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Shriram Life Insurance believes in the path of prosperity and provides exciting products and services to its customers. If you buy any of the Shriram Life Insurance, you will get guaranteed financial protection for your loved ones and dependents in your absence. Its wide-ranging insurance plans have been the reason for many being able to tide over uncertain times successfully. So what are those plans? Well, for that, you need to read this page further.

Term Insurance

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Shriram Life Insurance Featured Plans

The following is the list of life insurance plans that will provide guaranteed returns along with a life cover. Check their details below.

Shriram Life Assured Income Plan

The Income Insurance Plan assures your family income even in your absence. It secures your family financially and also provides you with assured returns on maturity. You can receive a regular income to fulfill your financial responsibilities and dreams with ease. You can choose your policy term from 8 / 10 / 12 / 15 years, and your premium payment term will be the same as your policy term. The life assured can pay the premiums yearly, half-yearly, quarterly or monthly. For additional coverage, you can add protection through riders.

Shriram Life Super Income Plan

A long term Shriram Life Insurance plan for financial needs where you can get coverage till the age of 75 years, Guaranteed Monthly Income till the age of 75 years and lump sum at maturity, flexibility to change the Premium Payment Term from 10-25 years.

Shriram Life Genius Assured Benefit Plan

Parents work hard to secure the future of their children. And Shriram Life Insurance understands this concern of parents that is why it provides Shriram Life Genius Assured Benefit Plan. A life insurance plan to ensure peace of mind as it provides guaranteed financial assistance to your child and family.

At maturity, Sum Assured plus Education Support benefit will be payable. On the other hand, if the life assured, unfortunately, dies during the term, Death Sum Assured will be payable to his/her family.

Shriram Life Golden Premier Saver Plan

Combine protection plan with customized savings options. Shriram Life Golden Premier Saver Plan protects your family as per your chosen policy term. And not only that, but it also grows your savings as an assured benefit at maturity with bonuses. You can get an additional sum assured on survival up to 80 years of age.

Shriram Life Insurance Online Plans

Get a quote for the following Shriram Life Insurance policies by just entering your mobile number on its official website.

Shriram Life Comprehensive Cancer Care

A non-linked non-participating protection plan that provides the best for your family and saves money for future liabilities such as higher education, marriage, etc. And your financial goals don’t get affected by the diagnosis of cancer, so Shriram Life Comprehensive Cancer Care ensures there is no limitation of funds by providing a maximum sum assured of INR 10 crore.

Under this plan, two benefit options are available for you:-

  1. Option 1: Lump Sum – If the initial stage cancer is diagnosed and Lump Sum on critical stage cancer as well.
  2. Option 2: Lump Sum if initial stage cancer is diagnosed and Lump Sum plus income benefit for critical stage cancer.

Shriram Life Online Term Plan

With this, Shriram Life Insurance offers longer protection to individuals up to the age of 75 years and enhances their protection with the optional cover. A high sum assured discount will be provided to your premium rate if you opt for a Higher Sum Assured at the inception of the policy. The company provides lower premium rates for women with a three years setback on premium rates.

When to Claim the Shriram Life Online Term Plan

  1. Death
  2. Death due to accident (if you opt for accidental death benefit cover)
  3. Terminal illness
  4. Total & permanent disability due to accident

Shriram Life Insurance Individual Plans

These Shriram Life Insurance plans are designed for your as well as your family’s requirements.

Savings Plans

Under the list of Shriram Life Insurance savings plan, you will get the option to choose from Shriram Life Assured Income Plan, Shriram Life Super Income Plan, Shriram Life Golden Premier Saver Plan, Shriram Life Genius Assured Benefit Plan, and the following:-

Shriram Life POS Assured Savings Plan

Build your savings while ensuring financial care for your family, even in your absence. Under Shriram Life POS Assured Savings Plan, you will have a life cover without medicals, high maturity benefit for a higher premium as high as 181%, fully assured returns, flexibility to change policy Term and premium payment term, a double cover on accidental death.

Shriram Life Assured Advantage Plus

An endowment plan from Shriram Life Insurance where single premium pay applies and you will get dual benefits like Life Cover and Guaranteed Returns. Key features of Shriram Life Assured Advantage Plus –

  1. Life Cover for 10 years
  2. Guaranteed Returns after 10 years
  3. Three Maturity Benefit Options – Lump Sum, Annual Income and Monthly Income
  4. Additional Protection of Riders on extra premium payments
  5. And Higher Maturity Benefit for Higher Premium

Shriram Life New Akshay Nidhi

For your big dreams, financial goals and family commitments, buy Shriram Life New Akshay Nidhi, an insurance plan that gives you regular income at different intervals. This plan offers periodic survival benefits apart from the maturity and death benefits of your life insurance policy. In this, you will get reversionary bonuses, multiple policy term options, the attractive high sum assured rebates, and additional protection through riders.

Shriram Life Assured Income Plus

A non-linked non-participating endowment assurance plan that caters to the customers who invest for a minimum fixed duration. Shriram Life Assured Income Plus provides you features like a 5-year premium payment term, Life cover for 10 years, Assured Income for 5 years starting from the date of maturity, lower premium when you have a High Sum Assured.

Shriram Life New Shri Life

Shriram Life New Shri Life Plan brings a systematic savings option as it acts as a reliable protection tool for your family in an unfortunate event. Under the plan, you get reversionary bonuses, different premium payment options and an attractive high sum assured rebate.

Shriram Life New Shri Vidya

Shape the future of your child with the Shriram New Shri Vidya plan. It is designed to make your child’s aspirations come true by offering sum assured plus monthly income on death/monetary losses, reversionary bonuses, life cover, the extra sum assured for your child’s educational requirements.

