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An insurance plan for your car is a basic necessity to secure your future from huge financial drainage on happening of any car accident. If you stay in New Delhi and you are looking to buy a car insurance plan, it is ideal to buy a comprehensive car insurance policy as the busy traffic leads to more accidents and more claims. Being a metropolitan city, high the population leads to heavy traffic and more road accidents. Comprehensive car insurance plan saves you from the financial crisis which may arise due to such accidents. 

Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

The comprehensive Car insurance policy provides wider coverage and benefits and act as a shield providing complete coverage from all the damages arising due to the accidents as well as covers damages for theft or loss of the insured car.

Coverage of Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan 

Third Party Liability

Any damages caused to the third party or third party property due to an accident from the insured car will be paid by the insurance company. The third party liability insurance is mandatory and the coverage of third party liability in this insurance plan is unlimited. 

Personal Damages

The damages that may be caused to the driver of the car due to an accident is also covered under the comprehensive insurance policy. If your child who is a teen has recently started driving or is still a learner, he/she is prone to accidents. In such a case, the comprehensive insurance plan will pay all for injury or any unfortunate death due to an accident caused to the driver. However, the liability under the comprehensive car insurance plan is limited up to the sum assured in the policy. 

Own damages

The car suffering from an accident can also be damaged. The comprehensive insurance plan also covers all the damages caused to the insured vehicle due to an accident. Theft or loss of the car is also covered under the comprehensive car insurance policy. The insurance company will pay compensation to the holder of the policy if his/her car has been lost or stolen.

Benefits of Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

  1. Comprehensive car insurance plan is the highest level of coverage for your car
  2. In the event of car accidents involving your fault, you can claim for the losses incurred in all such situations under the comprehensive car insurance plan
  3. Complete financial protection and peace of mind to the policyholder

Best Car Insurance in New Delhi

Many Insurance Companies offers various car insurance policy with variant features and benefits to suit the insurance needs of its customers. There is two variant of insurance policy offered by each of the insurance company which includes only third party insurance and comprehensive car insurance. Some of the best car insurance in New Delhi are as follows: 

Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance

Car Insurance plan offered by Bajaj Allianz provides comprehensive and wider coverage to its coverage with extra benefits. It offers third party liability and own damages cover and wide range of add ons to be added to increase its coverage as per your requirement. The features of Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance are as follows: 

  1. The facility of cashless settlement across 4000+ preferred network workshops. 
  2. Fast settlement of the claim and claim updates through SMS alert to the policyholder
  3. No-claim bonus up to 50% can be availed and transferred from any other insurance company.

IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Plan

IFFCO Tokio insurance company ensures all assortments of unfortunate events are completely covered under its comprehensive car insurance policy. It provides coverage from legal liability due to injury, death or damage to property of the third party as well as your own vehicle. Features of IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance are as follows: 

  1. Easy claim settlement process and cashless facility across 2000+ network garages
  2. Stress free system of processing, as well as the settlement of the claim and also, facilitates easy enrollment and renewal of the plan 
  3. They have in-house surveyors who are well trained to ensure every claim to be attended within least expected time ensuring faster settlement of the claim

Liberty Car Insurance

Car insurance plans offered by Liberty General Insurance provides complete security from financial liability arising due to an accident. It involves simple documentation and inspection process providing ease to the policyholders. Key features of the Liberty Car Insurance policy are as follows: 

  1. Facilitates cashless settlement to the holder of the policy across 615 network garages
  2. Settlement of claim within 7 working days and provides 24×7 helpline service to resolve all the queries of the policyholders
  3. Facilitates to choose various add-on protection with additional premium payment

New India Car Insurance 

The car insurance policy offered by New India provides coverage from damages from natural calamities such as earthquake, floods, cyclones, etc as well as from man made calamities such as burglary, theft, etc. Key features of New India Car Insurance as follow:

  1. Offers a discount for members of anti-theft device
  2. Easy renewal of the insurance plan online or by visiting the branch of the insurance company
  3. No-claim bonus can be availed at the time of renewal and ensures cashless settlement across all network workshops

Reliance Car Insurance

Reliance Car Insurance safeguards the policyholder from the damages suffered to the insured car as well as the damages which is caused to third party or third party property. Reliance General Insurance has the quickest claim settlement process and it offers insurance plans for both business and private cars. The key features of Reliance Car Insurance plan are as follows: 

  1. Issuance of car insurance plan online but it is only available for private vehicles
  2. Availability of any time road assistance in case of accidents or breakdowns
  3. 3800+ network garages/workshops for cashless settlement facility to the policyholder


New Delhi is one of the most populated and polluted states of India. Owning to higher risk-prone state, you should secure yourself from all the damages and financial cost arising due to car accident. Buying a comprehensive car insurance policy will act as complete security and addition of add-ons will help you to enhance its coverage as per your requirement. However, you should compare various car insurance plans online before buying to choose the best car insurance which suits your needs and requirements. 

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