baggage Cover

With a minimum premium of INR 100, you can get reimbursement in case you lose or face damages to the baggage placed in your car. One of the benefits is that your NCB will not get affected if you have claimed the same. This add-on will be applicable only while traveling in the insured car anywhere in India. The deductible amount on every claim will be INR 500 per claim.

Spare Car Clause

This Royal Sundaram Add-on Cover provides a fixed sum for hiring a transport while your vehicle is under repair for a valid claim and repair time exceeds one day. The maximum number of days for which you will get this benefit depends on the claim amount. For a claim amount greater than INR 1 lakh, you can get up to 15 days of benefit.

Note: The add-on is applicable only for new vehicles and cars up to 3 years of age.

Engine Protector or Aggravation (Damage) Cover Clause

If you are someone who travels through waterlogged roads during monsoon and fear damage to the engine, gearbox, and internal parts (due to water ingression or leakage of lubricating oil), an engine protector add-on could suit you. This add-on cover will cover the damages to the following –

  • Engine – Internal parts
  • GearBox – Internal parts
  • Transmission or Differential internal parts
  • Power Steering Pump internal parts

The add-on will cover the expenses incurred on the following.

  • Repairs and/or replacement of the parts of the units mentioned above
  • The labor cost directly connected with repairing or replacing the parts
  • Cost of Lubricants and Consumables

Key Replacement Add-on

Royal Sundaram will cover the expenses incurred on the repair or replacement of the car keys without deducting any amount towards depreciation (including labor costs) in case you misplace or lose your car keys. You can get a maximum of two replacements or reimbursements during the policy term.

Note: The add-on will only cover the vehicles registered in India.

Tyre Cover

This add-on from Royal Sundaram will cover the damages to your car tyre(s) or tube(s) due to the following reasons.

  • Impact cuts or bursts
  • Impact bulging on the sidewall (excluding manufacturing defect, chemical or atmospherical damages)
  • Flattering of the tyre due to hard braking

Lifetime Road Clause

Available for vehicles up to three years of age, the add-on will pay the unexpired portion of road tax with the loss cover amount in case of theft or total loss of your vehicle. To get this add-on, you must submit proof of payment of road tax. The minimum premium for this add-on stands at INR 100.

Enhanced Personal Accident Cover

With this add-on, the policy will protect the owner or driver in case of an accident. The coverage amount will be up to INR 50 lakh (in multiples of INR 1 lakh). The insurer will cover as per the following extent of bodily injuries.

  • 100% of the sum insured for death only, loss of two limbs or sight of two eyes or one limb and sight of one eye & Permanent Total Disablement from injuries
  • 50% of Capital Sum Insured for Loss of one Limb or Sight of one eye

Vehicle Replacement Value Plus Add-on

In case of theft or total damage to your car, this Royal Sundaram Add-on will provide full reimbursement on the invoice value. This add-on is available for new cars and up to 10 years of age. You can choose from the following four plans as per your needs.

  • Full Invoice Price
  • Full Invoice Price + Road Tax
  • Full Invoice Price + Road Tax + Registration charges
  • Full Invoice Price + Road Tax and registration charges + Insurance Cost

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