Investment Plans

Our needs change at different life stages, so why don’t we increase our income too? And the easiest way to do this is by investing in the following ULIPs of Shriram Life Insurance.

  1. Shriram Life Growth Plus: It is a saving-oriented unit-linked plan that gives you both life cover and savings via its market-linked returns. Shriram Life Growth plan offers multiple choices of premium payment, fund classes and investment. You can also take this policy for your spouse, child and grandchild.
  2. Shriram Life Fortune Builder: The single premium unit-linked insurance is designed for individuals who have an irregular cash flow. The Shriram Life Fortune Builder offers you multiple funds and investment strategies, the choice of different policy terms, and unlimited fund switches.
  3. Shriram Life Wealth Plus: Shriram Life Wealth Plus unit-linked insurance plan is for protecting your loved ones with a guarantee of financial protection if you die. And this will also grow your investments and maximize returns.

Protection Plans

You can protect yourself and your family financially from the unexpected health risks if you buy the following Shriram Life Insurance Protection plans.

  1. Shriram Life Smart Protection Plan SP: Shriram Life Smart Protection Plan SP is single premium insurance where you can avail of enhanced protection and protect your family and yourself from future uncertainties like death, accidents, etc. The minimum policy term is 6 years.
  2. Shriram Life My Spouse Term Plan: This Shriram Life Insurance provides comprehensive coverage at affordable premiums by protecting you and your spouse against various unfortunate events of life. The company provides life cover up to the age of 75 years, lower premium rates for women, a high sum assured discount, and enhanced protection with optional coverage.
  3. Shriram Life Smart Protection Plan: Pay an annual premium as low as INR 2,000 for Shriram Life Smart Protection Plan. It comes in three different plan options such as –
    1. Silver Option: life cover. enhanced protection.
    2. Gold Option: life cover, in-built accidental death benefit, cover up to 30 years
    3. Diamond Option: life cover and an in-built Critical Illness Benefit
  4. Shriram Life Cash Back Term: Shriram Life Cash Back Term Plan is affordable, provides financial security, has a lump sum payout option, comes with a Return of Premium offer at maturity, and offers additional protection through riders.
  5. Shriram Life Family Protection: Shriram Life Family Protection Plan a non-linked non-participating term insurance that caters to the needs of protection in case of death of the life assured. And under this, premium rebates for the high sum assured is available.
  6. Corona Rakshak Policy: Shriram Life Insurance Corona Rakshak Policy provides a lump sum to you when you are diagnosed with COVID-19 and get hospitalized due to it. The insurer will pay 100% of the Sum Insured without asking any questions, as long as you meet the specified conditions.

Retirement Plans

Do planning for your retirement with any of the following Shriram Life Insurance retirement plan:-

  1. Shriram Life Pension Plus: For your retirement goals, you would want to build a large corpus. And when you do investment for retirement, you will get vesting benefits, steady regular income, no maximum limit on top-up premium, multiple funds and investment strategies, loyalty additions, etc. You have four types of funds to choose from, for investing in a premiums plan.
  2. Shriram Life Immediate Annuity Plus: Shriram Life Immediate Annuity Plus is a non-linked and non-participating single premium plan that aims to provide a lifetime income after retirement. With this plan, you will get an annuity for life, the return of 100% purchase price on death, joint life last-survivor annuity, etc.

Microinsurance Plans

Shriram Grameena Suraksha is a microinsurance term plan that provides life cover at a low cost only to the socially weaker sections of the society.

Group Plans

The list of following Shriram Life Insurance plans is offered to employees by their companies:-

Protection Plans (Group)

With the following group insurance plan, the insured and his family members get the financial cover.

  1. Shriram Life Sujana – It aims to provide financial security to the families of members of the insured group who have a lender-borrower relationship. This will be claimable only when the insured dies.
  2. Shriram Life Group Life Protector (SP) – A non-linked, non-participating group life insurance to protect the family members of the insured in case of unfortunate death.
  3. Shriram Life Group Term Life Insurance Plan – It works as additional life insurance that benefits all employees irrespective of their PF balances, salary level, and service.
  4. Employee Benefits Plans – An insurance plan with guaranteed benefits for the employee.
  5. Shriram Life Group Traditional Employee Benefit Plan – A traditional plan to provide additional life insurance benefits to all the employees, irrespective of their PF balances, salary level, and service.
  6. Shriram Life New Group Gratuity – A unit-linked, non-participating group insurance to give a comprehensive solution to fund the gratuity liability that is cost-effectively and also offers you tax benefits.
  7. Shriram Life Group Superannuation Plan – Shriram Life Group Superannuation Plan is a fund based plan which can be taken by employers to manage the employee pension funds.
  8. Shriram Life Group Term Life Insurance In Lieu Of EDLI – It offers additional life insurance benefits irrespective of your PF balances, salary level, and service.

Special Plans

Shriram Life Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana is a non linked and nonparticipating 1-year renewable group term insurance that offers life insurance to individuals with saving bank accounts.

Microinsurance Plans (Group)

  1. Shriram Life Jana Sahay – A non-linked, non-participating yearly renewable microinsurance that aims to provide financial security to families of unorganized groups or affinity group members.
  2. Shriram Life Shri Sahay (SP) – A plan with a life cover for the socially weaker sections of the society, where they have to pay the premium only once.
  3. Shriram Life Shri Sahay (AP) – A Group Insurance that provides a life cover for socially weaker sections of the society, where the premium is payable annually and life cover will continue throughout the policy term.

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