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Life insurance policies protect your loved ones in case of an unfortunate event like death. But how to file a claim if the insured person is missing? There have been many cases where the insured disappeared in a storm, flood or earthquake. In such cases, the claimant can file a life insurance claim by submitting the presumption of the death certificate. According to Section 108 of the Indian Evidence Act, a person is declared dead after seven years from the date he/she has been reported missing. Read this post below and know more about the life insurance claim process for a missing person.

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How to Obtain a Death Certificate?

To obtain a death certificate, approach the court as it will release the order to the insurance company regarding the insured person’s death after seven years from the date the insured person’s missing report is filed.

Claim Procedure for a Missing Person

To file a life insurance claim in respect of a missing person, follow the steps shown below:

  1. File an FIR
  2. Get a copy of the FIR
  3. A non-traceable report issued by the police
  4. Court order presuming insured as dead

Note: The date of filing FIR would be considered as the date when the insured has gone missing.

List Documents Required

Submit the following documents to the insurer to file a claim in respect of a missing person:

  1. Claimant’s statement form signed by the nominee or legal heir
  2. Copy of the FIR
  3. Missing person report filed with the police
  4. Original policy document
  5. Copy of death certificate
  6. Court order presuming the person is dead

Do Life Insurance Companies Provide Claims Before Seven Years?

In exceptional cases, the insurer will provide a claim before 7 years, provided there is reasonable proof of loss. An insurance company may settle the claim before seven years if there are clear circumstances of death, such as –

  1. Missing cases due to natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, drought, etc. where the government releases a list of persons assumed to be dead.
  2. If the insured’s body has not been found within twelve months after the forced landing, stranding, sinking or wrecking of a conveyance.

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