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Every owner of a car is mandatorily required to have a third party insurance policy as per the Motor Vehicles Act. If you have a car, you are required to buy a car insurance plan to drive your vehicle freely on the road an avoid incurring charges and penalty. You can either buy a third party car insurance plan or a comprehensive car insurance plan which includes third party liability. Car Insurance is on the car and it provides coverage from any damages caused due to an accident with the insured car. If you child who is a teen and have recently started driving the vehicle, it is advised to buy a comprehensive car insurance plan instead of mandatory third party insurance plan as comprehensive insurance plan has a wider coverage and it includes the injury caused to the driver at the time of the accident.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

Comprehensive Car Insurance policy as its name suggests provides comprehensive coverage to the holder of the policy. This insurance plans provide coverage for third party liability, personal accident cover, and damages caused to the own car due to the accident and also provides coverage against the car lost or stolen.

Benefits of Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

Benefits of a Comprehensive Car Insurance policy are as follows:

  1. It provides loss or damages to the car, the driver and the third party ensuring complete protection.
  2. It provides coverage against death or permanent or temporary disability due to an accident
  3. It acts as a protective shield from all the future financial liability that may arise due to an accident and ensure financial support on the event of an unfortunate event.

Best Car Insurance in India for Teens

Many Insurance Companies provider car insurance policy to suit the variant needs of the customers. For teens, one should ensure wider and higher coverage as they are still learning and are on higher risk. Some of the best car insurance policies in India for teens are as follows:

HDFC EGRO- Car Insurance 1 year Comprehensive Plan

This car insurance plan by HDFC EGRO provides complete coverage to the holder of the policy for his/her car against the damages, personal accident and third party liability for a period of one year.
Features of HDFC EGRO Car Insurance 1 year comprehensive plan

  1. This plan facilitates cashless garages benefits with 6800+ network garages
  2. This plan offers various add-on riders to be added to the plan to enhance its coverage such as zero depreciation rider, engine and gearbox protector, etc
  3. You can make unlimited claims under this car insurance plan

Bharti AXA Car Insurance

Bharti AXA is one of the most trusted insurers in India. The comprehensive car insurance policy offered by Bharti AXA provides extra coverage to the holder of the policy at nominal and lower cist. The policyholder gets 24/7 claim assistance and discount on the amount of premiums through the facility of no claim bonus. Features of Bharti AXA Car Insurance Plan are as follows:

  1. The facility of Cashless garages with 3000+ cashless network garages in India
  2. Various add-on covers are offered to be added to the plan which increases the coverage of the policy such as depreciation cover, roadside assistance cover, etc
  3. The renewal of the plan is hassle free and paperless ensuring ease to the policyholder at the time of renewal

Future Generali- Future Motor Secure

Future Motor Secure offered by Future Generali is a comprehensive health insurance plan which takes care of all the damages that may be incurred by your vehicle. This car insurance plan covers everything including the third party expenses. The features of Future Generali- Future Motor Secure plan are as follows:

  1. The plan provides instant issuance and automated service of renewal reminder.
  2. Zero depreciation, return to invoice, theft or loss of keys, etc benefits can be added as a rider with the plan to enhance its coverage and ensure flexibility
  3. This plan facilitates timely claim survey and finalisation of the claim within 7 working days of the receipt of the documents

Royal Sundaram Comprehensive Car Insurance

The comprehensive Car Insurance policy offered by Royal Sundaram fulfils all the legal as well as the personal car insurance requirement of individuals. This insurance policy provides extensive and comprehensive insurance coverage on the insured vehicle. Features of Royal Sundaram Comprehensive car insurance policy are as follows:

  1. This plan offers the policyholder cashless settlement at more than 4600+ network garages
  2. Various add- on riders is facilitated such as windshield glass add-on cover, zero depreciation add-on cover, etc
  3. Various complimentary services are provided such as free flat tire service, free roadside assistance, etc

ICICI Lombard Car Insurance

ICICI Lombard Motor Insurance is a comprehensive car insurance policy which provides coverage to the insured from damages and loss caused due to natural as well as man made calamities. Features of ICICI Lombard Motor Insurance Plan are as follows:

  1. Facility to transfer the no claim bonus when you choose to shift your insurance provider
  2. Offers cashless claim to the holder of the policy over 2900+ network garages
  3. Instant issuance of the policy with free reminder service for renewal of the insurance plan


Comprehensive car Insurance plan safeguards the policyholder from all the future liability and financial drainage on the event of an accident. It is advised to buy a comprehensive car insurance plan with required add-on rider for teens. However, before you buy a plan, you should compare it online and then buy the one which best suit your requirement at affordable premium cost and you can also add the covers available to increase the coverage of your plan.

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