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Kotak e-Invest is a non-participating unit-linked endowment plan that helps you achieve your financial goals. Whether it’s protection or investment, this Kotak Endowment Life Insurance Plan meets all your checklist. Check out the key benefits of the Kotak e-Invest Plan-

  • 100% Premium Allocation in Your Chosen Funds
  • Yearly Additions from the Sixth Policy Year till the End of the Policy Term
  • 25-200% of Life Cover Charges will be Added to Your Fund Value (if applicable)
  • Rising Star Option for 3X Protection Upon Parent’s Death
  • RetireRich Option for Live Cover till the age of 99 Years
  • Seven Fund Options

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Kotak e-Invest Plan Base Cover Options

You can choose your plan benefits from the following options –

Maximizer Option

If you choose this, you can maximize your returns. Check out the benefits available under this option –

Return of Mortality Charge (RMOC)

Upon survival till the maturity date, a percentage of the total Mortality Charges deducted for life cover throughout the policy term will be added back to your Fund Value as shown below:-

Entry Age<= 50 years51 - 55 years> 55 years
Policy Term (In Years)

Maturity Benefit

On the maturity date, you’ll get the Fund Value + ROMC and Yearly Additions (if any).

Death Benefit

In case of your demise, the nominee will receive the highest of the following –

  • Basic Sum Assured – Partial Withdrawals (if any)
  • Fund Value + Yearly Additions and ROMC (if any)
  • 105% of total paid premiums – Partial Withdrawal (if any)

The age criteria are as follows for this option –

  • Minimum and Maximum Entry Age – 3 – 65 years
  • Minimum and Maximum Maturity Age Allowed – 18 – 75 years

You can choose your policy term from the following options –

  • 10 years
  • 12 years
  • 15 years
  • 20 years

The premium payment term is regular, 5, 7 and 10 years. The minimum payable premium is as follows –

  • Yearly – INR 9,000
  • Half Yearly – INR 4,500
  • Quarterly – INR 2,250
  • Monthly – INR 750

Rising Star Option

This option is for parents who want to fulfill their child’s dreams. Here, your earnings are not compromised in case of your unfortunate demise. As the death benefit will be paid as a lump sum to your child or the appointee (in case the child is a minor). In addition to this, a monthly income for the remaining policy term, subject to a minimum of 36 months and a maximum of 120 months will be offered to your family. Furthermore, the insurance company waives off all future premiums and the policy will continue till the maturity date. And at maturity, the corpus will be paid to the beneficiary. However, the yearly additions won’t continue. Check out the benefit of this option below –

Maturity Benefit

On the maturity date, you’ll receive Fund Value + Yearly Additions (if any).

.Death Benefit

In case of your demise, the company will pay the following –

  • Higher of (Basic Sum Assured or 105% of total premiums paid till the date of death) less partial withdrawals (if any)
  • Regular monthly income
  • Waiver of all the future premiums

The age criteria for this coverage option is as follows –

  • Minimum and Maximum Entry Age – 18 – 50 years
  • Minimum and Maximum Maturity Age Allowed – 28 – 60 years

The policy term and premium payment term options are the same as the Maximizer. Check out the minimum premium amount-

  • Yearly – INR 24,000
  • Half Yearly – INR 12,000
  • Quarterly – INR 6,000
  • Monthly – INR 2,000

Retire Rich Option

This option provides you life insurance coverage till the age of 99 years. Plus, you can get Retirement Income in the form of systematic withdrawal any time after the policy anniversary immediately following the age of 60 years. Check out the benefits under this option –

RMOC Benefit

You will get RMOC benefits following your 60th birthday. Take a look at the table below to see the percentage of RMOC you’ll get.

No. of Years Completed (as on the date of
ROMC infusion)
10 -11 years150%
12 -14 years160%
15 -19 years175%
20 years and above200%

Maturity Benefit

On the maturity date, you’ll get Fund Value + ROMC and Yearly Additions (if any). But this will be payable in lump sum only.

Note – The death benefit is the same as the Maximizer under this option.

The age criteria under this option are as follows –

  • Minimum and Maximum Entry Age – 3 – 50 years
  • Minimum and Maximum Maturity Age Allowed – 99 years

Your policy term is 99 years minus the age at entry. The premium payment term is 10 to 60 minus the age at entry, while the minimum payable premium is as follows –

  • Yearly – INR 24,000
  • Half Yearly – INR 12,000
  • Quarterly – INR 6,000
  • Monthly – INR 2,000

Kotak e-Invest Plan Yearly Additions

The insurance company shall provide additional units from the end of the 6th policy year, till maturity or death (whichever is earlier). It is 3% of the annual premium and is infused into the fund at the end of each policy year. The yearly additions shall be made based on the fund unit price, provided all due premiums are paid and the policy is in force. If there is any alteration on the premium, the annual premium effective at the beginning of the policy year will be considered to calculate yearly additions.

Note – For the Rising Star Option, the yearly additions will come from the end of the 6 policy year onwards till maturity, irrespective of the death of the life assured.

Kotak e-Invest Plan Fund Options

You can invest your money in any of the following funds –

Classic Opportunities Fund – It maximizes the opportunity for long-term capital growth through investments in stocks of large or mid-sized companies.

Dynamic Floating Rate Fund – The fund aims to preserve capital by investing in high-quality corporate bonds while generating fixed returns.

Dynamic Bond Fund – It minimizes the downside of interest rate risk by investing in floating rate debt instruments that offer returns in line with interest rate movements.

Dynamic Gilt Fund – The fund secures your investments by putting the money in government securities with a default risk of zero.

Money Market Fund – It protects your capital with no downside risks by investing 100% of the available premium amount in money-market instruments.

Frontline Equity Fund – Get high capital growth with this fund where a significant portion of your money goes into the equities of large-sized companies.

Balanced Fund – For moderate growth of your money, the fund invests the same in a mix of equities and fixed-interest instruments.

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