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It is advised to keep your car’s engine and its parts in a perfect state to ensure it always runs smoothly. However, engine repair work or replacement can cost up to around INR 1-1.5 lakh. Although a car insurance policy does not provide coverage for the same, you can get so with an engine protection add-on cover. Engine protection cover helps individuals protect themselves from any expenses incurred towards the repair of the engine and its parts.

If you are someone who wants to protect your engine and its parts and looking to know more about engine protection cover, this page is for you!. So, let’s discuss the engine protection add-on!

Who Should Take Engine Protection Cover Add-on?

The proper functioning of a car’s engine contributes highly to its longevity. The following type of individuals would find this add-on with their comprehensive car insurance plan interesting. Please check!

  1. Individuals living in areas prone to waterlogging or floods as excessive water can damage engine at a much faster rate
  2. For individuals who have an expensive car as the repair or replacement cost of the engine and its parts can be substantially higher compared to basic cars
  3. Professional motorsport teams or commercial fleet owners
  4. For individuals who want to ensure their financial security in case something wrong happens with their car’s engine
  5. Individuals who have bought a new car and want to ensure its longevity

What is Covered under Engine Protection Cover Add-on?

Let’s understand what is covered under the engine protection cover add-on. Have a look below!

Damage to Car’s Engine and its Parts

Engine protection cover provides the coverage for expenses incurred on the repair and replacement cost for the engine and its child parts such as pistons, connecting rods, crankshaft, cylinder head, etc.

Damages to Car’s Gearbox

A gearbox is one of the vital parts of the car’s architecture as it helps in reducing or increasing the speed. Any damage to it can cost you a hefty amount while repairing or replacing. But with the engine protection cover add-on, you will receive coverage against costs incurred on repair or replacement of the gearbox.

Water Ingression

The engine of your car can be damaged due to the intrusion of excessive outside water in the engine. With this add-on, you will be covered for repair or replacement of the engine parts due to water ingression in the engine.

Leakage of Lubricant Oil

Engine protection cover will cover all the damages and losses caused to the engine or its parts because of the leakage of lubricant oil.

Damage to Hydrostatic Lock

If you try to start the moist engine multiple times, it can lead to an engine failure that further damages the hydrostatic lock. But you don’t need to worry as your add-on will cover any such damage or loss.

Cost of Consumables

During engine repair, you would need several consumable parts such as nuts, bolts, lubricating oil, coolant, etc. If you choose the engine protection cover add-on, you don’t need to pay for any consumables.

Undercarriage Damage

Lubricant leakage caused by some external impact can also lead to undercarriage damage to the engine and/or gearbox and/or internal transmission parts of the car. Engine protection cover also provides coverage for the same.

Labour Costs

Your engine protection cover add-on with the car insurance policy will also provide coverage for the labor cost incurred during the repair or replacement work of your damaged engine and/or its parts.

Note: Car insurers also put a limit on the number of claims (usually up to 2 claims in a policy year) under the engine protection cover add-on.

What is the Premium Amount for Engine Protection Cover?

Engine protection cover add-on is optional and you will need to pay an additional premium amount apart from the basic premium of your car insurance policy. The premium amount changes from one insurer to another.

Usually, the cost of protecting your engine & its parts with this add-on is around 2% of the present market value of your car. Suppose the present value of your car is INR 4 lakh, the premium for this add-on would be around INR 8,000.

What is Not Covered under Engine Protection Cover Add-on?

You can check the exclusions under the engine protection cover add-on mentioned below.

  1. Age of the Car – The age of your car should not be more than 5 years old.
  2. Force-start the Engine – The add-on will not provide any coverage if an individual has tried to forcefully start the engine of a car submerged in water. This can lead to a rejection of the claim.
  3. Consequential Damages – Damages caused to your engine after an accident or in an already damaged car are known as consequential damages. Engine protection add-on will not provide coverage for such damages.
  4. Damage Covered by Manufacturer – During the warranty period, your add-on will not cover any damages already covered by your car manufacturer. Once the warranty period expires, you will start getting coverage against any damages or losses with this add-on cover.

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