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Best Car Insurance for New Drivers

Car Insurance is a basic necessity to secure yourself from any financial problem that may occur due to a car accident. Car insurance policy provides coverage from damages caused due to a car accident. Third-party car insurance is mandatory under the Motor Vehicle’s Act, 1988 which provides coverage against third party damages whether it is physical damage caused to a third party or property damage. However, third party plans do not cover damages suffered by the car. Hence, you should buy a comprehensive car insurance policy as it covers both third party liability as well as personal damages. If you are a new driver with less driving experience then the risk of accidents is higher and therefore it is advisable for you to buy a Comprehensive car insurance policy as it is the highest security you can take for your car.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

Comprehensive car insurance policy provides coverage to the owner of the car from any damages that can be caused by the car to the third party or suffered by the car due to an accident. It covers third party liability, damages caused to the car and injury or death of the owner/driver. It also covers expenses incurred in repair and theft or loss of car.

Benefits of Comprehensive Car Insurance policy

Comprehensive car insurance policy acts as a shield protecting the insured from financial crisis that may arise in future due to an accident. The benefits offered by comprehensive car insurance plans are as follows:-

  1. It shoulders the financial loss suffered by the insured in case of a car-related accident which causes third party injuries or property damage
  2. It also covers the financial loss suffered due to death or disability of the owner/driver of the car in case of an accident
  3. The optional add-on riders offered with the comprehensive car insurance plans provide the policyholder with the benefit of enhancing their coverage and benefits.

Best Car Insurance policy for New Drivers

Car insurance plans are offered by various insurance companies with different coverage and various benefits. For a new driver it is quite important to have a car insurance plan that provides full coverage as the risk of accidents is high. Moreover, the coverage should also be availed at reasonable premiums so that the policy is affordable. Thus, some of the best car insurance plans that can be brought by new drivers are listed below:-

Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance

Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance plan offers affordable and flexible coverage. It is light on the pocket and offers to add on covers that increase the value that you get. The key features of Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance are as follows:-

  1. It provides Motor On-The-Spot service which allows the policyholder to conduct a self-survey of the car in case of an accident and it also settles the claims on the spot in a hassle- freeway.
  2. It provides affordable premium rates, comprehensive and wider coverage and flexible add on covers that are also available online on the official website which makes the process of buying the policy easy and fast.
  3. It offers zero depreciation cover that helps the policyholder to avail a higher claim settlement.

New India Assurance Car Insurance

New India Assurance Car Insurance plan covers damages and losses caused to the third party, the car, its accessories and to the driver or the owner of the car due to an accident. It is the most comprehensive coverage that you can buy for your car. The key features of New India Assurance Car Insurance are listed below:-

  1. It offers no claim bonus benefit to the policyholder. The policyholder can claim the bonus at the time of renewal if the policyholder has not made any claim in a previous policy year.
  2. It offers easy claim settlement by filling a form online. After a successful process, the claim is settled within a few days.

The Oriental Insurance Car Insurance

Oriental Car Insurance Plan provides coverage to the policyholder from accidental loss or damages to the car, liability of the third party and personal accident cover to owner/driver and various add on covers on payment of extra premium. Features of Oriental car Insurance plan are mentioned below:-

  1. It offers different types of car insurance plans for different coverage needs
  2. If the policyholder has not made any claim in the previous year he/she can get a discount on the basis of no claim bonus at the time of renewal or buying a new insurance policy.

IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Policy

IFFCO Tokio car insurance policy provides complete on-road protection facility to the policyholder. It also covers the expenses incurred for towing the car after accident and its re-delivery. Key features of the policy are listed below:-

  1. It provides 24/7 on-road assistance coverage which offers a number of services that may be required in case the car is immobilized.
  2. It provides hassle free cashless settlement as it has more than 4300 garages providing service tirelessly.
  3. It provides add on covers on payment of extra premium like personal accident cover for passenger, loss or damages of electrical and non electrical accessories to enhance the coverage of your plan

Bharti AXA Car Insurance

Bharti AXA car insurance policy provides all-around coverage under one umbrella Features of Bharti AXA Car Insurance are mentioned below:-

  1.  It has extensive cashless garages network with over 2500 garages in India.
  2. It also provides add on riders like depreciation cover, no claim bonus protection etc.
  3. It provides hassle free and quick settlement of claim by filling up the simple form online.

Best Car Insurance policy for New Drivers Conclusion

Car Insurance policy is offered by many insurance companies. Each insurance product has different features and benefits. Choosing a car insurance plan is a simple task and it can be done by comparing various comprehensive car insurance plans online. You can then select one which offers wider coverage and benefits at affordable rates of premium.

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