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It is really important for an individual to save money for their future needs. Either they save money in their bank accounts or investment in the market. But there is a third option for saving money through an investment insurance plan. So, you can see the Star Union Dai-ichi’s Guaranteed Money Back Plan that will help you to accumulate funds for your future. This plan will give you regular payouts after every time span of 5 years so that you can fulfill your financial needs. You can use the funds for fulfilling your dreams and maintaining financial stability. So, you must explore the key features of this plan and see how much money you can save through it.


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Key Features of Guaranteed Money Back Plan

  1. Free to choose the Sum Assured at the time of inception of the policy.
  2. Multiple modes for paying the amount of premium.
  3. Enjoy guaranteed additions on the annualized premium every year.
  4. Get maturity benefits at the end of the policy term.
  5. This plan also includes death benefits so that your family doesn’t face any financial problems after you.
  6. You will get tax deductions as per Section 80C of the Income Tax Act 1961.

Benefits of SUD Life Guaranteed Money Back Plan

Now, you must see all the benefits of this investment insurance plan that will help you boost your savings. You can save funds for your future financial needs through this plan.

Guaranteed Money Back

The company will give you guaranteed money back after the period of every 5 years. The amount of the guaranteed money back will be 200% of the annualized premiums and it will be given every 5 years.

Guaranteed Additions

The company will make guaranteed additions to your invested sum of money. The guaranteed additions will be 6% of the annualized premium paid every year. This addition will increase the final amount that you will receive at the time of maturity.

Lump-Sum Money

After the accumulation of funds, the company will pay you the lump sum money at the time of maturity. You can use this lump sum money to fulfil your dreams and maintain financial stability in the future.

Maturity Benefits

You will get maturity benefits in this policy after the expiry of the policy term. The maturity benefit will include the following sum of money:-

  1. Sum Assured at the time of maturity
  2. Accrued Guaranteed Additions to date.
  3. Excluding Survival Benefits that has already been paid.

Death Benefits

If in case the insured dies an unfortunate death then the company will pay the following benefits to the nominee:-

  1. Sum Assured at the time of death.
  2. Accrued Guaranteed Additions tile the time of death.

Multiple Payment Modes

The company gives you the freedom to choose the premium paying frequency mode in the Star Union Dai-ichi’s Guaranteed Money Back Plan. You can pay the premium of this policy on a Monthly Basis, Yearly Basis, Quarterly Basis, and Half-Yearly Basis.

Wide Range of Sum Assured

The company gives you many options for choosing the sum assured. The minimum sum assured that can be chosen in this policy is Rs.3 Lacs and the maximum sum assured in this policy is up to Rs.10 Crores. So this plan gives you many options for investing your money and multiplying your savings.

Grace Period

The company gives you a grace period if in case you are unable to make the payment on the due date. You will get a grace period of 15 days if you have chosen the monthly mode for paying the premium. The grace period will increase to 30 days if you are paying premium yearly, quarterly, and half-yearly.

Other Details of Star Union Dai-ichi’s Guaranteed Money Back Plan

Minimum Age of Entry13 Years
Maximum Age of Entry50 Years
Maturity Age of the Policy70 Years
Minimum Policy Term10 Years
Maximum Policy Term20 Years
Policy Term Options10 Years, 15 Years, and 20 Years
Premium Paying TermA fixed Period of 10 Years
Minimum Amount of Sum AssuredRs.3 Lacs
Maximum Amount of Sum AssuredRs.10 Crores
Premium Paying Frequency ModesMonthly, Yearly, Half-Yearly, and Quarterly

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