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Car Insurance is an insurance plan that offers financial coverage to the insured car in the hour of need. With the support of a car insurance plan, the policyholder will receive the necessary cover against the vehicle loss or damage that has happened due to an accident, fire, theft, explosion, natural calamities and many more. In India, about 40-50 accidents take place each hour. What are you going to do if the cost of repairing is high and you are not in a position to afford the cost? Will there by anyone who will be accountable for all the damages? This is where an operative car insurance policy will do its work. Individuals who have insured their vehicles with an effective car insurance policy can request the insurer for support and get all the repairs done for your car. For third-party liability, if you have an in-force car insurance plan, the insurer will deal with it without any disturbance. Nevertheless, no one will provide you the essential coverage to you if your automobile is uninsured. You would have to pay for all the damages from your own pocket which is certainly not desirable.

Other than the benefit of compensating for the loss or damage and its related medicinal treatments because of an injury, the car or the owners may face some severe legal consequences. And this is exactly the reason why it is compulsory to have an in-force car insurance policy according to the Indian Law of The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

A brief view on types of Car Insurance

Car Insurance is broadly categorized in two different ways in India. These are stated as below:

Third-Party Liability Plans

Under this plan, the insured person will get the coverage for the damages done to a third-party. However, there will be no cover for any loss or damage which has happened to the policyholder.

Comprehensive Plans

This is the most popular and commonly taken plan, as it covers both the third-party liabilities as well as the insured. This plan also provides complete coverage to your vehicle and you need not worry about anything.

Online and Offline Procedure

In today’s times, there are many general insurance companies offering car insurance. But what is the best way to avail the same at the least possible cost? Well, let us see the same.

Car Insurance can be taken online as well as offline, which means that you can buy a car insurance policy online and you can approach any agent to do the same for you. However, buying online plans are much more beneficial than offline. And before doing so you may consider having a comparison between the plans offered online.

Here are the reasons why you must compare online quotes?

  1. Many Options: Since there are many plans which are available in the market, it is always better to compare and choose the best plan which gives the maximum coverage to your vehicle with the least cost.
  2. Convenience: You can compare the online plans easily for various insurers without any hassles.
  3. Transparent: It is always a better idea to compare car insurance policies online as you get to see all the details connected with it like inclusions, exclusions thereby helping you to choose the right product.
  4. Minimum Documentation: Online car insurance plans have easy documentations and you need not worry about any complexities on the same. Furthermore, a soft copy is also given to you once you complete the buying procedure.

Benefits of buying online Car Insurance

In this age of digitalization, online Car Insurance policies are always convenient and time-saving. Therefore, all insurers try their best to provide online benefits for all products to the customers and car insurance is no exception to this strategy. The benefits are as follows:

  1. Fast and easy accessibility to quotes: Policyholders are required to fill up an online questionnaire with the right information about their vehicle, their individual details, and other details as required which are very user-friendly. You will just have to wait a few moments before you receive manifold insurance offers from the authorized insurers online.
  2. Hassle-free with reduced time: You can buy a car insurance policy online without any trouble and takes the least time.
  3. Getting online quotes are free of cost: Online quotations are totally free of cost. You do not have to pay any intermediaries to get car insurance quotations.
  4. Compare the top car insurer: With online quotes, you can find better deals from the insurers. You will be in a position to see and compare various insurance plans as per your need and select accordingly as per your budget.
  5. Reasonable cost and less documentation: Online car insurance plans offer a discount as well which you can avail and get a good premium rate. With fewer documents to be submitted, your life becomes much easier.
  6. Immediate Premium Calculation and Approval: Nowadays it is very common to see an inbuilt tool for calculating the insurance premium. Fill up certain details, choose the sum insured and you get to see the premium amount instantly after which you can go ahead and apply which will be approved by the insurer.
  7. Accurate Premiums: You can get to see an accurate premium amount provided you give the correct details of course. With your budget and amount of coverage required, you can choose the right plan and get all the necessary coverages.


Always compare all online car insurance plans, read the inclusions and exclusions details carefully and choose the appropriate plan. Remember, car insurance is a must and you must not delay in this matter. Secure yourself and your vehicle and drive safely.

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