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  • There are Some Life Insurance Policies that Cover Death Due to Coronavirus.
  • You must fulfill all the conditions to make the nominee claim the amount after your death.
  • Precautions to be taken to avoid Coronavirus Spread and Deaths.

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The Novel Coronavirus has become a pandemic disease and it is causing a lot of deaths. There are more than 20 thousand people who have died due to the Coronavirus Disease and in India the death toll due to Coronavirus rise to 13. Therefore, many individuals are in the dilemma of whether their life insurance policies cover death due to Coronavirus. Well, the answer is yes because many companies are giving the life insurance cover in case of death due to the Covid-19 disease. The nominee will get the sum that is promised to be given after the death of the policy taker.

Conditions that have to be Fulfilled while Claiming the Life Insurance

There are some Indian Insurance companies that give compensation to the dead victims of Coronavirus disease. But there are certain conditions that the policy taker must have fulfilled during his livelihood. 

All the Premiums Must have been Paid on Time

The policyholder must have been paid all the premiums of the insurance policy timely to the company. If there was an omission of premiums then the nominee is not entitled to get any sum of money after the death of the policy taker due to the Coronavirus.

The Death must not be Suicidal

We have seen that there are some of the cases in which the individual diagnosed positive with Covid-19 has attempted suicide. So, the deaths due to suicides even if you are Covid-19 Positive are not covered under the life insurance. The sole reason for the death must be the Coronavirus disease or due to the critical illness.

The Policy Take Must have Nominated Someone

It is mandatory for the policy taker to nominate someone who would be the in-charge of taking the sum of money that was ensured by the insurance company. In the absence of the nominee, the company is not entitled to pay any sum of money to any third person. The company only gives the compensation amount to nominee only.

Methods for Avoiding Coronavirus Spread

Now you are aware of the fact that there are some insurance companies that cover death to Coronavirus. But why are you getting negative thoughts all the time? There are some precautions you must take that prevents Coronavirus and you can overcome death. Death is not the only solution for Coronavirus disease.

Keep Social Distancing

The only way to get rid of the Coronavirus disease is to break the chain of spreading. You must try to pay the premiums of life insurance online and avoid visiting the companies or meeting the representatives. This small move can be very effective to stop the Coronavirus from spreading.

Wash your hands for more than 20 Seconds

You must be aware of the fact that this virus spreads through direct contact. Therefore, you must wash your hand for more than 20 seconds to wipe out the virus and avoid touching your face, nose, and eyes. The only way to the virus to enter the body is through nose, eyes, and mouth.

Wear Masks

According to the recent research of WHO this virus can survive in the air also and it might enter your body through nose or mouth. So, by wearing a mask you can ban the entry of the virus into your body and prevent Covid-19 Disease. It is better to prevent the Coronavirus disease rather than asking for the claim after your death due to the disease.

Increase your Immunity

Vitamin C usually increases your body’s immunity and if you have a strong immunity then there are lesser chances to get ill due to the Coronavirus disease and thus you can overcome the death. If your life insurance policy covers death due to Coronavirus disease then this doesn’t mean that you must avoid taking precautions from it. Precaution is very necessary in the case of Covid-19 disease.


Now, you that the life insurance policies cover death due to Coronavirus but that doesn’t mean that you should stop taking precautions. There are certain conditions that have to be fulfilled if you want to take the sum insured against life insurance. Rest, the precautions totally depends on you to break the chain of the Coronavirus.

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